Craftsman Heavy Duty Hand Anvil Pruner, Trimmer Reviews

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Product Description

This is the high strength construction Craftsman Anvil Pruner. Designed strong to cut through tough dead growth yet comfortable for every day pruning. Features a hardened carbon steel blade with a non-stick coating and all steel construction. Suitable for the professional or the do-it-yourselfer.

Customer Reviews

A solid pruner ~ reviewed by Michael J. Randolph

I bought this product after having lost a Craftsman anvil pruner which I had used frequently for over 20 years. When it arrived I successfully cut a 9/16 inch wooden dowel.

While the new design is not quite as sturdy as the old the Craftsman pruner, the new pruner is working well after about 5 to 10 days clearing trails in the woods.

Beefy Pruner ~ reviewed by Dagmar

This is a very beefy pruner. I’m very satisfied with it so far. My wife says that I am hard on tools, because she thinks I break hand tools regularly. I dunno. I don’t keep score. I guess I use my tools hard, but it’s not like I smash them with rocks or anything like that. I think I might have to smash this pruner with a large rock to break it. I have not noticed anything that I would be concerned about as a potential design flaw. The cushioned grips is very comfortable. Reasonable price. I would not hesitate to buy this pruner again (unfortunately, I might be doing that very soon, because I seem to have misplaced them in my yard or in a brush pile or in my compost heap … it would be much easier to just buy another pair on Amazon than to dig through my compost pile or brush piles looking for them).

Perfect — Except for — ~ reviewed by John R. Bachtel

Heft, Feel, Cutting Action all good except as one reviewer noted, Swing safety/latch was exceptionally tight and difficult to open. One pair of cutters required prying with small screw driver to move the latch. Five minutes with the 40 yr old Dremel tool here fixed the problem on both Pruners. Glad I ordered the two pruners and thanks to the other reviewer for the advice and recommended fix. .

Just what I needed. ~ reviewed by Jean M

These pruners are made well and work well. It is amazing how a good pruning can spruce up your yard!

Excellent for trail maintemance ~ reviewed by Wayne Foote

Excellent for trail maintemance. Cut well through anything up to the diameter of my finger. Only complaint, one red handle cover slipped off and I lost it, but that was my fault. It didn’t slip off easily. Maybe I’ll find it again.

OK ~ reviewed by doug s.

This is a good pruner for an anvil style. The locking lever on the side is very hard to operate. Appears to be just a bit to long. Perhaps with wear will be easier to use. I will not send back as this is a miner inconvenience.

Easy cutting, Good Hand Feel ~ reviewed by K. M.R.

Bought these six weeks ago to tackle a lot of spring fruit tree pruning. Nice feel in hand, clean cuts, blade still sharp. Probably will not hold up as well as those with replaceable anvil, but so far very satisfied.

Dull, dull, dull ~ reviewed by A. Wilson

These went back. Wouldn’t cut through anything with out my twisting it around. Went to a discount store and bought a pair for a third of the price and they work great!

gift ~ reviewed by Bonnie J. Howell

Anvil pruners are the best. This is a birthday gift for my garden loving husband whose very old pruners gave up the ghosts last week.

Good Heavy Duty ~ reviewed by Sam H

Very well constructed. Have used already and performed as a good heavy duty set of pruners should. Should last a lifetime.Buy it at Amazon

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