Council -122-c Sgl Edgr Bush Hook Reviews

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3.5 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

Designed for heavy duty clearing and shrubbing of tough vines, weeds, undergrowth and small saplings. Single edge blade is approximately 1/4″ thick. Baked on red finish. Made from American carbon steel. Oil quenched for uniform hardness and straightness.Tempered for edge – holding and toughness. Cutting edge is hand polished and sharp. Top grade American 36″ curved hickory handle.

Customer Reviews

sturdy and effective brush clearing tool ~ reviewed by walter

I’ve never used a brush hook before. Glad I bought this one. It is well made, arrived sharp. The handle was untreated, so I put some polyurethane on it. This brush hook has endured weeks of hard use without breaking or bending. This is a versatile tool. I believe it is safer to use than either an axe or a machete. It is also fun to use, despite its cumbersome appearance. Great for clearing/maintaining trails.

Nice Sling Blade ~ reviewed by Jim W.

I could not find a brush hook with the ax-type handle locally, so I used It took a couple weeks to be delivered, but I kind of expected that with such an odd-shaped package. The blade came razor-sharp, ready to use. The curved handle feels ergonomic, and is considerably lighter than the standard 40″ round wood handle. This makes a big difference after about half an hour of chopping brush!

Poor craftsmanship. Not even close to sharp. ~ reviewed by BearFriend

When I read Council Tool’s marketing garbage about being made int he USA, I was expecting this product to be well-made. It’s not. It was basically a hunk of metal on a stick. There was zero attention to detail and lots of little complaints, but the most obvious problem is that it’s NOT SHARPENED. It was carelessly, unevenly, and extremely coarsely ground to a 90-degree angle. I couldn’t have cut myself on it if I tried, except maybe on the burrs left behind from the poor craftsmanship. The handle, while touted as good hickory, had poor grain orientation and likely wouldn’t have lasted too long. I returned this product after spending 10 minutes in amazement at how little care they took in crafting it. This product is not worthy of it’s “Made in USA” stamp.

great craftmanship! ~ reviewed by grant barker

Good quality. Just a little on the heavy side? But then its been 42 years when I used one daily.

brush hook ~ reviewed by John Siestreem

could have been sharper. same as the brush hook from my youth. outstanding for attacking brush and branches and trees and other thing to grievous to mention.

Rough steel ~ reviewed by Ken Helbin

Blade is basically a rough cut steel shape. Will take a lot if work to sharpen!!!

Happy Brush Cutter ~ reviewed by Linda White

We were very happy to find the brush hook on Amazon that we could not get here.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Greg Gibb


Three Stars ~ reviewed by April

Not sharp on both sides as expected.

Kinda awkward but sturdy and good for zombie movies or the real thing where failure is not an option ~ reviewed by C. Finley

Built to last and good for at least 100 zombies or more. Will whack off the heads of even the biggest zombie. Better hit the weights cause you are going to need some guns to use this bad boy. Very sturdy and will wear you out before you wear it out.Buy it at Amazon

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