Corona WL 6490 Forged Super Duty Bypass Lopper, Hickory Handles, 3″ Cut, 37″ Length Reviews

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Product Description

The Corona Clipper 37-inch professional super-duty bypass lopper with 3-inch cutting capacity features an extra-wide cutting surface, and a hardened steel re-sharpenable blade. The tapered hickory hardwood handles are comfortable in the hand and strong enough to last multi-season professional use. Additionally, the unit features a forged slant-ground hook with self-cleaning sap groove for consistent smooth cutting, and a heavy-duty spring-loaded ShockStop bumper for added comfort. An eyelet for shoulder harness attachment, and a precision machined, self-aligning pivot bolt is also included.

Customer Reviews

Disappointed expectations ~ reviewed by ToolSmith

I love good hand tools and have bought and inherited many of the best. After much shopping research, it appeared that this Corona Clipper 37″ Professional Super Duty Bypass Lopper would be a great addition to my tool collection. Unfortunately, I can give it only two stars for being ruggedly built and having a good sharp blade, because the performance has been a disappointment.

Recently, I’ve been trimming a lot of trees, (honey locust, cottonwood, silver maple, and oak) and I found that the lopper took a good deal of force to trim off small diameter limbs (<3″). For several weekends, I worked on these trees (14 trailer loads of brush and limbs) and I kept trying out the lopper. Though I am above average in strength, I found that I was doing much more work than the lopper was doing.

I just now came out the yard after attacking some 25 year old Manhattan Euonymus bushes. They were very over-grown and 10 feet tall. Some of the base vines were over 3″ diameter. I wiggled my way into the tangled mess with my Corona lopper and found out quickly that this was the wrong tool to cut the base vines. To open the blade jaw, even for a small diameter cut, required that the handles spread open very wide, too wide for the tight quarters I was in. So I pulled out some old loppers I had, Fiskars 24″ geared action. It did the job well. After pulling out the vine/limbs, I decided to test the cutting force of the Corona versus the Fiskars. The Fiskars required less effort to cut through the same limb. That’s when I decided to write this review.

The Corona product has good quality materials, but the design is a dinosaur for effective cutting.

Heavy-duty, effective and efficient ~ reviewed by J. Barrie

I’ve been using these loppers for a year and a half. They are enourmously more effective than any loppers at $40-50. Pricey, yes, but worth every penny.

The blade is of ultra-high quality steel, and so sharp, you would think you could shave with it. In fact, if you have kids, you’d better take care to keep them away from this tool.

The handles are tough and show no signs of weakening or cracking, despite dreadfully heavy use.

The manufacturer’s rating on the maximum branch diameter is modest. In fact, you can cut much thicker branches with this unit – with ease. My use of a small chain-saw has dropped to nil.

The clippers are heavier than any I’ve used before. You notice the weight after a while. But, the speed and ease of cutting makes up for that.

I’ve found that storage can be a little tricky. When you hang the clippers, they have a tendency to swing open – and you -really- don’t want that to happen with something this sharp. It takes a little playing to find out how to hang them securely (using the manufacturer-provided metal ring, and your own loop of rope).

This is a tremendously valuable tool. If you want the best, I believe these Corona clippers may be it. But, of course, you’ll pay for it. In this case, however, I believe I’ve got everything I paid for, so I can give full marks in the rating of these clippers.

I Was Clipped ~ reviewed by Farmer Lee

I bought this item for farm use. I clip brush and small trees, none over 2-inches. It is listed as a 3-inch capacity BUT it has a simple pivot, it is not ratcheted, and the amount of force to cut even 2-inch trunks will tire you out in no time, especially if you have a lot of cutting to do and it’s even worse when the cutting has to be done at a odd angle. I’ve found that my ratcheted loppers from other manufacturers work fine for up to 2-inch and I use a small chainsaw for anything over that. I get a lot more cutting done before I wear out and it’s done faster.

As an aside, within two years of buying it the metal ‘leg’ that goes from the cutting blade to the wooden handle broke, a straight fracture side-to-side that my machine shop said they couldn’t weld. The ‘leg’ appears to be made out of a real grainy metal with the steel cutting blade somehow attached. In any event, it was a crummy build for what I paid and a replacement blade is over $60, not including S&H. Can’t say this would happen to someone else but for what I paid it should not have happened to me. It worked fine while it worked, and under limited conditions. Perhaps it will work better in a suburban setting than a farm one.

For serious heavy-duty clipping ~ reviewed by T. Singarella

This is one big heavy duty pruner, and it is not for the faint of heart. I have gone through several pruners and am tired of the smaller ones that can’t do the job or wear out too quickly. I used this big bypass lopper for several hours yesterday, and yes, it is heavy, and yes, it does include a fair amount of effort to cut with it. But I made short work of up to 3-inch green branches (all fresh wood) and the long ~36″ handles allow plenty of leverage and allow you to reach high from the ground to get at those nuisance branches. I had previously read all of the other posts on this lopper before ordering this baby, and at around 6 lbs it does take a fair amount effort, but the wooden handles are very long and allow good leverage. The business cutting end of this tool is indeed awesome and is almost scary when you first look at it (like it came out of a slasher movie), but it is a no-nonsense heavy duty clipper. I had no trouble cutting up almost three inches of fresh branches and tree saplings, but it does take pressure, strength, work, and space to work because the handles opens so wide as do the jaws. Make no mistake, you need more than one lopper for different kinds of pruning, and this is a specialized professional-type tool for the bigger stuff. However, as a previous post wrote, when I don’t want to fire up the chain saw, this baby will do the trick up to three inches. I was also using my chain saw yesterday to take out a few trees, and I used the lopper to clear away suckers so I could work. Now I’m 64 years old and no spring chicken, but I work out every day, and I looked at using this lopper as just a part of the workout. It is heavy, but I don’t mind lugging it around (I carry it on my shoulder), but it does have a welded eyelet so you can attach a clip to carry it if you want or to hang it in your tool shed. In short, I’m not sorry I bought it and will no doubt pass it down in my family one day as you can easily replace the handles, and sharpen the drop-forged business end of the tool. That’s why they call it the professional lopper of the Corona clippers. If you want something that is easier to cut up to 3-inch branches with, you can go with the ratchet/anvil type loppers, but they take a while to use but do save your strength. Guess I like to work too quickly. I do have a smaller bypass lopper for small stuff, and my hand pruner for small pruning, but now my pruning tool kit is complete.

Great loppers ~ reviewed by Metallikov

I purchased a pair of these loppers several years ago for $150 and have used them for over 100 hours of work. Compared to a $40 pair of loppers which I purchased with a “lifetime warranty” and then bent the same afternoon, these loppers are wonderful. The hardened steel is extremely hard and around 1/4″ thick — I cannot imagine what it would take to make the steel fail on these loppers. As far as the handles go, I did eventually manage to break one of the handles after a couple years which I replaced with a custom-made handle fabricated from oak and some angle iron. These loppers slice through green wood like butter. The problems I’ve had with the handle originated from cutting through a dry branch which had been down on the ground. While these loppers are not unbreakable, they are by far the toughest loppers I have come across.

Update – It’s seven years later (May 2012), I pulled these out of the shed yesterday and used them to cut down a bunch of saplings and trim the branches from an 8′ tree that I’d cut down. Same performance as before. Someone mentioned that these can be sharpened… in theory, that would seem to be true although the steel in these things is awfully hard and I don’t know if regular sharpeners would work. My attempts to drill a hole in the lopper head to install the custom-made handle failed, despite using plenty of oil and a cobalt-alloy bit. Given that I purchased these over 10 years ago, I would not assume they are made to the same quality standards and would encourage anyone who is interested in these to search for more recent reviews.

Corona 37″ Lopper ~ reviewed by Tim Waidley

I’ve been a landscape contractor for 25 years and have used all sorts of pruning tools. This is a great heavy duty lopper, however this tool is not a finesse tool. I use it for lopping off small tree branches–suckers—de-caining large shrubs and shrub removal. The Corona 37″ lopper cuts very well(it cuts much better than a smaller lopper) and is only limited to the strenth of the person using it. I’m sure it would cut a three inch branch but most people are not that strong. I use a pruning saw for anything over 2 inches.

Disappointed will not even cut 2 1/4 inch green firs ~ reviewed by randerson

Just received these loppers and put them to work right with hopes of cutting small green douglas firs it barely cut anything 2 inch in dia without a lot of force and there is no way they would be able to cut any green firs 2 1/2 inch in dia.
I have a pair of old corona hickory handle 26 inch loppers that I have had for decades and they are excellent to bad I cannot say the same for these I will return ASAP.
I had hope for this kind of money and my past experience with corona loppers these would be well worth the price.
I also received today a 35.00 pair of fiskars that would cut almost the same dia as this expensive corona pairs.
These coronas also felt that you could easily break the handles on any firs over 2 1/4 inch in size.

poorly designed clipper ~ reviewed by James C. Peart

I own, use and enjoy many Corona products, but this one is poorly designed. I bought it to prune a bunch of cedars and junipers. I received it one day and unpackaged it to go out and start pruning. I was not trying to cut any limbs larger than it was rated for and I was not trying to cut any dead wood. From the first cut I noticed that it took much more force to cut than my other Corona loppers and then on the fourth cut one handle snapped in two and I am not a particularly strong person. I returned the shears the next day to Amazon with no problems. I have since noticed that my local orchard supply store carries a large number of Corona products, but they do not carry this shear.

Only Loppers Worth Having ~ reviewed by T. Campbell

Yup, it takes strength and effort to cut the maximum diameter stems, but I’ve had three of these, and they outcut anything less. Ones with more complex leverage engineering are too stiff to open and cut with quickly, and they invariably end up coming apart as an impatient user tries to torque and twist them.

No other lopper cuts nearly the diameter of these. They have earned their purchase prices many times over eleven years.

3 ” loppers ~ reviewed by Dominick D. Gulizo

these loppers did not preform well at all, when tried to cut a 3″ tree
could not cut at all. Handles seemed to want to break instead of cut limb.
It also requires a tremendous amount of stregnth to operate loppers.
preformance ratings of 1 to 10, I give them a three. Needless to say, I returned item.Buy it at Amazon

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