Corona WL 6470 Forged Classic Cut Bypass Lopper, Hickory Handles, 2-1/4″ Cut, 36″ Length Reviews

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4.1 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

Corona “Classic” WL Tree Lopper-Wood Handle – *Forged and heat treated construction. *Hickory bolt on handles and old style bumper-bushing, pin and washers. *Same design as original models 26BN/32B

From the Manufacturer

Heavy Duty Professional bypass lopper, 2-1/4 diameter cutting capacity, 36 inches long overall,30-1/2 inch tapered, bolt-on Hickory handles, Resharpenable, forged Radia Arc bypass blade, Fully heat-treated steel alloy, forged slant-ground hook with self-cleaning sap groove, precision-machined, self-aligning pivot bolt, replacement blade, hook, pivot bolt/nut, bumpers, and handles available

Customer Reviews

Corona Clippers 36″ ~ reviewed by C. P

I am a avid user of corona HD Pro bypass clippers. Not only using them around my home but also in the orchards. Yes I know there are cheaper ones out there but these really do the trick and are easy to handle. I prefer wooden stationary handles to the metal hollow ones offered by most. I still use and have my original 28″ pair I purchased in 1986 and now also my new 36″ long pair. I have other brands of lopping shears but always get the coronas out after a few cuts from others. I just really prefer using them.
Yes I recommend these very highly and yes I got from Amazon.

Disappointed. ~ reviewed by M. Garland

The handle broke off my almost new Corona clippers – it looks like metal fatigue. The problem is that the company website says their lifetime warranty will only be honored if the loppers are purchased directly from their website. This seems like it would be a huge negative for their resellers. What difference does it make if it’s bought direct or Lowe’s or wherever – it’s still the same product? I won’t buy another Corona because of their warranty restrictions.

I like the fact I can replace the cutting blade if … ~ reviewed by Ryan Carlin

I’m starting out with 4 stars, because I think they’re high quality loppers. I like the fact I can replace the cutting blade if needed. However, the handles feel like the weak link. I haven’t snapped them yet and I’ve cut into some tough branches, but I sure feel them flex! I have some Fiskars loppers with fiberglass handles and wish these had that option. I prefer wood handles, but they should have made the part near the end the same thickness. I guess I can replace those as well if they ever break. So far so good, though. Very sharp and leaves a nice, clean cut.

A Dependable and Quality Lopper. ~ reviewed by Allen

I bought five of these 26 inch loppers for our hiking trail maintenance group. It’s relatively light weight making it easy to carry and cut branches over your head. The wood handles are strong and replaceable. The blades are easy to sharpen using the Corona Sharpening Tool which I bough on Amazon also. I like the rubber grips to cushion while cutting. It cuts branches cleanly and the blades don’t bend. Tip: Never twist while cutting a branch as this will bend the blades of any lopper. It’s a Winner!

why did they taper the handles???? ~ reviewed by Brent W. Hopkins

The wood handles are tapered right where you don’t want them to be tapered (just above the plastic grip cover, which is slippery. I hate that too). If you have tiny hands you might like it. But, it is enormously frustrating for me. I may have to return these.

… pair broke right away however replacement pair has been great. Might have been a poor piece of wood ~ reviewed by Richard Wilkinson

First pair broke right away however replacement pair has been great. Might have been a poor piece of wood. Happy with product and amazons quick response replacing broken item.

The best you can get ~ reviewed by Vernonfish

The best you can get. I’ve seen over the years Corona shears change design. We’ll see how this one lasts, but it looks good.

Good As Grand Ma’s ~ reviewed by John W. Cheatham, Jr.

A can’t find item in Lowes or Home Depot, same fine quality of the one i was looking for handles for – great purchase!

Corona Forged Classic Cut Bypass Clipper ~ reviewed by Lisa

I like my new Corona Clipper. It is a little more heavy than my old one, but that is fine. It cuts very good.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by JRW

awesome clippers, very high qualityBuy it at Amazon

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