Corona WL 6461 Forged Heavy Duty Bypass Lopper, Hickory Handles, 2-1/4″ Cut, 32″ Length Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 26 customer reviews

Product Description

The Corona Clipper 32-inch heavy-duty bypass lopper features tapered hickory handles and blister-deterring non-slip grips. The forged radial arc bypass blade has a 2-1/4-inch cutting capacity, and combined with the unit’s slant-ground hook with self-cleaning sap groove, the lopper makes for consistently smooth cutting, all-season long. Additionally, the lopper comes with built-in neoprene ShockStop shock bumpers for added comfort, making it an ideal choice for personal or professional use.

Customer Reviews

Great Loppers ~ reviewed by G. Powell

I had a set of these for years, until I loaned them to a neighbor, who loaned them to a friend, who had a cousin who needed to trim a few trees, and well, its spring time again and I need another pair.
Wood handles are a blessing and a curse. You should’t leave them out in the rain, like some children I know, On the other hand they are easy to repair/replace. two bolts and the clippers are as good as new. They flex just right to take some of the jolt out of the cutting. I suppose that you could argue that cutting wood with wood ain’t natural, but it works. There is a reason that wood handle tools are still around.
When you handle these clippers the smoothness of the hinge the way the blade slices cleanly just says quality all around. I love’em, and the neighbors will just have to call uncle billy to see who has my old set now.

Great Loppers ~ reviewed by Uri Lerner

As I said in some previous reviews, my Dad is a farmer, and has been for years.
He had a Corona Clipper for about 25 years of hard work and about a year ago it finally “died” (both one handle and the clipper had broke down under the pressure).

I looked for a replacement for the old one and to our surprise – the same model is still being sold, and it’s the one I review here!

This clipper is the best one he had (and he had a lot).
It’s powerful enough to cut through hard wood fairly easily, the wood handles give it a bit of a flex so It won’t break and it helps keep the pressure constant.
It’s not too heavy like the metallic ones but is stable and reliable.

Remember – Due to it’s length it’s not easily maneuverable between branches, keep it in mind and see if you need something smaller.

nice tool ~ reviewed by roskomd

I’ve used this for 2 years cutting heavy brush (multiflora rose) that i needed to clear to put up fences and plant trees. It has nicely finshed metal, very sharp, cuts powerfully- far easier than the discount store models. I was worried the wood handle would be too fragile but it cuts so well that it has been not an issue. When you hit a piece of stock too thick to cut through, the wood handles flex and warn you before you reach a breaking point. And it is MADE IN USA!

Disappointed. ~ reviewed by M. Garland

The handle broke off my almost new Corona clippers – it looks like metal fatigue. The problem is that the company website says their lifetime warranty will only be honored if the loppers are purchased directly from their website. This seems like it would be a huge negative for their resellers. What difference does it make if it’s bought direct or Lowe’s or wherever – it’s still the same product? I won’t buy another Corona because of their warranty restrictions.

Are you clearing old growth forests? ~ reviewed by Weldon Grant

If so, don’t use these. If you are doing light pruning around the house… the I’ve got a yard and plants and trees and maybe some fruit trees, these are great. Do you need longer handles… I guess that’s subective. I’m of the opinion that if you are trying to cut anything bigger than 1 1/2 inch you really ought to use a nice sharp pruning saw. Of course it depends on what you are pruning. These are a little expensive but easy to use, sharp, can be resharpened, and have easy to replace handles. Although I think you’ll have a hard time breaking these accidently. If you like quality tools, this is something worth looking at.

Fabulous! ~ reviewed by Dorrit P. Castle

These loppers are just what I needed to go after the exotic invasives in my yard. They cut through a 2″ diameter branch of bittersweet without too much effort. They make this difficult and lengthy chore just a little bit easier. It was a wise purchase.

excellent loppers ~ reviewed by David J. Brock

this lopper will cut like no others, don’t waste you money on cheaper ones, just spend the bucks and buy this one.

Very nice ~ reviewed by Randy

As good as I expected. Definitely not the normal cheap junk you get at a big box store.
I have made all my winter trimming and they were excellent.
I had to get used to a little heavier tool over my head, but the weight is because they are made of real wood and steel. I like them so far.

Not USA anymore ~ reviewed by Stephen B. Eaton

Just got loppers today. NOT made in USA. Assembled in Mexico from parts from USA, Taiwan , and Vietnam. Will keep them anyhow. Next pair will be Hickok, all USA and better made.Buy it at Amazon

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