Corona SL 3310 Bypass Lopper, 24″ Steel Handles, 1-1/2″ Cut Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Product Description

The Corona Clipper bypass lopper is a 24-inch pruning tool designed for maximum precision and efficiency while still being comfortable to use. Powerful enough to cut through 1-1/2-inch thick branches, this pruner features resharpenable, precision-ground high-carbon steel blades which will keep their edge and provide clean, quick cuts; the precision-machined, self-aligning pivot will not loosen with use, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance. This bypass lopper uses a ShockStop bumper to reduce user fatigue; the strong tubular steel handles with cushioned non-slip grips provide added comfort. This tool is made in the USA.

From the Manufacturer

Founded in the early 1920s, Corona Clipper, Inc. is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, Corona’s proven designs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals and avid gardeners alike. Corona is the brand to trust for high quality landscape tools for the homeowner. Our products feature comfortable grips and innovative designs to make your gardening work easier. You can count on Corona to have the right tool for your outdoor project. Only Corona puts professional-grade quality into every tool we make. That’s why nearly all of our products carry a lifetime warranty ensuring you’ll have years of reliable service.

Customer Reviews

The last lopper you’ll buy. ~ reviewed by G. Henion

I suspect that the other reviewer, the one who gave 5 stars, works for Corona. There is no way these things can cut 11/2". I used them to cut branches of 1" or less on shrubs and decorative evergreens. Cutting was laborious. I thought the handles were going to break! They did not cut cleanly either. At the end of the cut a small piece of the branch slips between the two cutting blades and the whle thing jams up. I am returning this tool. You might be satisfied with this product if you want to cut very small branches, etc because they are light-wieght.

Corona Clipper SL-3310 Bypass Lopper ~ reviewed by Victor Blake

This is a bypass lopper. It is for light pruning. Not for CUTTING BRANCHES. A solid anvil prunner WILL CUT small branches. If you use a bypass pruner like this for cutting anything but new growth, you will damage the tool. This is a large (but still somewhat delicate) instrument. Not a brute force tool like a saw or anvil pruner. As a bypass pruner, it is by and large my favorite for use in trees. The blade has remained sharp after 2-3 years and the tool is in excellent condition despite high humidity in my barn. If you need to buy just one pruner, this is not the tool for you because it is not for heavy weight (anything past new gowth cutting). But if you have a heavy duty anvil pruner and would like a light-weight pruner for finger vegatative (not woody) and new wood growth, this is it!!!

Great for the price ~ reviewed by Hink

Corona makes good products. This is their mid-grade, not their professional grade. You can spend $90 for a high end lopper and it will give you many years of excellent performance. You can also spend $12 in a discount store and get something so cheap that it will literally fail after one day’s use (I’m not exagerating – it’s happened to me more than once). Corona products are much closer to the $90 level than to the $12 level. I haven’t owned this particular pair for very long, but I have a smaller Corona one-handed bypass pruner that’s lasted me for 15 years and still cuts great. Spend $90 if you can afford it, or spend less than a third of that and get something nearly as good.

worked OK for awhile on smaller branches ~ reviewed by Freq Amazon shopper

1.5″ capacity is a stretch. Sometimes branches are caught between the blades requiring tightening of the nut. On mine, after 3 years, the bracket for the bumper broke. It was made of cheaper diecast metal and broke right by the attachment rivets. Looking for a replacement now and will attempt the warranty route. I liked the loppers at first but I think I will move up to the corona professional grade instead.

Blade broke ~ reviewed by Kymaureen

Not too long after I bought these loppers the blade cracked on a 3/4 inch shrub and then later broke. I am going to call Corona and see what they offer as far as a replacement. Granted they weren’t that expensive, but the blade to break was not something I expected. I would not recommend these for any kind of use. If Corona does right by me I will post a follow up. Let’s see if they stand behind their products.

I loved it. It performed just like my old one … ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I loved it. It performed just like my old one that I replaced after 20 years of faithful service. I was sad though when I couldn’t get it directly from Corona due to the fact that they don’t carry it anymore in there line up or the fact that there is no replacement blade for it. I know this one will surely last the same number of years also as it is of the same quality and durability. It is a heck of a clipper for doing small shrubs and tree pruning for the home gardener. It does the job and it is easy to work with and can be sharpened time over time.

Not up to Corona’s standard ~ reviewed by Chuck P.

I have two other Corona loppers that are high quality and have served me for years. After purchasing these loppers I did notice they were not as easy to cut small branches as my other loppers. Today after cutting back green bush branches about 1/2 inch in diameter the rubber bumper broke completely off the shears. The rubber is held in place with a die cast metal part that I predict will fail on every one of these shears. Other Corona loppers and hand shears are great but stay clear of this engineering flop.

Product delivered not as represented ~ reviewed by J Knox

Doesn’t say Corona on the product except on a small label where they say they are “made in Taiwan to Corona’s exacting specifications” .

These seem to be some sort of lower-grade product, perhaps only available online.

It seems unlikely they are covered under any sort of guarantee.Buy it at Amazon

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