Corona SL 3264 ComfortGEL Bypass Lopper, 30″ Length Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

The Corona ComfortGEL 1-1/2-inch Cut Capacity By-Pass Lopper has Steel Handles, Soft, Ergonomically-Shaped Grips and Non-Stick Blade and ShockGUARD Bumpers.

Customer Reviews

To have a blade chip with normal use on the first day is pretty bad! Corona ~ reviewed by Grasshopper

Blade chipped on the first day of use! I’m an experienced gardener and have used the same wooden handled corona loppers for years until I lost them, and they never broke. I’ve also used the same pair of felco clippers for 8 years. To have a blade chip with normal use on the first day is pretty bad! Corona, what are you doing??? I gave two stars instead of one because the handles seem sturdy and the grips are comfortable, and the bumpers absorb shocks nicely. It seems like a good design poorly executed. Work on the blade strength and maybe this could be a decent product, but until things improve, I cannot recommend these Coronas.

Adequate but not especially comfortable ~ reviewed by Cheff Jeff

These loppers are good but not at all great. The blades are very sharp and well aligned. For what are called light duty loppers, I find the handles heavier than I would like and even with that the balance is not very good with the weight too far toward the blade so that are more tiring on my hands than I would like when making a lot of cuts down low. They are fine for occasional work but if you need to use the tool frequently or want something comfortable to use I would recommendation looking for something else and probably spending more to get it.

Very happy with ~ reviewed by elise

Very comfy handles, strong, sharp blades. Very happy with product

Typical Corona amazing quality and design ~ reviewed by DanF

Just perfect for pruning bushes and especially roses, back to the bottom in February..
I have nothing but Corona hand tools because they are very well made, designed, and perform perfectly all year long..
These are real tools, not little plastic pretend play tools like Fiskars, which sadly, is all the Home Depot of China sells in this neighborhood..

Great Tool! ~ reviewed by Martin Huerta

Came in the mail before predicted time and as a gardener really happy with this product. They dont have flaws as long as you use them correctly. Thanks Amazon!!

A good tool at a fair price. ~ reviewed by Big Al

its light weight, easy to handle and very sharp. I’ve been using it to prune trees and shrubs for two weeks thus far its performed very well.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Samuel A. Melnik Jr

Totally satisfied with purchase. Reasonable price, good packing of items and timely shipping.

Best lopper I’ve ever had ~ reviewed by Ernest D.

Best lopper I’ve ever had. It’s very well made, and does a great job.

Disappointed with this one ~ reviewed by Thrifty Shopper

Not much better than the $10 one from Harbor Freight. I was somewhat disappointed in the quality after having been told by a professional landscaper that Corona is the best. There are probably better models than this one; but this model dulls easily. I can say the handles are nicer than the Harbor Freight one that is about the same size and design.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Mike H

Nice sharp cutters. Cuts thru 1″ thick limbs easily.Buy it at Amazon

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