Corona RS 7395 Razor Tooth Pruning Saw, 14″ Curved Blade Reviews

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Product Description

Blasts through larger branches with ease! Use it for faster, cleaner, smoother, easier cutting of either green or hard, dead, and frozen limbs. Each whetstone-ground razor tooth is sharpened with 3 angles for a blade that cuts twice as fast as conventional saws.

From the Manufacturer

Founded in the early 1920s, Corona Clipper, Inc. is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, Corona’s proven designs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals and avid gardeners alike.

Customer Reviews

Chain saw alternative ~ reviewed by D. Coral

We have a 1 acre back yard with lots of trees and shrubs, and for a while I’d been thinking about getting a chain saw. But when I started using this Corona saw, I realized that this will do just about ANY job. I’ve cut through huge tree trunks with this thing in a couple minutes. It throws the sawdust while the strokes take minimal effort. This is a razor-force-multiplier and not your grandfather’s “traditional” saw. I also often used it like a machete for smaller branches. Corona makes at least 3 models, and this one is sized in between. I use this one most often, followed by the largest one with the wood handle, and then least often I use the small folding razor saw. If you buy just one of them, then this is the best size to get for a quick grab-and-go tree trimming escapade.

Really cuts like a razor ~ reviewed by For Fun Reader

As the name implies, it cuts like a razor. Too bad that there’s not a cheap way of resharpening the blade. The Corona 7395 was chosen over other brands and models after a lenghty research (I hear the Japanese saws are also impressive, but haven’t tried any so far. They are a lot more expensive too). It’s a well designed, well balanced tool that always attracts curious looks from bypassers when I use it. The curvy blade makes it more ergonomic. Needless to say, keep it clean after use. I bought another one as a gift to a dear friend and avid gardener and she loves it too.

At an annual cleaning/beautification project my club sponsors every year, I took my Corona 7395 with me. Lots of volunteers had brought pruning equipment as well and I was told my saw would be unnecessary. After work began, it was easy to notice they were all struggling with their tools. Then I reached to my Corona and was able to accomplish more than everybody else. Suddenly, people began to ask if they could try it. To make it short, my Corona 7395 outperformed all the other pruning hand tools available there, even the more expensive, and was the most requested piece of equipmente that morning.

Superb Saw in Every Way!!! ~ reviewed by Blue Eyes

This Corona Razor-tooth saw is absolutely the best hand saw I have ever used. I am so very pleased that it continues to be available from at a reasonable price and with rapid shipping, as it can no longer be found locally in my area at either Home Depot or Lowe’s, where I originally discovered it. This has been my favorite tool for cutting and trimming trees, limbs, logs, shrubs, etc. for at least 20 years or more, and I have owned many of them. Currently I have four on hand, two new and two that I still use which work very well. My property consists of about five acres of trees of all kinds, oak of several types, maples, hickory, dogwoods, pine, sourwood, gum trees, etc. And I have used it many times to help friends with work on their properties. Although I’m now 73, I have no difficult cutting down medium to small trees with this saw and large dead logs and smaller stumps. In fact, this saw cuts so well that I prefer it to my chain saw except for larger trees, because it’s so lightweight and easy to use. Plus, I like the physical exercise and enjoy the peaceful quiet without the loud roar of the chain saw. Also I have a Corona pole saw with handle extendable to 14 feet in length with the same razor-tooth blade, which is great for reaching high limbs. Usually I take no special care to maintain the Corona saws and they last for years. The red handle makes it easier to find if left behind in the woods or inadvertently dumped with an armload of cut branches. If there’s a better lightweight hand saw available anywhere I’d like to know about it. In fact, this one would be very hard to beat. I heartily recommend it

If You Want A Corona–Buy The Beer. The Saw? Not So Much. ~ reviewed by Scott E. High

I bought this Corona Razor Tooth Pruning Saw because of the great reviews on Amazon. I do a lot of work in the wetlands of Southwest Florida and have used several saws and machetes to knock down and kill Brazilian Pepper Trees. In most cases the areas I work in are so dense with underbrush and overgrowth that it is too dangerous to use a chainsaw. So a sharp, light, comfortable, and easy to use tool is critical. Working in the heat and humidity, with tricky footing, and having to always be alert for surprised critters really keeps you on your toes.

When I received this Corona saw I immediately took it out into the brush to compare it to my Silky Sugoi 360. Now admittedly the Silky cost me $61.25 versus $25.00 for the Corona, but the differences in performance are dramatic. Both saws are configured the same, have a blade that is almost exactly 14 inches, both have the same size teeth, and both offer a comfortable grip. It’s important to keep in mind that I use my saws/machetes for hours at a time, not just to stroll through my backyard and cut off a dead limb or two.

I guess the best way to put this is that there really is no comparison. My well used Silky out cut the brand new Corona by an extremely large margin– so large that I had to hand check the Corona blade to make sure that it was reasonably sharp. The Silky was more comfortable to use, cuts everything thrown at it with ease, and obviously was built to professional standards and for long-term use.

My only guess is that other reviewers have never used a “professional grade” pruning saw because of the perceived price differential. I have always made it a rule to buy the best equipment that I can afford because otherwise I have to continue to replace inferior tools as they fail. Poorly designed and constructed tools take a lot more effort from the user to accomplish tasks–especially when you get into your 60’s. I have also noticed this discrepancy in machete reviews. Many reviewers rank the $25.00-35.00 machetes as the greatest cutters they’ve ever used. Once again the problem is that they have never used a high quality professional grade tool. Probably because of the higher price. In my experience, a $60.00 Esee Lite Machete defeats every one of them in cutting ability and long lasting performance–and has a lifetime guarantee.

Just for grins I took out my Silky Super Accel folding saw and compared it to the Corona. I use this saw because of its incredible lightness and therefore the ability for me to cut and trim branches over my head for hours at a time. This saw cost about $32.00 and also outperformed the Corona by leaps and bounds. The Japanese really know how to make blades.

Great saw!!!! ~ reviewed by L. M. Herron

I’ve used these saws for years – I do a lot of pruning. This is the 10th RS7395 saw that I’ve used – until they got too dull to cut. Too bad that there’s not a cheap way of sharpening them.

Best pruning saw at this price level ~ reviewed by E. Johnstone

This is my second one of these saws. I drove away with the other one on the back of my car and I drove around for miles trying to find it, that’s how much I love this saw. A real work horse. comfortable and the red handle helps find it in the brush. (not necessarily on the side of a country rd though.)

Best saw I ever bought. ~ reviewed by Duffy P. Weber

This saw goes through trees and limbs like nobody’s business, of course (see other reviews), but one day I needed something quickly to tackle some pressure-treated lumber. You know – the heavy stuff with thick chemicals that binds up a saw about every other stroke.

This thing chewed through it like butter. If you need a saw, you need THIS saw.

Works Very Well ~ reviewed by jimmy

I’ve used this Corona pruning saw fairly extensively. It cuts faster and more easily than any other of my pruning saws with the possible exception of a Bahco bow saw. But unlike the bow saw, the Corona fits in tight places, like when pruning deadwood that’s inside a hedge. The curved shape of the blade provides extra “bite” and is a good feature. The cutting action is on the pulling stroke, which is highly effective and keeps the blade from kinking. The handle is well-shaped to feel comfortable and secure. In sum, this Corona saw works very well and is recommended.

14″ Corona curved-blade saw ~ reviewed by Charming

I like this saw a lot. Its 14″ size is about right and handy to handle. Yes, it is kind of razor-sharp. I cut several tree branches
ranging to 5″ diameter with ease and high efficiency. In all, it is a good tool at a low price. Don’t be fooled by this price. It really
works out to expectation.
I am thinking of using it for another home improvement work. My confidence remains.

Corona Clipper Hand Saw ~ reviewed by anonymous

I paid a professional arborist to come a cut down a few dead trees recently. I was amazed by his hand saw that he used to cut branches out of his way. He used it like a machete. One swipe and the branch was gone. He said that it was a Japanese saw made by Silky. My research showed Silky saws to be great – but also pricey and out of my budget. More research showed that the Corona brand is much more cost effective and a good quality. Additional research showed that this saw is a professional model.

When the saw arrived I was impressed by how sharp it is. So sharp I cut myself a few times. I am glad that I ordered the leather scabbard to go with it. While the plastic scabbard is cheaper, I did not like the reviews that talked about the poor quality of the plastic scabbard. I used Bear Grease to soften and protect the leather. Do not use a vegetable oil on the leather. The acidity will rust the tool. A little WD-40 cleans off the blade from tree sap residue. A little motor oil after each use keeps the metal from rusting.

I used to use a carpenters hand saw to prune my trees. They did the job with a lot of effort. This saw is perfectly shaped and designed for cutting branches. The curve of the blade helps to hold the saw in place so that it does not jump around like a carpenters hand saw. The handle is also just the right shape. The blade is a heavy gauge metal. It resists bending while cutting very well. I am very happy with my purchase.Buy it at Amazon

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