Corona RK 62060 8-Inch 11-Tine Steel Head Shrub Rake With 54-Inch Aluminum Handle Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars based on 45 customer reviews

Product Description

Highlights: Fixed Tine Shrub Rake Tines: 11 Head Size: 8″ Handle Length: 54″ Handle Material: Aluminum with anti-slip vinyl sleeve 11 extra-wide tines remove debris without damaging plant feeder roots Tempered spring steel for greater durability Tines apply light pressure to not damage feeder roots Narrow head for working between closely spaced plants 3 rivets hold head to handle, double crimps hold tines in place Bi-curved bow gives even pressure to all tines for maximum raking efficiency An ideal tool to quickly and easily rake up clippings, leaves, and other lawn and garden debris

The Corona Clipper 8-inch/11-fixed-tine shrub rake is made of tempered steel and lightweight aluminum for long-lasting durability. The rake’s 11 extra-wide tines apply light pressure to remove debris without damaging plant feeder roots, while its bi-curved bow gives even pressure to all tines for maximum raking efficiency. For added convenience, its narrow head makes it easy to rake between closely spaced plants. Plus, the tool’s 54-inch lightweight aluminum handle with anti-slip vinyl sleeve allows for gripping comfort in both extreme heat and cold weather.

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Customer Reviews

excellent small-head long-handled rake ~ reviewed by George C. J. Fleck II

Just what I needed to get under shrubs and in places where regular rakes won’t fit. Light, well-made and I don’t have to bend down or get on my hands and knees to clean out those hard-to-reach spots. My back gives this product 10 stars!

Great little rake ~ reviewed by Chesgram

As an avid flower-gardener, this small rake is one of my favorite tools. It is wonderful for cleaning up around shrubs and plants in the spring or fall. Most leaf rakes are too large to get in and around shrubs and perenniels, but this one is perfect. It is also nice for spreading mulch around plants, etc. I like mine so much that I bought one for both of my daughters.
The quality of Corona is impressive as well – I have used mine extensively for about 4 years and it is still perfect, unlike a lot of cheaper products that last about one season.

Great Rake ~ reviewed by ohioengineer

My wife and I raise alpacas and spend a lot of time cleaning manure; so I consider myself something of an expert. We have bought a lot of rakes over the years and this is the best to date.
1. It is strong – we use it twice a day and it is kept outside. So far it has not lost any tines, which is usually the first thing to go on these rakes.
2. It has the right amount of elasticity. To work properly a rake has to be stiff enough to grab and pull items towards you, yet flexible enough to flow over uneven ground without jumping around. The manufacturer of this rake seems to have found the ideal compromise between these two parameters.
3. It is a good size. If you are raking something into a collection device (like we are), this rake is the ideal size. Anything bigger will be unwieldy.
Overall, a good product and one that I would recommend.

and what tool works best for a particular job ~ reviewed by Dave

Don’t let the small size fool you, this is a work horse of a tool!

As a Irrigation contractor in Florida for over 30+ years, I’ve picked up a little knowledge about shovels and rakes, and what tool works best for a particular job.

I bought this one from Amazon because my wholesale supplier had run out of these little beauties, and wasn’t getting any in for a couple of weeks.

The tines on this rake are very stiff, and hold there shape well, making it easy to move mulch, and dirt around shrubs.
Great for getting dirt, and mud out of thick St. Augustine grass, something that has always been a challenge.

Small diameter handle, and extremely light makes it easy to pickup and carry, especially when you have two other tools in the same hand. A pleasure to hold and to use.

We have had these on our service trucks for a couple of years now, they get used on a daily basis, and they’ve held up fine.

These rakes bring a smile to the guys, and my, face when we get to use them, however
cleanup at the end of a hard days work, always makes us smile, but these little rakes make our hard days a lot easier.

Very Handy ~ reviewed by Robert C. Wood

This rake is sturdy and great for geting in to tight places. I highly recommende it.

The best rake ever built. ~ reviewed by John

Over the years, we have purchased many rakes of this size. We used to have llamas and used the rake to clean up their manure. This rake is simply the BEST shrub rake on the market. It holds up GREAT, light weight and does not bend or break as all our past rakes have. We used to have to replace our rakes about every month or so. Have used this one for nearly a year and it is still as GOOD as NEW. If you need a shrub rake, this is the one to buy.

It is now months later after our purchase. We still believe this rake is the BEST rake on the market.

THE BEST TURD FLINGER *EVER* ~ reviewed by dobltrobl

OK, some day it may get used for shrubs and tight raking areas, but I was looking for a solution to remove excess/undesired doggie land mines (aka ‘turds’). The smallish lawn on my property is surrounded by wooded areas so a ‘flinging’ device is easier and quicker than getting a shovel (lighter too). This works fine for small and probably medium size dogs (who do not have diarrhea, of course). At some point I may weave a little wire through it to stiffen it up a bit, but it works OK as is. You have to love multi-taskers!

Every gardener need this ~ reviewed by Ted J. Cohen

Just what you need to rake those little areas where a big rake will tear up the foliage. All metal construction is strong, but flexible.

Corona Clipper Shrub Rake ~ reviewed by Robert Norville

This is a great little product for the gardener and very hard to find in any material, other than plastic.

Different Use For Winter ~ reviewed by Kat Lorentz

It has been a harsh winter here in New England. I have to continually clear the furnace and hot water heater vents of snow. Fortunately, they are near my kitchen and living room windows. Because this rake has a 54 inch handle, I can reach this rake through the windows and rake the snow away from the vents so I don’t have to tromp outside in thigh deep snow to clear them. The metal tines hold up to the snow, unlike plastic ones. While this is not the usual use for a rake, I am very pleased that it works for this type of job as well.Buy it at Amazon

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