Corona GT 3050 Extendable Handle Rake Reviews

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Product Description

Extendable Handle Weeder has a strong, lightweight steel handle adjusts from 18-Inch to 32-Inch for extra reach

The Corona Clipper extendable handle rake features an extendable handle, allowing you to stand tall while using the tool. The unit’s lightweight aluminum handles can be easily adjusted between 18 and 32 inches, making it easy to improve your posture and keep your knees out of the dirt while working in the yard. The rake features an attractive carbon-dioxide coating on the tines that resists chipping and rust. The thick handle and ferrule are ribbed for a non-slip grip that is comfortable enough for all-day use. A convenient metal ring is incorporated into the handle for easy storage between use. The unit comes with a manufacture’s limited lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

A "Jewell" of a Tool ~ reviewed by J. McIntire

From the moment I pulled this out of the box, I knew it would quickly become one of my favorite garden tools. The painted finish is excellent, high quality, and the telescoping mechanism works great with a positive "click" to set it at any convenient length. Great bang for the buck…if you’re looking for a versatile hand tool it would be hard to beat this one!

Good quality ~ reviewed by biggestbamboo

I use mine for clearing leaves and other debris from in bushs and around plants. It is great for those purposes. The idea of using it for a yard rake is totally rediculous. $16!!!! I just (2010) bought a new one at a pricey garden center for under $8.

Perfect shrub rake ~ reviewed by Comdet

I’ve always had a tough time getting leaves out from under shrubs. A full size rake just gets in the way, and the half-size ones never seem to work all that well. This rake is an excellent performer – you can shorten the handle for working in close quarters, or extend it to keep from stooping down. The handle extends and retracts in any position, and locks in tightly. Just turn, extend, and turn again to lock it in.

The tines are spring steel and seem sturdy enough to last for several years. The handle is metal, again of sturdy construction. Nice oversized grip that is very comfortable even without gloves on. Also has a metal loop to hang it in the garage.

One point – you can also find this at big box stores (the one that is the plural of “low”) for about half of what Amazon is presently charging.

Corona makes several tools with the same handle design, including hedge clippers that are fantastic (those I did purchase from Amazon, and will be posting a review). Good to see that there are still some well thought-out and well-built hand tools available without having to spend a whole lot.

Handy Cultivator for Small Beds ~ reviewed by NL

I got this cultivator after we put in two raised beds in the backyard. I love it’s small size and extension, which makes it so handy. I’m a little short but when the cultivator is fully extended, the length works fairly well for me. I think that a taller person might find this cumbersome to have to bend down further to work with this tool. The construction of it seems pretty sturdy; I have not had any problems with it so far. The twist and lock mechanism for the extension works very well. This has been great for raking up the dirt and adding in fertilizer to the vegetable beds. This cultivator would probably not be as good for harder soil and large planting areas but definitely works for your small gardens. Overall, it’s a very handy tool for light gardening work!

Not really Durable ~ reviewed by Nathaniel

After 15 minutes of use the handle came off. The black ring used to lock the position also slid down. I still use it even though it is broken. You have to work with what you are given.

Bottom Line: This product feels and looks cheaply made. Look for something more durable. You get what you pay for on this one.

Corona 3 tine hoe review ~ reviewed by Bob Lou

I bought these hoes trying to loosen up clay type soil in my yard, and now I have two broken hoes, they apparently weren’t up to the task. I didn’t hit many rocks, but was troubled by the tined portion of the tool, that kept pulling out of the end of the tool, and falling onto the ground, requiring it be reinserted. I ended up having one of the hoes fracture off two of the three tines, and the other developed a fracture laterally along the lower plastic retaining sleeve, rendering them both useless. I’d love to be able to return these for a refund, since I had to go to the local big box store and purchase a better constructed steel cultivator/tined rake to finish the job. I don’t recommend anyone purchase these unless they can redesign the tool to retain the working end of the device that can only slip into the plastic retaining sleeve, and it kept falling out then fell apart-very annoying!

Do not waste your time with this ~ reviewed by D Darkman

I like the idea of a long-handled dandelion weeder, but this extending one is not right for the job. Occasionally, when pressing the points into the ground, it collapses the handle — the mechanism is not strong enough in the very direction you want it to be strongest.

What was worse, is that the normal way to lock or unlock the extensible handle is with a rotation — and that happens to be just the sort of rotating you need to do to get these two prongs around the dandelion root. So, the very motion you most want to do while weeding, causes the handle to collapse on you. Terrible design! Either buy one with a solid, non-extending handle, or perhaps try the grandpa’s style of weeder e.g. by Oswego or Fiskars.

excellent garden tool ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I couldn’t decide between the Black and Decker cultivator and this one… I actually needed two… one for me and one for my “hired hand. This, too, was “perfect tool for those of you who need to weed/ cultivate small tight areas of the garden and spare the bending over that so often causes back pain. A great product at a great price… with great results. You can’t go wrong with either, but if you pressed me into choosing one, I think I liked the Black and Decker better for being a bit more ergonomic and overall design.

Built to last….. ~ reviewed by john g.

This is far from a cheap, gimmicky garden tool of which there are many. This is a quality, well made cultivator (rake) that will last many seasons. I use it almost daily at all lengths and it remains tight and solid. It doubles as my leaning post when I am contemplating my small veggie garden. Said garden is very crowded with overlapping plantings but it remains well tilled and weeded. This rake facilitates close and delicate tilling. I am rarely this impressed with a new tool.

Great tool ~ reviewed by Ricardo

I have been looking for a small type rake such as this for use in metal detecting.After purchasing the GT 3070,I see someone else had purchased it for the same reason.It works very well for scratching around in the wood chips at a playground area.I was surpised at how well it is made and the ability to adjust the handle length is great.Buy it at Amazon

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