Corona CT3050i Weeder with Comfort Grip Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars based on 46 customer reviews

Product Description

Corona CT3050i Comfort Weeder, with Cushioned Comfort Tool grip

Customer Reviews

Leave it to the Corona Clipper Company ~ reviewed by S. C. Wertz

This is a replacement/augmentation trowel for an identical one I bought years ago. The first one has a very blunted nose now. All in all it is the best garden tool I’ve ever owned. I would highly recommend it for its comfort and durability.

Excellent form to fit with the hand. ~ reviewed by Taupa6257

This is a very sturdy and well made trowel. The form fit to your hand brings comfort and ease to work with. The trowel can easily get into hard dirt with no problem. How often have you used a trowel and the actual “trowel scoop” starts to bend? Not this one. It is very sturdy and well made. I would recommend this product to anyone who would use this tool as a primary weeder or even a digger to transplant. That is how sturdy the trowel is. For the cost and quality I give this product 5 stars. Hopefully those of you who purchase this product will agree. Happy gardening!

Strong, elegant tool for ease in gardening ~ reviewed by Observant I

This wonderfully useful tool is elegant in appearance and design. The texturized grip overlaying the single-piece aluminum alloy is soft with a little “give,” and very comfortable. The handle offers sufficient length to grip without being overly long. This trowel is balanced, just light enough to prevent strain but still substantial enough to dig down deep and do some serious garden work.

This Corona 12-inch trowel with comfort grip (CT3010I) is very strong, and used for its purpose, should last for years. I have no concerns about breaking or bending this tool. If by some incident the tool does break, I am happy for the lifetime guarantee. I happily use this and the narrow Corona CT3050i Comfort Weeder for almost all of my digging and weeding needs in my small garden (save those that require a full shovel).

Great but break ~ reviewed by D. Tapp

I’m a professional gardener and this is my favorite weeding tool but they don’t hold up to anything except very lite weeding. I’ve broken seven of them. They are supposed to have a lifetime guarantee if you want to go to all that trouble.

This product is a joke. ~ reviewed by Matt

Purchased on May 6th, 2013 from a hardware store. Broken on May 6th, 2013 after about 10 minutes of weeding in the garden. The “lifetime warranty” isn’t worth the label it’s printed on, this is a made in China piece of junk. I’d give it zero stars if I could.

Very strong design ~ reviewed by Michael R. Haley

Very strong design and construction with good sturdy materials. Blade may be a bit thick for more delicate transplanting.
Good value for the price.

I would buy this again.

Nice, sturday, gets the job done. ~ reviewed by C. J. Vazquez

I have small potted plants and this trowel works great for me. Durable and easy to handle, it’s a great addition to anyone’s gardening toolkit.

Breaks easily ~ reviewed by Byard D. Wood

I have had two of these spades and for both, the blade broke about two inches from the bottom tip.
For potting soil it should be fine.

gardener’s helper ~ reviewed by Sharon K. Wormwood

This is an awesome product for selective weeding or bulb planting. Comfortable to hold, and only makes a small deep hole. I love it!Buy it at Amazon

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