Corona Clipper SL 7180 Forged Dual Cut Bypass Lopper, 2″ Cut, 32″ Length Reviews

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Product Description

Professional Forged Dual Cut Bypass Lopper. Enhanced performance with large cuts due to patent pending blade and hook design, up to 2-Inch cuts.

Customer Reviews

Flawed Design ~ reviewed by Brenden R. Mcelroy

I was so looking forward to using these, my 20+ year old pair of large clippers was past due for retirement so I bought these. Out of the box they worked wonderfully but after a couple uses I noticed that the cutting blade was actually dented! My 12 year old daughter had been using them so I assumed that she had been biting rocks or misusing them some other way although she insisted that she hadn’t. In retrospect I’m so glad I didn’t get mad at her and I now get the opportunity to get mad at Corona for shipping out shoddy engineered products. I was just using the clippers on an 1 1/4″ tree branch when I noticed that the action of cutting through branch was forcing the cutting edge out of alignment over onto the blunt bypass blade, which as you could imagine was denting the blade. I tried it 3 more times with the same result, and now I have an even duller blade on a soon to be useless tool. Lesson learned, don’t buy Corona Clippers.

Well made and comfortable ~ reviewed by Pen

This lopper is well made with stiff handles and comfortable grips. The blade is not replaceable but is forged, heavy duty, and is dressed easily with a carbide sharpener. The blade comes very sharp. On the down side, I don’t know how manufacturers rate their loppers for “cutting capacity” but I have yet to use a set that lives up to the manufacturer’s claim, except for maybe some of the better ratcheting loppers. Loppers that offer compound leverage (these do not) do cut easier but at the price of having to open the handles commensurately wider to get their jaws around a branch. That’s not always possible. That is why I chose these over a compound leverage model. I’d say that these loppers will comfortably cut a 1-inch branch, 1-1/2 inch if you can get good leverage. Two inches is simply a stretch. Like I stated though, most loppers don’t live up to claims. These are good, sturdy loppers. Got mine for about 40 bucks, plus tax, at Lowes.

A very bad product ~ reviewed by Jim

This is the first negative review I have ever given for an Amazon product but do not buy this. The cutting blade is made of a weak metal and was immediately scalloped by minor cutting. Then the entire handle broke off making the product useless. I am 67 so did not abuse this with any excess force and did only minor yard work.

Blade broke. ~ reviewed by Kyle Sexton

I had 3 bushes to cut down, and used this product to do it. About halfway through a 1.5″ branch, the blade got stuck, so I started trying harder to push it through. Eventually it became clear that I wasn’t making any more progress, so I opened up the loppers and found that the blade had warped, chipped, and cracked in three different locations (one warp, one chip, and one small crack), and now they don’t close properly. I’m a pretty big guy, so I’d guess I put more than the expected amount of force into the tool, but I still think it should have been made stronger.

Before breaking they were very smooth and easy to use, and I used the tool to finish the job so it’s still technically functional, but again due to the warp they don’t close properly anymore. I’m pretty sure I can file out the warp, but the crack has me concerned enough that I’m not likely to bother. I don’t want to create shrapnel the next time I try to cut down a bush.

It bent! ~ reviewed by Jarhead

We were using this to trim the little sucker branches off of our living tree. We weren’t trying to cut 2″ branches. I would say 1.5″ was the biggest we cut, probably.

But anyway, my husband was cutting a branch (about an inch diameter of living, green wood!) when we noticed the handles starting to bend. They kept bending more and more until the lopper became useless. We couldn’t even finish pruning our single, medium-sized tree. We actually ended up using the Fiskars little hand pruner on branches when these big loppers started to fail.

I’m hoping this one was a dud and that we can get a new one that works, but I’m not very happy.

Best value for the price ~ reviewed by Goose

We examined customer reviews of more than 30 makes and models covering all price ranges . . . very hard to find the “right” one. This one stood out from all the others in terms of design, value, and customer satisfaction. Having used it on some pretty tough stuff, it exceeded expectations. Appears very easy to maintain.

Only if it ships Free Super Saver… ~ reviewed by rhfner22

Researched online… Great Handle length, dual cutting areas for different diamaters, and rated for 2″ cuts. Although this product is NOT cammed for better torque (should consider using a prunning saw for larger types cuts anyway), can choke-up for better leverage. Found mine @ Lowes Hardware for 39.99.

Design flaw ~ reviewed by 2flowers4us

I should have listened to the other 0ne star reviews. On the fourth cut I made, the blade hits the bump in the bypass and chipped. Too Bad! These LOOK like there nice and tough! But there NOT! (See my Pic)

Not made in china . Feels like quality ~ reviewed by Silver_diamond2077

I just bought a pair yesterday I got to say after picking up all the others that felt like plastic-last-a-month-junk I was impressed with the weight of this item. It is heavy with no plastic except a small part that is connected to the handles where it meets the cutter. This is to stop the cutter from sliding out of the handles. The whole upper part and the handles are made of steel with the handles coated with a rubber grip that gives a nice feel of quality .

One thing I didn’t like about the others was the fact that they were Made in China. I would prefer American made but none fit that criteria. These are made in Mexico with components from Taiwan. Better then Made in China

I will update this post if anything fails on these loppers.

new blade design needs to be re-designed! ~ reviewed by JB

New blade design needs to be re-designed! The blade is designed with dual arcs, supposedly to allow for heavy work in one arc and light, fine work in the other. BUT, where the two arcs meet, the blade gouges the mating (shearing) blade!

I’ve used these for five minutes, cutting only four limbs, each less than one inch in diameter, and have gouges in the blade. I’ll have to return these.

The Corona AL 8130 or AL 8120 with traditional arc styled blades would be a better choice.Buy it at Amazon

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