Corona Clipper #RC 4060 Root/Branch Saw (Pack of 6) Reviews

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4.9 out of 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews

Product Description

Root Saw For Medium To Large Roots & Branches, Cuts On Both Push & Pull Stroke, 7 Teeth Per Inch On High Carbon Steel Blade, Hard Chrome Plated 6-1/2″ Taper Ground Blade.

Customer Reviews

Excellent little tool! ~ reviewed by Buffy

This little saw does exactly what you expect it to. I have a large yard and have been clearing out huge shrubs that kind of took over the fence line. After cutting back the shrubs, I had to get rid of the stumps. The saw cuts the roots and goes into the dirt without a problem. Still not fun cutting and digging the stumps up, but this sure helps get the job done! I also bought the sheath for this saw and highly recommend it if you buy the saw! This thing is very sharp and could be a problem if not sheathed while not in use!

Excellent performance! ~ reviewed by For Fun Reader

If you ever tried to get rid of an old tree or bush, you know the worst part is cutting the roots. That’s when this ergonomic and efficient tool really comes handy. It cuts like a razor and, because of its small size, makes it possible to reach difficult spots. Sturdy and highly recommended. Keep the blade always clean for longer life.

great little saw ~ reviewed by Barbara Allen

I love this little saw. Anything that is a bit too big for my loppers cuts easily with the saw. I have 5 acres of woodland and it’s great for most lower dead branches or very small trees – things that are too little for a chain saw and too low for the pole pruner. It’s been a great addition to my collection of garden tools. I appreciate having a RED handle as well. It makes it so much easier to find if I set it down on the ground somewhere and forget it. Corona really makes wonderful long lasting tools.

Saws well ~ reviewed by robyn Petticrew

I’ve had to remove 13 old shrubs, 7 of which were in a tight space between a fence and concrete. The root saw made cutting the roots much easier and because of it’s compact size I was able to get into tight areas. The only problem I had was not with the saw, but with the shipping. It took over 2 weeks to get from NJ to NY.

Great Craftsmanship and very SHARP ~ reviewed by G. Gonzalez

Very sharp blade and has multiple uses. I like to use it to gut out weeds at the roots, cut small branches, etc.
GREAT craftsmanship. Highly recommend.

Root pruning saw ~ reviewed by Sasha Savransky

Very handy tool. Excellent correlation of price and quality.
Small enough to get under the roots. Doesn’t rust. Stays sharp.

root pruning saw ~ reviewed by Jean M Chandy

This a good sharp tool that is useful for getting into small space. better than folding saws as it does not bend when sawing.

This is a must have for every gardener ~ reviewed by B

This is my “go to” garden tool. I use it to cut sod and roots, remove weeds, and open bags.

this saw beats them all… ~ reviewed by JDR

This is my 2nd saw and i love it. It handles roots embedded in soil with ease, is light to carry and fits snugly in its sleeve.
It out-performs others by far so i don’t let it out of my sight when our landscape crews are rooting out trees and shrubs.

Perfect root saw! ~ reviewed by McEwanBoyd

This root saw is incredibly sharp and easily cuts though unwanted tree roots in the lawn. I also ordered the scabbard separately, so that I can keep the saw with my other gardening tools.Buy it at Amazon

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