Corona Clipper PS-4040 Folding Pruning Saws Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

The 8″ Folding Pruning Saw is designed to be as comfortable in your hand as it is effective in the field. This self-cleaning raker tooth model resists binding on green or woody limbs. Designed for small to medium branches, the 8-inch blade folds into the handle for safety, storage, and easy transport. It has a curved blade design that puts more teeth into the branch for faster cutting. The blade is made of tempered steel alloy that resists rust and holds its edge. The filed and set, precision-ground teeth cut without binding, and there are seven teeth per inch to cut on the pull stroke. The handle is made of curved hardwood for a solid grip. All of these special features make Corona pruning saws several cuts above the rest.

Customer Reviews

The best ~ reviewed by Dick Flores

I’ve had two of these now (packed one away and can’t find it). It is the best pruning saw I’ve seen — very sharp and easy to use. I’ve pruned fruit trees and ornamentals and it cuts fast and clean on each.

Absolutely great saw for the money. ~ reviewed by Paul B

I will say that I do buy razor toothed saw for some of the work but generally for vineyard help that have a tendency to break and loose stuff these are really great. They are sharp and hold a point well. This saw has been around for years and has proven itself with me over and over.

works great ~ reviewed by T. Vogel

this was a birthday gift to myself as I had never owned my own Corona Clipper and was just tired of borrowing the wife’s. Sooo, I got one and have been in heaven ever since……the curved blade/handle is the key to the cutting action that I enjoy so much.

yes ~ reviewed by bsw

the Corona saws cut very well and normally stay sharp for a long time, so i hope this will too

Sharp little saw. ~ reviewed by Dennis G. Dobbins

Item worked as advertised and shipping was very quick. Saw was very sharp on initial use and only time will tell if it stays sharp.

saw ~ reviewed by duckman

This is a very handy pruning saw. It is very sharp, and it goes through branches like hot butter. No real down-side. Buy them.

We have one like it and love it but it is bigger ~ reviewed by Renee L. Nielson

It was smaller than I thought. We have one like it and love it but it is bigger. We bought this for a 72 hour kit.

Great product, as advertised. ~ reviewed by Jill V

Excellent for those times when nothing quite will do like a pruning.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Ed

Great Product.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Donna F.

Amazing tool.Buy it at Amazon

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