Corona Clipper Extendable Handle Hoe GT 3060 (Pack of 6) Reviews

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Product Description

Extendable Handle, Garden Hoe/Cultivator Tool, Handle Extends To 34″.

Customer Reviews

good tool lightweight construction ~ reviewed by William J. Newman

Like several others here, I also managed to break the whole head off of the tool. I wrote to the company and suggested they make a heavy-duty version. I also suggested a “cutter-mattock” in a heavy-duty model. The next thing I knew, I had another extendable hoe delivered. By then I had already bought a replacement for the original one. These are VERY useful tools but can’t take rough usage. Also the grip required a dose of Gorilla glue to keep from sliding off. When I break the ones I have, I’ll buy more. They are THAT good!

I should have read these reviews ~ reviewed by monifa

I had great hopes of this rake/hoe, let’s see, looks nice,check, arrived on time , check easy to use, check , durable …uncheck, it broke the first time I used it in my tiny garden,I looked at what I thought was metal and found out that the hoe part was actually held to the retractable handle part with plastic, so anything but the lightest touch and it snaps off, the price is great but you get what you pay for.

Waaay toooo small. worthless ~ reviewed by gach

This could be only possibly useful for very very light work (in which case you might as well get a little 3-prong curved for $2-4 at your nearest store). The only positive is the handle which is sturdy and may be reused for another purpose or to attach a different tool.

Not for lifting rocks ~ reviewed by V.B.

I noticed one reviewer who gave this tool a poor rating. It plainly states on the tag that is 5 1/4 inch by 3 1/2 inches and attached by sturdy string (had to cut off) and easy to read, that the tool is “for light use only” (I kept the tags so I could re-purchase when necessary). I purchased the extendable handle rake and extendable handle 3 tine hoe. I love them for my raised garden or anywhere in my gardens that I need to attack a weed or grass or pull out dead leaves and do not need to drag out the heavy duty stuff. These tools are meant as supplements to other gardening tools. I purchased mine because it was lightweight, period. If you are not a neat freak, they are small enough to place in a basket or whatever on the back porch and grab to head to the garden for light duty maintenance without having to go out to the shed for the hoe. For my purposes, once I extended the handle I have left it there. I lop off any stray species I find in my beds in a jiffy and use it to loosen and mound up soil around roots. Works the best. Mine cost $9.99 at my store and I realized at that price they might not end up in my will. They are wonderful for older people who cannot bend over and need something more portable and lightweight or for anyone who does not need heavier equipment. They are not to be used to loosen rocks or create a complete new bed. Blades are probably just made of pot metal (tag says carbon steel, but these are made in Taiwan folks so its is anyone’s guess) like lots of less expensive items. I also purchased the hoe for my friend as a friend-gift who has a magnificent bed of daylilies at her home which are all carefully spaced about a foot and a half apart. This is a huge manicured bed 10 foot by 40 feet. The hoe gets in between the flowers to loosen soil (she uses Preen for weeds) easily without tiring her as a larger hoe would. She loves it and uses it regularly. Enough said. It will break eventually, its is cheaply priced and it is lightweight and works the very best for what it is intended for. I will continue to seek out and purchase these two tools when I need to do so.

disappointed. ~ reviewed by Tre Gee

i used this once and it was great, until the top broke off trying to pop a weed out of the yard. i wasnt putting too much pressure on it either. i really liked this hoe too.

Great tool if they send the one you ask for! ~ reviewed by Holly S. Rene

In the picture you see what I ordered. I already have one of these and it’s an awesome tool. That’s why I ordered two of the same. Instead I got what I suppose is the new version in green. The blades are not the same! I would not order it again.

The good and the bad ~ reviewed by C. G. King

There are a number of pluses to this tool like the handy double head which serves several needs, but there are also some downsides to consider. I’ve had my tool for a couple of years and have managed to bend the hoe part slightly and bend one of the tines on the claw, but not badly and the tool is still useful. The bigger problem though is that the handle no longer extends. It has locked up tight in the shorter position which is not long enough for an adult to use comfortably on the ground. I still get use from the tool turning my compost and in my raised garden, but am disappointed that I can’t also use it for roughing up the ground where I want to reseed grass or hack a particular weed.

I’d say it is a good tool for light work, especially when you prefer one length to the handle–i.e. set it and forget it because after a while, you may not be able to change it. I’m sure my tool must have gotten wet as I can think of no other reason for it to lock into position than interior rust. It is stored mostly out of the elements, but not all the time. Bottom line, for the modest price it still serves a purpose and I continue to use it, but be aware of its shortcomings.

My favorite garden tool! ~ reviewed by Jay Moreno

This thing is very high quality. Plenty strong enough for the jobs you will want to use it for. This thing is death on weeds. I’m 66 and in a power wheelchair due to Guillain-Barre syndrome. I used to have trouble pulling weeds by hand. No more. The fully collapsed length is just perfect for me. When you plant the three razor sharp tines deep on the far side of a weed, pulling it up roots and all is a snap.

I recently had a pole lamp installed on my front lawn. There was about a 25 foot long trench dug into my front lawn for the wiring. With this tool, I can go to a remote area of my yard, sink the tines deep into the grass and pull out a plug, roots and all. Then, I use the hoe side of it to dig out a hole in the denuded trench line just the right size for the transplanted plug. Bingo! hard job made simple.

Buy this tool. You will love it!

not terribly strong ~ reviewed by Nicholas C. Phillips

Maybe I was just using it wrong but I managed to snap the entire head off of mine while prying out a stubborn rock from my lawn. It was however a great tool until then.

GREAT Choice for the Handicapped. ~ reviewed by JessicaTheKat

It is adjustable and fairly light weight so it is perfect for folks like me who must do the gardening while sitting in a wheelchair or scooter. I like it because it helps me to participate in one of my favorite hobbies. I already had to give up my other passions so I am grateful to be able to continue gardening with the help of tools like this.

It is not for the heavy duty gardening a full size hoe can do. It is slightly more strudy than the short, hand held tools I have used in the past.

I highly recommend it for anyone who does light gardening or for children that are learning the joys of gardening and want a quality tool.Buy it at Amazon

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