Corona Bypass Pruner Forged, Resharpenable 11-1/4 ” Length Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Product Description

14″, 2 Handed, Forged Pruner, 1/2″ Diameter Cutting Capacity, Provides More Control & Leverage While Pruning.

Customer Reviews

NOT a replacement for BP 3220 ~ reviewed by Meri

After borrowing my neighbor’s BP 3220s I had to have my own–but the 3220 was discontinued. The 3220 was lightweight and easier for me to use than one-handed clippers. The length of the 3220 also made it amazingly good at getting into rose bushes, and clipping certain weeds at the stem without kneeling on the ground. These are significantly heavier. I might as well just lug around my bigger loppers. My neighbor is a strong man, but he didn’t want the 3225s either, and wouldn’t sell his 3220 for a lot more than I paid for the 3225s (drat). My advice, don’t bother with these. They aren’t up to the big jobs, but aren’t light enough to pleasant to use and carry.

corona clipper ~ reviewed by dorz critique

loved the razor-edge sharpness the first time i used it. over the course of its usage however; the blades became dull, making it harder to clip vines. make sure after each wear, the blades are completely dry and clean. i think this would benefit the quality of shears.

Very excellent mid-sized pruners. ~ reviewed by Forest7

This Corona BP 3225 Forged 2-Handed Bypass Pruning Shear is a very handy tool. It is one of those tools I wish I had known about earlier. Some jobs require a little more strength or reach than hand pruners provide, but not a lot more. And some of the larger shears are quite heavy or bulky to carry around for extended work, or those plants that do not require powerful cutting tools. This shear is perfect for blackberry vines, thinner branches, etc. where a little more reach or power is useful. I take it with me now and usually don’t need to go back for another size pruner.

Corona bi=pass shears weakness! ~ reviewed by Sylvanusman

These shears are a nice size and weight and well made BUT when my daughter, a 17 year old swimmer, was helping me clean up some brush she over did it on a dry (hard) 3/4″ branch and snapped the pivot bolt. Guess what? Corona doesn’t make replacement parts for this specially designed bolt. No other bolt will do because of the fancy engineering design so they are trash now. Don’t make the mistake of over doing them just a little or maybe even buying them in the first place!!!!!!

I’m a Corona addict! The tools, not the beer. OK, the beer too. ~ reviewed by Sunshine

I bought these pruners from Lowe’s to replace my ancient and very dull one. Needless to say I am a happy camper. They are lightweight and cut the smaller size branches like butter. I make sure to wipe off any residue after use to avoid premature aging of my tools. I would prefer a longer handle, but for the price, this pruner works great for me. I highly recommend it.

Two Handed Precision Pruner ~ reviewed by Brian D. Masuda

Very handy sized pruner especially when reaching into rose bushes. The small size allows precise placement & clean cuts. My first choice for pruning bushes is the trusty hand pruner, but there is definitely the need for a little more leverage & reach.

Great for it’s size and price ~ reviewed by D. Sanders

These small pruners are great for their size and price. They are light weight and have nice foam handle grips. I have had one for several years and it has not failed. Like any pruner, the blade does get worn down and must be sharpened. After I clean the jaw of sap and debris (Goof Off works good and a wire brush), I use a common metal file and ‘edge’ the blade. Then it cuts like new again. These small pruners cut easily through soft wood; they don’t do as well on thicker hard woods. But these are not large jaw/handle pruners so don’t expect the same. These work best for finger diameter cuttings (up to 3/4″) not larger.

corona bypass pruners 3225 ~ reviewed by margaretmerrill

Love mine! I used to get all scratched up pruning roses. Now I don`t even wear gloves. Now I have 2 pair, one for the front yard and one for the back. They are lightweight, which is great for a small person like me. Got mine at Lowes, and also, got 2 friends a pair. I don`t think they get any duller from use than my other 2 sets of larger pruners.

Top quality item ~ reviewed by Brandin C. Shost

Corona is the top of the line when it comes to pruning devices. They are well made and always stand the test of time. I have used Corona products for 40 years and I keep coming back because of their quality.

These short handled loppers are one of my best new finds this year ~ reviewed by K A Lederman

These short handled loppers are one of my best new finds this year. Great to have when you
are out working on shrubs that are less than an inch.Buy it at Amazon

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