Corona 18-inch Machete Scabbard AC 7310 Reviews

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Product Description

Swashbucklers are not dull people. And they don’t carry dull machetes. Neither should you! Here is the protection you need to keep your machete as sharp as your wits!

For 18″ machete
Handy belt loop
Top grain leather construction
Made of durable reinforced nylon
Stitched and riveted for durability
Convenient belt clip and loops included
Belt clip and loops included
Universal design fits most machetes
For use with Catalog ID: 41003535
This is the scabbard only

From the Manufacturer

Founded in the early 1920s, Corona Clipper, Inc. is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, Corona’s proven designs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals and avid gardeners alike.

Customer Reviews

Holds The Machete and Does Its Job ~ reviewed by Scott D. Welch

The Corona 22″ scabbard does the job it is supposed to do … it holds a 22″ machete. In my case, that would be a Fiskars 7078 22″ model. There are two descriptions on the page as I post this. The one near the top says “top grain leather construction” and “stitched and riveted.” Farther down, the one under Product Details and Product Description, it says “durable reinforced nylon.” The latter is correct. The one I received was well-stitched and well-sewn nylon. I inspected it thoroughly and all of the threads were tight, there were no loose ones. The construction appears quite up the task of protecting and holding the machete. The overall design is good for what it is. The belt loop works as it should. While it is not in the image, mine has a rawhide leg tie at the bottom. It is a basic scabbard, there is nothing overly special about it. That said, for the money spent I am satisfied with my purchase.

Nice product but not described properly on AmazonThe ~ reviewed by purdue98

The scabbard is nice and fits my Fiskers 22inch machete fine. There is quite a bit of play once the blade is inserted however the handle loop snaps across the handle and effectively secures the unit.
There is NO leather nor rivets in this product. More along the lines of nylon and stitching.
Overall, it works.

Not as described ~ reviewed by David, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

The scabbard that arrived on August 1, 2011, is not of the “top grain leather construction” described on the Amazon webpage when the item was ordered. It is not riveted and doesn’t have a belt clip. It is rather lightweight nylon and is only stitched. It will probably meet my needs, however.

Well-made & Right Size ~ reviewed by CThomas

This is a good scabbard for any 22″ machete. It’s not quite as thick as I was expecting, but it seems to hold the blade firmly and safely enough. The one real gripe about it is that given it’s floppy quality it doesn’t quite seem worth even $10. It’s basically two pieces of thin matieral sewn together. I was expecting something much, much thicker (cordura-like). But, it does what it says – it holds your machete. One star knocked off for probably being 100% overpriced for what it is.

Not used in the field yet but so far so good ~ reviewed by PAH

Just purchased and have not had a chance to put this to a “field test” yet as we are buried in snow but it looks good so far. I might well have preferred a hard plastic scabbard but those only came in 18″ versions. The hard plastic and the sharpener are great features for that option but I needed the longer scabbard for my 22″ machete and I like the ordinary belt loop, not the army belt hangar.

Does the job ~ reviewed by M. Heck

Appears to be of adequate construction without being bulky. Too soon to comment on how long it will last. I rarely use a scabbard to carry a machete – I use one more to protect against accidental cuts while the blade is stored. When I think I will need a machete, I just carry it in my hand; it’s easier than pulling it out and resheathing it.

Nice Scabbard for the Money ~ reviewed by Paul

This is a nice heavy duty material. My 22″ blade fits in the scabbard just fine with some wiggle room for the Ontario heavy duty. If you are looking for a lightweight product to carry your machete then this is it. Priced right. Shipping was on time and item received as described.

Corona Clipper 18-inch Machete Scabbard AC 7310 ~ reviewed by bjjjcr

This isn’t anything fancy, just a vinyl sheath. That’s just what I needed, since the Corona machete that I bought from Lowes didn’t come with one. Thie fit is very loose, but I’m just using this for storage in the garage so it’s OK.

Good enough. No problems. ~ reviewed by Gentleman Fox

The scabbard functions as it is supposed to. There are no problems with it. I don’t see myself using the machete for everything, so I suppose it is great that I got this particular item. Latches around the belt comfortably.

Decent Product ~ reviewed by BB

Does the job, but it not too beefy. I would modify the cardboard scabbard from the cover that some machetes come in or just make one yourself and line this cover with it. I would say that will help it last a long time.Buy it at Amazon

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