Condor Tools & Knives Warlock Machete Knife, 12 1/2-Inch Reviews

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Product Description

This machete has a 12 ½-Inch blade and a black leather sheath. It has a micarta handle and comes with a leather black sheath.

Customer Reviews

absolutely mind blowing ~ reviewed by John with OCD

The first time you grab a condor machete you say to yourself “O.K. This is a real Machete.”The shocking thing about this machete is the thickness and full tang construction. The steel at the butt of the handle might be 1/4 inch thick and tapers down to the tip. I really like Micarta and the scales here are great. if I was to complain about the grip I would have wanted the handle to be a little thicker going up and down near the blade. it is fine going side to side.The back end of the handle is great and the first thing I did was put a para cord lanyard through the eye in the rear of the handle.The sheath is leather stitched and riveted also provides a snug fit. After using several hatchets axes and knives to process wood or going into the woods my favorite all around tool is the machete. I can chop down trees, split logs and also clear thick brush or vines that grow on the ground faster and easier. I have the cutlass and kuhkri by kabar as well as a gerber and some cheaper Machetes. This is a serious no messing around tool. Sharp and durable and the quality is unbelievable. The grind and thickness of the blade make it less prone to getting stuck while chopping or splitting thicker trees or logs. the spine is thick and straight so if you like to baton wood especially thicker wood you are not going to have any problem here. Considering what some high end bushcraft knives go for, this is an absolute steal. Here in the U.S. I think the Idea of a machete is a thin cheap piece of metal. That thought is wrong. This is not a grass machete. It is definitely a chopper. This is on the high end as far as a Machete goes. Condor produces a great line of Machetes. I would have to say if you don’t want to spend this much get the Ka bar cutlass. If you have several machetes already and looking for something that is a real hardcore tool. This will not disappoint. For all the people into bushcraft looking for that 1 blade to have if their life depended on it you would probably want to carry this. It is one of those life tools that you beat the crap out of and will still out last you.

Get this now. ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I like machetes. I don’t need them. Condor’s Warlock is the coolest thing I have seen of the kind. It is more a short sword than a machete. I have their Heavy Duty Kukri, the regular Kukri machete, and the Topanga machete as well, but the Warlock is what everyone picks up first. It is heavy and well made and looks angry just sitting there. I’m afraid to turn my back on it. I’m not going to hit a tree with it, but I like having it, and my son will like having it some day. I can’t say enough about Condor’s leather. Their sheaths are top quality and would look at home on a $500 custom blade. I don’t know of anywhere else you can get as much value for your money. Buy it.

A mans machete ~ reviewed by Bladeboy

It’s everything I thought it would be and more. Performed amazingly well cutting limbs and up to 4″ diameter pine trees while building turkey blinds. Blade held up well, and I would say I put it through some heavy use. After I received it, I was so impressed I order one of Condors discord machetes. It did not disappoint either. If you’re looking for a nice heavy duty machete you can’t go wrong with a Condor.

Remarkably sharp out of the box. Stop reading this and just buy one! ~ reviewed by Tader

Chopping through a kiln dried 2×4 like I had seen on reviews didn’t do it for me. I have put mine through a torture test, small brush, branches up to two inches in diamater, I chopped and fell a dead ash tree that was ten inches in diameter still sharp. Chopped thru three loops of a cyclone fence on the edge of the property when I was hacking thru brush & it still don’t need to be sharpened. My only recommendation is the same of firearms leather attract moisture so if you store your machete /or/ gun inside a leather sheath it is going to rust.

Warlock Machete ~ reviewed by SR

Heavy duty machete good for cutting heavy limbs & wood.this machete is very well balanced but heavy. Machete has a tough coating on blade.

A pretty impressive machete, buy it! ~ reviewed by Paul Deschaine

Excellent Machete, with a 5mm thick, full tang blade it’s quite a chunk of metal. The micarta scales are excellent and the scabbard is well designed with double snaps to keep it in place. I ran it through it’s paces recently on a camping trip and it performed very well. It has a good size to it and you can do some finer, two handed work with it very easily. I did have to touch up the edge a little but that was my fault due to accidentally hitting a stone while splitting down some wood. It takes a good edge and keeps it pretty well. Also, if the zombie apocalypse comes (lol), I’ll definitely have this in my arsenal.

Good looking machete! ~ reviewed by guamie

A little better than its big brother Parang with regard to cutting! Both of these models from Condor the Parang and Warlock are beefy machetes and are quality products, however since they are thicker types of blades they have an inherent problem of penetrating through wood on the first few strikes. Thinner machetes…at least for me had an easier time cutting through branches with fewer strokes. These will get the job done…just takes a little longer. The quality is really good and I dont fault it for that, it just might be better served for other uses that do not require fast hacking jungle work. This could be improved if you thinned out the edge just a bit either through careful honing and sharpening.

Ultimate machete ~ reviewed by Rifleman308

I’ve been using the Condor Warlock machete for a few months now, I can honestly say it is hands down the best machete I’ve ever owned. The quality is excellent and it comes with a great leather sheath. You might get better cutting ability with a much longer heavy blade machete but it will be close. As for as the Warlock goes, it’s more compact but the design and weight of the blade makes it devastating in the bush, you can use it like an axe and cut the larger limbs and turn it on the brush without a second thought. The handle is well designed and very comfortable. If I can take only one blade with me in any type of survival situation, it will be my Warlock.

Awesome ~ reviewed by Andrew B.

The Warlock is my first machete. I looked around and Condor seemed to make quality stuff. I was blown away by how solid this thing is. Hacks through 3-4″ branches with just a few swings. The handle can accommodate a very large hand. Comes with a good edge and stays sharp. The coating on the blade is a good idea too. Great for the price!

Incredible ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This is an absolutely beautiful, stunning, and exceptionally well crafted machete. My wife and I just moved to Hawaii and a chainsaw just seemed too extreme and lazy to use on the thin, bendy guava trees that fill most of our back yard. This blade takes them down with ease. Any pirate worth his mettle would be proud to wield this knife.Buy it at Amazon

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