Condor Tool and Knife Parang Machete 17.5-Inch with Leather Sheath Reviews

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Product Description

CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE traces its proud history back to 1787, the year GERB WEYESBERG COMPANY was founded in Solingen, Germany. The quality of the swords, military knives, agricultural tools and household cutlery they manufactured made Solingen the cutlery capital of the world. Over the generations, the world’s largest manufacturer of swords and knives found it necessary to expand operations to other countries to better serve its customers. In 1964, the company formed IMACASA with a new plant in Santa Ana, El Salvador and filled it with state of the art German equipment. Some of the original local employees who were sent to Solingen for extensive training forty years ago are still working in the factory today, turning out the finest quality machetes, shovels and other hand tools.

Customer Reviews

I live in the jungle, and this is the best machete in my collection. This is not a toy, and not for the inexperienced ~ reviewed by Steve in Hawaii

First, let me state my history with machetes. I live in 9 acres of jungle in Hawaii. I own multiple different types, styles, and weights of machetes and have logged many hundreds of hours using them to perform duties like making trails, clearing brush, and removing trees. This machete is my favorite. It has enough heft and thickness to the blade to easily take down 4-5 inch hardwood limbs or trunks. Straight from the factory it was sharp enough to clear smaller problems like uluhe ferns. I have a great machete sharpener which restores this blade to kitchen-knife sharpness in three pulls. If you would miss your target and carelessly strike your shin or companion with this machete, somebody will be going to the emergency room for stitches. This is a serious machete for professionals. I have read some reviews that complained about the thickness or weight of this unit, and I think they don’t appreciate the type of user this machete was made for. I waited several months to write this review to see how the steel holds up. There are no nicks or pitting on the blade edge from use or sharpening. If you are a serious connoisseur of a working blade, the quality and value of this cannot be beat. It has the versatility for larger brush and enough sharpness for the thinner problems, making it great for mixed uses. If you have no thick brush in your machete needs, or are not an experienced user, you might want to look for something with a thinner blade or less heft, but for me, its perfect. If you need a machete that has the blade edge for light work but also enough thickness and heft to do the job of a hatchet or small axe, and have the experience to use it safely, THIS is the machete for you.

Update: I’ve had this machete for a few years now and the blade is still in awesome condition. It has a pit or two where I got careless and hit a rock or something but so far this tool has far exceeded my expectations. A few months ago my wife borrowed this machete and lost it and I was seriously bummed. I came here to order a replacement and they were out (they have since come back in stock). I felt almost like I had lost an old friend. A few weeks later I found it out in the yard in a stump. I could tell it had been in the weather but it cleaned right up.

Awsome Machete! ~ reviewed by Wilber Bergado

This was the first machete I had ordered made by Condor and I couldn’t believe the quality of the workmanship. I’ve used it to cut bamboo and tall weeds in my yard. It can cut 1-2 inch bamboo stock without any problem. I also notice it doesn’t stick in the bamboo like my other cheaper machetes. Maybe it’s because of the thickness of the the blade (1/4 inch) or the overall weight. It has very good balance and the wooden grip feels good in your hands. I did hit the ground & rocks while cutting the bamboo and some of the black epoxy paint got scraped off. It sharpens easily using a flat bastard file. I did have a defective leather sheath initially but it was replaced without any hesitation from the seller, Sword Demon. If you only have used the cheaper type of machetes, this one will really impress you. I’m sold on the Condor company and I’ve also bought the Kukri & Golok machete to use. Highly recommended!

Exceptional blade ~ reviewed by jbrianb

I bought this at a store I went into looking for a golok. The Condor golok was not in stock but I was so impressed with the parang that I bought it. I had read the reviews and knew Condor was a name to be trusted. I also knew this was carbon steel and I was impressed by the razor sharp edge, the finish and the craftsmanship of this blade and sheath. I own several machetes including a Gerber, a Cold Steel, a cheap United Cutlery, a Marbles bolo and a Gurkha House kukri and I’ve played a lot with a Bear Grylls parang. The Condor parang is brutal and stacks up against the best choppers I have.

My one complaint — and it’s not an issue for me yet — is that the thinness of the blade above the handle (a major pivot point) is frightening. And when I say thinness, I don’t mean the spine, but rather the width. Having a blade this narrow at the pivot point (in comparison to the rest of the blade) is disconcerting. I can see the possibility of it snapping just above the handle. In fact, if it snaps, this is where it will happen. “Why does it matter?” you say, “All blades have a thin spot.” Again, this thin spot is EXACTLY where the most pressure is going to be applied to the blade.

So that’s out of the way. This thing is a beast. I almost hated to use it as a machete beater because of the quality. But I did and it tore through bush and brush, ate up thicker wood.

As a tool, this one is comparable to my Cold Steel Magnum Kukri, though a bit pricier, but much more well crafted and with a tremendously better sheath. The Cold Steel compares favorably to the Condor Parang, but it took a lot of work to get it there. The Condor parang is an amazing tool right out of the box and a beautiful tool besides.

EDIT: After a few years of use and some abuse, this thing still works like it’s brand new. Adjusted for longevity from four stars to five. It really is a powerful tool.

Excellent craftmanship ~ reviewed by jim

I have several machetes and this stacks up to (or surpasses) the best of them. I studied the reviews of all the top models before making this purchase & no regrets. Rather than rehash the pro’s of other reviews…I’ll address the three minor concerns I read:

1) “Sheath too tight”. Of the three concerns I read, this was the only one I found to be valid re: my purchase. I coated the exterior of the sheath w/Sno-Seal (the same stuff i use on leather work boots)

Then coated the handle of a long wooden spoon w/sno seal and ran the handle of the spoon handle down into the sheath and worked it around. I set the sheath outside (w/the spoon handle left in the sheath) in the Florida sun for about 15 minutes…wiped off the excess wax …. problem solved. (I still get some residual wax on the blade when i pull it out, but it won’t hurt the blade).

I do wish the sheath had a loop on the tip/end like my kabar kukri sheath … so u could tie the end of the sheath to my leg.

2)”Rough finish on the wooden handle”. My handle’s finish was perfect; no squared edges, etc. Actually the handle is almost too pretty for a machete, w/brass rivets.

3) “Tapering of blade width near the handle may be too narrow” If there were close up pics of the heel or this machete, u would appreciate the blade’s “heft”. The blade “thickness” or “heel” also tapers …but tapers “opposite” to the blade width – being thickest (1/4″) in the tang and near handle (where the blade width is narrowest) tapering narrower at blade’s end (where the blade is widest). So the thickness or heel of the blade “counters” the narrowing of blade width; preserving structural integrity of the blade. So the “sweet spot” for chopping would be the last 1/3 of the blade where the blade is widest and the heel is narrowest.

I purchased mine locally for only a few dollars less, but its well worth the price regardless.

U can buy this machete WITHOUT the sheath on amazon.

If ur just gonna carry it from ur garage to ur back yard then I would buy it w/out the sheath & save about $15 dollars. If u have acres, then spend the extra money.

… as well get the village parang they make a good bush craft combo one for your pack & one … ~ reviewed by frank M gallegos

this is the parang machete due to the length of the blade obviously i use this parang for the branches that the village parang cannot reach it’s not a heavy blade so fatigue will not be a issue if your going to buy this you might as well get the village parang they make a good bush craft combo one for your pack & one on your belt these are vary durable blade’s but due to them being made of carbon steel they will rust if you do not oil them right away after each use so keep that in mind other then that they are both good the sheaths are well constructed BUt the dye on the leather will come off on your pant’s due to friction it does wash out which is good the price is a steal so if your going to buy one better do it now before it increases

Parang Machete with leather Sheath ~ reviewed by Sir Thor

This machete designed for heavily wooded areas is quite heavy. With a 1/4 inch thick blade and a full tang the weight of swinging it is significant; allowing for clean cuts through the thickest foliage.

It is not the sort of machete for lightly wooded or vegetation filled hikes.

It is best for heavily wooded areas, thick stands, and dense foliage. Where I live in northern NH, this machete is perfect for those thick stands of beech you come across from clear cutting. A great hunters companion, make sure you get the sheath if you go with a different distributor. Also check out Condors’ website they have fantastic products and specialize in machetes. They will have what you need .. no matter what your trying to cut or hack.

For the casual user .. 3.75 / 5 Due to its weight and the fact that it is a less universal machete. It’s less efficient with low scrub, and less soft plants than other styles of machete.
-=Please note that review is merely from a usability stand point. BUILD Quality was 5/5. =-

For the outdoors man who lives in a wooded area and does not want to carry a hatchet and a machete 5/5; great product and fantastic construction. It is evenly weighted, well designed and does the job. Provides a clean cut on branches up to 1 inch, and can be used as an ‘axe’ with care.

The blade is well worth the money ~ reviewed by Tuan Vu Anh

This is good parang-machete with high potential. In my review I used metric measurements. You can convert the units: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.
Don’t group it with regular thin machetes. This one is a beast for heavy duty work.
The blade is around 45 cm in length. The spine is 6mm thick, tapered to 3mm at the front. The widest part of the blade is 4.3 cm while the most narrow part is 2 cm. The handle is 16.5 cm long, the most narrow part is 2.3 cm and the widest part at the end is 5 cm. The handle thickness is 3 cm. The blade alone weights 700g, 900g with sheath.
The sheath is a little tight on first use but it secures the blade well with a snug fit. The sheath is made from 4mm thick leather which is excellent.
The blade is well worth the money. It is not hair popping sharp out of the box but the sharpness is ok for normal usage like wood chopping or brush clearing. The grind is not symmetrical (5mm on the right side, 6.5 mm on the left side). it is nothing big since I will regrind with a wet stone to make it even. Also, the blade has a zero bevel if you ask.
In general, this is a good working blade. With a little modification, it will be a great one:
- Robust blade
- Beautiful profile
- Good leather sheath
- Uneven grind
- The handle thickness is too big for me. Need to shave it down.

Good quality blade, minor quibble ~ reviewed by glassblastertoo

As others have said, the blade is very nice. My only “problem” with the tool itself is with the finishing of the handle butt. The wood used in the handle is a dense tropical hardwood, from what I can tell, and it should hold up well. However, the butt end on mine was left with very square, “sharp” corners, which are an invitation to chipping. About 5 minutes with a file and sandpaper and it’s perfect now. The sheath, on the other hand, is as others have described: too tight to be of use other than for storage. Because of the way it is reinforced with rivets, I don’t think it can be easily stretched, but I am going to try to wet-form it by soaking it in water and then letting it dry after forcing a piece of wood that is thicker than the blade into the sheath. I’ve made wet-formed knife sheaths in the past, and this process may help in this case.

Condor Parang a dang dang ~ reviewed by Dingo

I own several blades from knives to real Katana swords but this is the first Parang for me. I needed a machete and wanted something that was good quality and affordable and the Condor Parang caught my eye. I did extensive research on the Web and decided to buy this. It came in yesterday and was very impressed with the quality and workmanship. I showed it to a friend who collects blades and his response was “Dang.. that thing is nice.. Dang!”

5 stars from me and 2 Dangs from my friend. Thank you Amazon.

Most awesome machete ever! ~ reviewed by Walking the Precipice

1/4″ thick carbon steel blade, very sharp, and man is this machete the most elegant brush and limb remover ever!!! It is very well balanced, almost to the point that I feel like I am holding my custom katana (Not one of the cheap flea market katana’s either)

If you have large hands, you’re going to love the grip on this thing. It is thick and feels great in your hands. One of the most satisfying purchases I have ever made…

I read one review on here complaining about the sheath… I must have received a newer model sheath. The machete inserts easily, the sheath is strong and very well made.

If you want a machete, stop looking… Buy this one.Buy it at Amazon

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