Condor Tool and Knife Outback Machete, 20-Inch Blasted Satin, Black Handle, Leather Sheath Reviews

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Product Description

CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE traces its proud history back to 1787, the year GERB WEYESBERG COMPANY was founded in Solingen, Germany. The quality of the swords, military knives, agricultural tools and household cutlery they manufactured made Solingen the cutlery capital of the world. Over the generations, the world’s largest manufacturer of swords and knives found it necessary to expand operations to other countries to better serve its customers. In 1964, the company formed IMACASA with a new plant in Santa Ana, El Salvador and filled it with state of the art German equipment. Some of the original local employees who were sent to Solingen for extensive training forty years ago are still working in the factory today, turning out the finest quality machetes, shovels and other hand tools.

Customer Reviews

What All Machetes Should Strive To Be ~ reviewed by SevereWX

Now this is a machete! I’ve not seen a machete of this quality in decades. Not since my old machete from the 60’s have I come across one so solidly built and durable. Condor Tool and Knife machetes are made in El Salvador by Imacasa, a leader in the manufacture of quality machetes. Though they are made by Imacasa, Condor Tool and Knife machetes do have their own special toolings making the Condor machetes unique to other machetes made by Imacasa. The Outback machete is made of 420HC Stainless which should not be mistaken for the much inferior 420J stainless. The 420HC stainless with proper heat treating is an excellent tool steel that resists staining and rust, and provides a strong metal that is not prone to chipping or cracking. I can tell you the heat-treatment on my particular machete is outstanding, having been tasked with cutting through some hardwoods that would have dulled an inferior machete, the Outback machete didn’t show signs of any edge-rolling or chipping at all. The machete holds a sharp working edge for an impressive amount of time in comparison to your discount machetes one would pick up at a local discount store. The grip on the machete is very comfortable and does an excellent job of filling the hand, but is ergonomic and doesn’t create any hot-spots or pressure points that would lead to blisters. The tang of the machete extends all the way through the handle such that the eyelet at the end of the handle passes through the tang. This is quality construction that will not fall apart on you when you really get going with it.

The Condor Tool and Knife Outback machete is big. It is long and nose heavy, making it an excellent heavy chopper for clearing out trails, campsites, knocking back brush lines and undergrowth, and so forth. This is an excellent blade shape for those who prefer the classic profile and blade shape of the El Salvador machete combined with the wide, nose-heaviness of the bolo machete.

The sheath that comes with this machete is impressive as well. It is made from a thick, well-finished leather, with quality stitching and finished edges. The belt loops on the sheath swivel, so that if worn on a belt, the sheath will swivel out of the way when you sit down. I was so impressed with the quality of the sheath that I tend to joke to my friends that I bought a quality sheath and it came with a free machete.

This is a particularly good machete for those living on the coast near salt-water. The 420HC is noticeably more resistant to corrosion than your run of the mill carbon steel machetes. One just has to keep in mind that stainless steel doesn’t mean stain-proof, it really means “stain less”. It is still a good idea to keep it wiped down with a corrosion inhibitor when not in use, and to store it outside the sheath when not used for long periods, just as you should with any other blade.

It seems expensive for a machete at first, but given the apparent quality of both the machete and the sheath provided, coupled with a lifetime warranty, I can say without reservation that it is definitely worth the price for a heavy-user.

I am impressed! ~ reviewed by Melanie Wingo

The Condor Outback Machete is worth the money! I was skeptical until it arrived in the mail, but am now convinced you get what you pay for. This machete is designed to endure hard tasks. According to the company flyer there is a limited lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The overall length of the Outback model is 25 inches. The 20-inch blade is made from 420HC surgical quality steel and comes sharp. This model has heft toward the tip of the blade, which is excellent for cutting thick vegetation or small trees.
The poszegrip handle (solid polypropylene) fits the hand nicely and has a lanyard eyelet. There are no rivets to cut your hand.
The leather sheath is as impressive as the blade and is well constructed. It is designed so the blade will not cut through the sheath. Seams are sewn. There are two snaps to keep the blade secure and a swiveling belt loop.
I’m impressed.

Quality tool ~ reviewed by Alexander J. Wilde

Got this so I didn’t have to fire up the chain saw. Easy takes down 1 inch diameter branches. 2 inches is totally do able.

I don’t recommend for small brush or bush clearing. It’s handle is a little small, so I would suggest a pair of gloves.

Heavy, and sharp. Gives a lot of force on down swing upswing is nice too. I found a 45 degree swing works nice.

You get what you pay for. The metal is nice. It can take punishment. Although I wouldn’t recommend rock smashing.

Satisfied ~ reviewed by Mark Twain

Best machete I’ve ever used. Weighted end gives lots of needed momentum. Regularly slices through 3″-4″ branches. Does require sharpening after de-limbing 3 large (50ft+) trees. Great for general forestry.

Comes from the factory very sharp. Probably the best factory sharpness I’ve ever seen. Made some of my bench-made knives look bad (before I sharpened them ofc).

Not a combat machete. Point is not sharp.

My favorite machete for daily work ~ reviewed by Sifo Dyas

I’ve owned a lot of knives for hunting, bushcraft, carving, whittling, etc, from Cold Steel, to Becker, to Busse. This is by far my favorite machete, even more than my Cold Steel Latin 24″ one. This sports a very large, thick blade, and if you have a solid arm and know how to chamber your body and swing properly, you can easily clear anything from light leaf-tips to thick bushes, and and go clean through a 1″ diameter piece of pine.

It feels a bit heavier than my CS machete, and it feels a lot more comfortable when putting a loop of paracord through the lanyard hole in the handle and winding it for better grip. A lot of machetes in this class might seem heavy. If you’re at least 240lbs and can bench your own weight, it’s a child’s toy as far as weight goes, but an excellent tool in any case. If you’re under 160 lbs and not in good shape, you’ll likely fatigue if you’re doing heavy sustained work for several hours.

The drop point on the tip lends it to some light piercing tasks, but it’s primarily meant for chopping and slashing.

Condor Outback is Rock’n’Roll ~ reviewed by Toad of Toad Hall

This is a fanstastic machete. Really good quality, very heavy, I use this from the truck. If I was hiking would bring something a bit lighter. Was chopping 3-4 inch branches but would probably do thicker if it had to. Very sharp out of box, cut myself when first handling it (because I was being silly, also because I underestimated the edge). Sheath is great too.

Good value, big bolo!

A Fine Bushwacker ~ reviewed by Chessnut

This works well in order to make fast work of clearing the younger buck-thorn from the woodlot (still need a saw for the tree-like stuff). True, it comes back, but it’s easy to cut it again in a few years as compared to attempting to eradicate the stuff using a herbicide painstakingly brushed onto each and every cut stem.

Chop, chop. ~ reviewed by Robert Randle

This is a sturdy, sharp comfortable tool that doesn’t slip in one’s hand. It’s winter now, so I’ll have more to say this summer when I will put it to good use cutting back vines and nuisance branches. I’m glad the Deutsch moved this plant to El Salvador ’cause I know these folks know machetes and also need the jobs.

Great Machete ~ reviewed by Rand

This is a really nice machete. Right from the factory, it’s very sharp! It’s balanced nicely, cuts great and is a time saver. I’ve used it several times and I haven’t had to sharpen it yet. The leather sheath that is included is heavy duty and I’m sure will last a lifetime!

best machete i have used ~ reviewed by Dude

this machete is heavy duty! big heavy chopping blade on the end easily sinks several inches into wood. you can really feel the weight on the end of this thing. it basically chops by itself without you having to put much effort in. what all machetes should strive to be!Buy it at Amazon

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