Columbia River Knife and Tool’s 2720 Honhson Chogan T-Hawk Tomahowk Axe Reviews

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Product Description

Columbia River Knife and Tool’s 2720 Chogan T-Hawk is a useful tool of the professional trade; to have one is to know and appreciate its true worth in the field…especially ones this good. Tomahawks have been a mainstay of utility in the military for a long time. From manual utility tasks to self-defense fighting tools, they have carved out a unique place in many a tactical gear bag. Designer Ryan Johnson has been honing his tactical tomahawk designs over the last 30 years and has earned a dedicated and loyal fan base, particularly among special forces troops. His Chogan T-Hawk is shaped of single-piece steel with a curved handle and grip choils along the front for enhanced holding power. Full-length handle scales are checkered for added grip security, and can be removed for cleaning. The Chogan model offers a distinctive hammer head style, which both provide exceptional utility and toughness. Molle equipped, form-fitting Kydex sheaths slip over the head and secure with a buckled strap. You will find the T-Hawks very well balanced and easily controlled, while still being robust enough to handle most anything dished out.

Customer Reviews

Good Quality, Slim Hammer Side ~ reviewed by Mike

I just received this tomahawk, and it feels good in the hand, and appears to be high quality. I really like the one piece tang.

The one disappointment is that I assumed the hammer side would taper out to end the size of a regular hammer; this is not the case. The entire head of the tomahawk (blade side and hammer side) are the same width, so it would be difficult to hammer anything other than metal with the hammer end without splitting or gauging it. If I had known this, I would have ordered the version with the blade/pointed end combination instead. I figure you can always hammer with the flat side of the head, or with a rock for that matter.

I guess a little buyer’s remorse, but it is a nice looking, solid tool. An angled photo would go a long way to set expectations.

CKRT- Chogan ~ reviewed by Seth

Great tomahawk! I purchased this over the Kangee for hammering purposes. I highly recommend this as an all around camp axe that can cross over a tactical hawk.

An awesome t-hawk and camp axe ~ reviewed by Eric Senf

I’ve been looking for a tomahawk for quite some time but wanted something that could truly withstand the abuse of using as a main camping tool. I’ve been pleased with other CRKT products I’ve owned so thought I’d give this one a try. During a weekend camping outing, this was the only axe I took and used it for chopping and other camp tasks for the entire weekend. It held an edge far better than expected and feels great in the hand.

Get the Kangee, instead! ~ reviewed by V.Bonczyk

I’ve owned several ‘hawks over the years, including traditional hawks (similar to Cold Steel Frontier Hawk), which were used for camp utility purposes and throwing. More recently I purchased an Estwing ETA 27-Ounce Tomahawk Axe with Leather Grip, which I was (and still am) quite satisfied with. Neither of these really checked all of the boxes, however.

The traditional ‘hawks are great and extremely useful from a utilitarian standpoint, but I wanted something full-tang and bomb-proof. The Estwing is hands down the best tactical hawk for $50 or under, but it’s a bit too chunky, not very agile, and not very sexy. It’s made by a tool company known for their hammers, and it shows.

When I found the Chogan/Kangee I was hopeful that it would be “the one.”

I deliberated for quite some time about which version to get; the Chogan with the hammer poll is a bit more utilitarian, while the Kangee with its spike and fully sharpened head makes a better weapon. I selected the Chogan with these attributes in mind, thinking that if I was going to spend around $100 on a ‘hawk I’d like it to be more than a mantle piece that I’d hopefully never have to use for it’s intended purpose – close quarters combat.

With respect to the fit, finish, and overall quality of the Chogan I have absolutely no complaints. It is very well designed (Ryan Johnson is a master of his art), with excellent balance and feel. It has a decent edge out of the box and retains it pretty well. It’s fairly light and agile, everything I felt was absent in the Estwing ETA.

It chops, in a pinch, and is great for clearing or trimming small (1″ or less) limbs or branches; anything larger and you’ll be wishing for an axe or hatchet. It does hammer, but not terribly well since the hammer poll has a narrow face and the head lacks the heft necessary to apply significant force to anything. It does the job of a typical camp hatchet, but not terribly well, which leads me back to the ultimate source of my buyers remorse.

Take a wander over to the RMJ Tactical website and you will be gifted with a bevy of attractive, expertly designed, and expensive tactical tomahawks. Check out the reviews, and really pay attention to the people who purchase them, and the things they use them for. The Chogan/Kangee were designed by Ryan Johnson and manufactured by CRKT to be weapons capable of light breeching tasks, nothing more. These are the poor man’s alternative to the used-in-combat tools that RMJ produces, and are designed with the same purpose in mind. They are designed and build for combat & breeching, with other tasks/capabilities being secondary. The Chogan’s hammer poll compromises this combat utility, and gives the false impression that it’s something that it’s not. The Chogan is a great piece of kit, but really the only reason I can think of why you might want it instead of the Kangee is that it could be more easy to pass off as a camping tool, instead of a weapon, in the event you come under official scrutiny of some kind.

I don’t regret purchasing a CRKT ‘hawk at all – you won’t find a better full-tang, tactical ‘hawk for under $300 anywhere. I just wish I had gotten the Kangee instead of the compromised Chogan.

A final note, the kydex sheath that comes with the CRKT ‘hawks (it’s the same for Chogan or Kangee) is actually pretty nice for a factory piece, but the shoulder strap thing it comes with is pretty cheesy. I prefer to belt carry mine and use a Boker Plus Tek-Lok Adapter (Large). It lines up with holes in the sheath and provides for a very sturdy attachment.

A masterpiece of tomahawks ~ reviewed by Christos Milonas

I have tested a couple of other tomahawks and this is the best one I have tested so far. My axe of choise when goint out into the Woods besides my Bahco laplander saw and Habilis knife. It carries easily without ever risking injury and is fast deploied within a second or two when needed. The blade Cuts Wood like a Beaver on amfetamine. Though it has a tendancy to rust if not looked after. Full tank with a nice grip. Quality all through!

beat Buy yet… ~ reviewed by George Cochran

I chop’d a hole week with this T-Hawk, even hit against a rock & nothin. Every time I swung it, it went in deep & came out easy. I can throw a good 30 feet every time..

CRKT 2720 T-Hawk review ~ reviewed by Mike D.

T-Hawk was what I expected for the $$. Good design for a lightweight field hatchet. Not a throwing ax, but lightweight for carrying on a pack and useful for easy chopping.

Awesome handaxe. ~ reviewed by Entomy

Absolutely the best handaxe of any kind I’ve ever used. Like always, powder coating comes off pretty quickly, but luckily, CRKT was smart enough to make the grip easily removable, which means recoating or even electroplating is very easy. Suprisingly sharp edge for an axe, even out of the factory, and can be sharpened even more, but don’t expect a razor edge out of this kind of steel. Holds up amazingly well, even when following through wood and into rocky clay. Most of a hiking/trekking season, and I’ve not yet needed to rehone. Tomahawks are suposed to be throwing axes; I can’t throw well, so I don’t know how well it does there.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Tommy Gray Belt

A superb Hawk
well crafted!

Very nice ~ reviewed by Soren Morrison

Good quality hand axe. Hammer could be wider. Nice sheath that can easily attach to various day-packs. Perfect for camping, hiking, and breaking down big game.Buy it at Amazon

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