Cold Steel Latin Machete with Polypropylene Handle (21-Inch ) Reviews

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Product Description

Have you been looking for a machete with extra reach and leverage? Perhaps something with a more traditional style blade and handle? Then Cold Steel has the tool for you! Our Latin Style Machetes are available with with eighteen or twenty four inch blade lengths. With their non-slip, shock absorbing rubber handles, they are perfect in almost every environment from the jungle to the forest or even on the farm.

Customer Reviews

Great product ~ reviewed by Chad J. Armstrong

This is the best machete sold on Amazon. This is a high carbon blade that will sharpen well and the handle is great. It doenst come with a sheath and you will need to sharpen it with a file when you get it bit it wont take long.

This is the best.

Perfect for yard work ~ reviewed by mentatchris

This was perfect for the yard work I did yesterday. I have a couple of Cecile Brunner roses in my yard. This rose is an aggressive climber that grows really fast. The roses are now too tall to cut using garden shears, even when standing on a ladder. I bought this machete to help get these beasts under control.

Good length, good weight. After about 3 hours of yard work, I’m sore but not hurting. It comes reasonably sharp but not ridiculously sharp, which I was thankful for. Swinging this thing around while climbing on a ladder, I didn’t feel like I was going to hurt myself.

I definitely recommend.

A decent enough piece of steel, but it arrives completely dull ~ reviewed by Functor

The handle feels pretty nice, and the blade has a nice weight and feels nice to swing, but it arrives completely dull. If you have a sharpening stone of some kind, and you can use it fairly competently, it sharpens up really nicely. I used my Japanese water stone, and got the entire thing actually pretty sharp in about an hour or two. It works really well, but that said, carbide sharpeners don’t work very well, because the edge is not only completely dull, it’s also very uneven, so they just sort of mangle it and leave a super uneven, if sort of sharp, edge that doesn’t hold at all, so if you don’t have an actual sharpening stone you can use well, it’s basically just a big metal stick.

Machete with unshapened blade. ~ reviewed by Rjp

The blade seems a bit flimsy and as it arrived it required sharpening. Id suppose the unsharpened blade is the Latin countries equivalent of a “waiting period”. In spite of the feel and need of a good edge the machete has performed satisfactoriy on the lighter vines and brush. Limbs of any substance require a game plan to cut.

Awesome Product ~ reviewed by dmn711

I bought this machete for my boyfriend and it is more then worth every penny. It came slightly dulled for safety reasons most probably. With a little sharpening, the blade works amazingly and retains its edge through multiple uses. I bought this for him for Christmas and he has had no need to resharpen it since then. The blade is very strong and the machete is deceptively light weight for its durability. Awesome purchase for practical uses or just for fun. :)

great ~ reviewed by Pen Name

These cheaply priced machetes are well worth the $ they aren’t the strongest but they don’t bend in half like other cheap one. Cant go wrong for the $

It’s a machette ~ reviewed by cb4

Good quality, nice ergonomic handle, perfect sharpness, not too sharp (it would dull too quickly) not too dull (cuts through three-finger thick bamboo with no sweat). If the handle were a tad larger it would get 5 stars. (I have XL hands.) I like the fact that the handle does have a “tab” at the end so it steadies your grip, I just wish the handle were about 1/2″ longer. Still a good item.

I’ve owned some Machetes, but this one is amazing. ~ reviewed by Gabe

I received this very fast. It is so awesome. I keep it by my bed for protection.
I also bought a little sharpening stone with it, didn’t take too long to sharpen at all.
My favorite part is that the WHOLE thing is black. From the handle all the way to the tip of the blade.

Reasonable blade for the cost ~ reviewed by J. Haines

Held a decent edge through thick brush, but the handle doesn’t take direct impact well. Out of the multiple units purchased, one handle has broken due to a drop where it hit the corner onto a rock. Blade wise, extremely pleased, and handle wise nothing that duct tape can’t fix.

Yay! Kinda ~ reviewed by daPilgrim

It is exactly what you are expecting. A good machete, but since it is not super expensive, don’t expect too much. The sharp part of the blade getting dings and bent every time I use it. I ended up having to file off the edge and sharpen it myself just to fix the blade.Buy it at Amazon

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