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Have you been looking for a machete with extra reach and leverage? Perhaps something with a more traditional style blade and handle? Then Cold Steel has the tool for you! Our Latin Style Machetes are available with with eighteen or twenty four inch blade lengths. With their non-slip, shock absorbing rubber handles, they are perfect in almost every environment fom the jungle to the forest or even on the farm.

Customer Reviews

Pretty Good Machete! ~ reviewed by M. Emerson

I own several machetes, and for the price of this one, it was a pretty good deal. It hacks through shrubs and small saplings with ease. My biggest gripe about it was the handle, I ended up getting blisters on my hand after repeatedly swinging it back and forth. So I would suggest using gloves for this.

The biggest question I hear in regards to the cold steel latin machetes, is which is better? The 18″ or the 24″? Well I think the answer comes with the question of what your looking for? Honestly if your wanting a machete, to be used for the bush, and getting through the jungle, then you would want the 18″, as this 24″ one will wear you out after enough swinging. I purchased this 24″ one because I dont live in the jungle, and I wanted more of a one handed beater sword than a machete. So you need to know what you want to do with this before you choose the blade length. Now as I said, I purchased this to hack away at saplings and shrubs as though it were a one handed sword. It really holds up pretty good. You have to be VERY careful with what your swinging this at though. For example, if you swing it at something too large, in my case, a tree trunk, then its going to bounce back at you. Machetes are basically just stamped out sheets of sharpened metal with a handle pressed onto them. So you have to keep in mind that like a sheet of metal, this can bounce back if given the right angle. It is a bit floppy, not too much, but most machetes are floppy that way, so dont throw it around either as that could cause it to shoot back at you.

It does come pre sharpened. (I live in the states, so I am not sure what the policies about sharpened blades outside of the states are) But it isn’t razor sharp. You dont want a machete that is razor sharp, because these are designed for power hacking, and if it is razor sharp, your going to chip the blade. I gave this 4 stars, because the handle is my only real problem. It holds really good, it is fully tang, it is made of hard plastic and will absorb the shock, but it will give you some blisters. It isn’t the best machete I own, but honestly for the price I paid, it was a really good deal. I would suggest it to even beginner sword collectors looking for a one handed sword that they can beat around with, as well as suggesting it for the machete collector. I might purchase a couple more of them, because the price is really good and the efficiency and durability of the weapon is impressive.

ps. Cold steel is notorious for their paper “made in south africa” stickers that are left on the blade, they are hard as heck to get off, and leave a sticky residue all over. But I found that if you take a hair dryer, hold it over the sticker for a minute, until the other side of the blade becomes warm, then the sticker will come right off, nice and clean.

Great! ~ reviewed by R. P.

Every summer, degenerate dope-smoking kids come to camp near my house at Crystal Lake. I put on my hockey mask, and use my Cold Steel Latin Machete 24″ Md: 97AM24 to discourage these teens from drinking beer and having premarital sex. It’s what my mom would have wanted me to do.

Great chopper for a great price ~ reviewed by D. Wilkerson

I bought this machete for a friend who does lawn maintenance at cell towers around Florida. He said it chops very well on branches over an inch wide and saves him money on fuel by not using his power equipment.

Best budget machetes…. not by a long shot! ~ reviewed by wayne from tucson

Ok ive had a pair of these for a 2 or 3 years I cut one down to 12 inches and like it better than the long one. Yeah they bother my hand after some use but i havnt found many machetes this cheap that dont. These are thin 1/16th thickness a brush clearing machete people who say hey it bends …..then bend it back or spend more money on an ontario .125 thickness machete. The factory grind chips because the heat treat was left a little hard for a machete in my opinon but these are mass produced and affordable. the Edge grind is a flat very uneven grind done on a coarse sanding belt aiding in the chipping of the edge. I put a convex edge and took it to 220 grit stopped and stropped on black and red and all I can say is WOW these can take a shaving sharp edge unlike mild steel walmart machetes. And hold it keep it mind. Convex is the strongest edge type. You can get a horbor frieght 1×30 sander to sharpen with I cant recomend it more!

But lets be real I make custom blades and this blade isn’t the best value nor the machete I would choose at this price level. I have to go with a tramontina 1070 carbon steel vs 1055 it is 1/16 aswell. Also machete specialist sells 5 for 40 or 50 bucks and they are different styles to help you pick one you will like or use the most. Seriously at 10 bucks each a tramontina in 1070 the raw steel is worth it alone. If you dont like bending buy a 1/8th inch ontario sometimes I find them for cheap and they are 1095.

Update- I had the cold steel heavy machete and it warped even more with time that’s where my stars are all lost on these blades and edge chipping its not a bad machete its just not the best

Good for the price ~ reviewed by L. Pierson

Is it the world’s best machete? No. Is it worth the cost? That depends. It does need a bit of work out of the box for it to be optimal. It is not razor sharp but then again you really didn’t think that you were getting a magical sword for this price did you? Go get a file and medium grit stone put the machete in a vice and go to work. In short time you have a tool for clearing brush.

It is a good tool for clearing brush. Clearing brush i. e. the intended use of this style of machete….not killing zombies, not for sword fights, not for felling redwoods. This is not a lightsaber. If you decide that chopping rocks or cutting down fence posts with it is a good idea then you will be leaving a bad review crying about the poor quality and yelling about people who gave it good reviews. It is a tool, respect it, use it right, maintain it, it will last some years.

Honestly the only thing I was less than happy about was the pain in the rear about getting the label off of the blade. Dear cold steel, stamp your name on it or make a tag that we can get off easily. Also so you are warned make sure that yours actually comes with a sheath if you need one. Some listed online come with one while some don’t.

A good machete for the money ~ reviewed by Stephen H. Poor

I have the 24″ machete, and it is okay, but has a few flaws. The 24″ blade flexes alarmingly and is really too long to be practical. I should have bought the 18″.

The blade takes a pretty good edge when clamped in a vice and sharpened with a file. It holds the edge reasonable well. It cuts nicely and will even cut through standing vegetation with some reliability. The handle is secure and comfortable. The black coating shows little sign of wear after use.

On the whole, this machete doesn’t perform as well as a Tramontina, and the Tramontina machete can be had for about the same money, or just a little more. The Tramontina isn’t as comfortable in the hand, but with its hardwood handle it can be whittled down for a better fit. The Tramontina takes a better edge and holds it longer. I find it cuts just about everything better than the Cold Steel machete.

In the 18″ blade length, the Cold Steel blade would be almost the equal of the Tramontina. Most users wouldn’t likely see any real difference. I cannot recommend the longer blade lengths though.

Latin Machete ~ reviewed by D. Price

The CS Latin Machete came without a sheath. It’s sold two ways by CS: with sheath and without. The blade itself is functional but no more than that. The handle is poorly done. It’s thin with a molding injection seam were your hand will be. You’ll be wearing gloves; however, I also suggest you use a covering for the handle (bicycle innertube) for added cushion. If you plan on using this often, I would suggest you find another machete with a little more weight and comfort.

Cheap, heavy and practical! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This was just what I wanted: a fairly heavy, real Machete to cut back the brush in my the wilderness around my remote home. I had purchased one before but it was too lightweight. This one is heavy enough. I noticed, in shopping for a machete, that they are not very expensive but they are not sharpened, so be prepared to spend some time sharpening one if you get one.

Anon ~ reviewed by Anon

I was severely disappointed with this product. Cold steel is the top of the line when it comes to knives and swords but the quality of this machete is sub par. The handle is cheap plastic and will give you blisters after prolonged use. The blade is very thin and feels unbalanced when giving a good swing. Also mine was not sharpened at all. The ONLY ONLY reason I gave this product 2 stars is because of the price. In the cold steel catalogue, prices average $100-$200 and maxes out close to $700 so $20 for a machete from them isn’t a bad price but I’m still disappointed with the quality.

Good metal, bad plastic ~ reviewed by Taras I

If I were to give the Cold Steel Latin 18-inch Machete a rating 2 months ago, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. Now I give it 2 stars Here’s why:

For the relatively cheap total price of thirty dollars with a sheath, This machete is an ok deal. I bought it in the spring of 2011 because I needed a machete for camping and hiking. I did a lot of research beforehand and chose the cold steel over the Ontario machete because it was cheaper. I put it through heavy use and what I found was the blade is way too thin and flimsy at only 2mm. It bends and vibrates every time you hit something hard. I am a big guy and found this machete to be too light for chopping although it is very good for very light and green tree limbs and bushes. The metal holds an edge pretty well but stains and rusts so you need to clean it. Also it stays bent and distorted after chopping a tree from one angle and it’s very hard to get it to be straight again by bending it the other way, making it like a “U” shape.

What disappointed me the most though was the plastic handle. A year since I got it, half of the plastic handle on the left side broke off from the vibration of chopping a hard log. This exposed the INSIDE of the handle. Yes, the handle has an inside! It’s not solid on the inside like I thought it was and the metal only goes in a little past half way into the handle.

In conclusion, buy it if you are only going to cut light stuff such as vines and bushes. As my personal experience proves, it’s not up to the job of chopping wood and lasting very long.

I bought a Condor Golok 14 in. Machete with a really nice Leather Sheath for a total of fifty dollars and ninety-nine cents right here on amazon and it’s a WAY better value than the cold steel 18 in. machete. The condor has a 1/4 inch thick blade that runs all the way through the wood handle and it is just a BEAST. Spend twenty dollars more for a way better blade or get the Golok for only thirty dollars without the sheath.Buy it at Amazon

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