Cold Steel 90N Norse Hawk, American Hickory Handle Reviews

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Product Description

A drop ed axe with a 4 in. primary edge ans 5 1/2 in. hawk bothposed of 1055 Carson steel with a straight grain american hickory handle. Overall length is 22 in. ATTRIBUTES Handle Material: American Hickory Overall Length (inches): 19.00

Customer Reviews

Great Scandi base. ~ reviewed by swedesteelfiend

I have read a ton of reviews on these and I decided to see for myself. I am NOT dissapointed. My norse hawk came in perfect condition, the head was solid and tight…… not loose AT ALL. I only payed $27 for a great utility axe, I immediately modified mine to look the way I wanted. Great steel, the hawk came “utility sharp” and only took me 25-30 mins to make it shaving sharp. I am an outdoorsman, not a viking re-inactment fighter and I love this thing. Will it replace a solid splitting axe…….NO, but it is a leight weight chopping machine that is easy to modify to your own liking in a matter of an hour or two. 5 star. also, its very cool, anyone with Viking roots…… get ready to get in touch with your ancestors.

Cold Steel Norse Hawk ~ reviewed by Erik T. Ward

First and foremost, I’ve pretty much nothing but good stuff to say about Cold Steel and their products, and this Norse Hawk (my fourth…or fifth…to clarify I haven’t bought that many to replace previous ones, I have them all still, and while a bit banged up they’re still perfectly functional (excluding the handles, which, understandably, are in varying conditions)—so the reason for buying additional ones has nothing to do w/ quality or performance…I just got sick of walking back to the target after two throws (now I bet you see why the handles aren’t in great shape—b/c I throw multiple hawks at one target, and have been known to hit already thrown hawks…)) is no different.

Now, w/ that said (and this is a personal thing and very well may not apply to other buyers depending on them and the intended use for the hawk), these do require some modification before use—IF the use is throwing (moving forward I’ll assume it is as the Norse Hawk’s design is specifically intended for throwing, so if you’re not getting it for throwing but for regular use (hatchet/axe work) consider a different model (there are PLENTY to choose from and there’s most likely one that’s better for your intended use). Modifications:

Remove set screw (secures the head at the top of the handle) as it’s only somewhat helpful, and makes it easier to ruin the handle (if someone is a bit overzealous w/ tightening it it can put a decent hole in the handle which can/will eventually split);

Measure 0.5″ UP from the TOP of the head (assuming it’s seated well) and make a mark, then remove the head and cut the handle at the mark, removing everything above it (shouldn’t be much, maybe 0.25″ – 0.5″);

Measure from the (new) top of the handle down XX” (X used b/c this measurement could change depending on the user—I personally have been using 15″, though when the next set of handles arrive I’m going to try a bit shorter, probably close to 14″) and make a mark, then cut the remaining part of the handle off at that mark;

Cleverly hide the remaining 6-7″ (or so) piece of hickory somewhere handy (storage compartment in driver’s side door comes to mind…) as they make a great, somewhat concealable, VERY hard (hickory after all) hand weapon that can be used for defense or hard, well-aimed blows at critical/important areas like pressure points, the top of the hand, the neck, etc.

Just remember: the hawks are a bit sharp, but those points at the “top” and “bottom” of the blade are what can get you good (that’s experience talking); and the whole thing is dangerous (a bad throw resulted in the handle hitting the target instead of the blade and the target actually cracked)—so be careful, kids! And no throwing it at friends, family members, or…well I guess anyone you don’t ACTUALLY intend to hit and inflict some serious hurt on.

Mods ~ reviewed by Ken

It is a good template for people like me that like to mod the hawks. That’s what I did with this one by refinishing the handle and head. Pics will come after it is all done. Other than that,.,,,it looks really ugly the way the factory sends it.

Norse hawk rocks as a hatchet! ~ reviewed by Tim W.

I’ve had this for years. It’s survived 2 rough combat deployments (Iraq & Afghanistan) plus numerous field exercises and camping trips, but was only used as a tool, not a weapon. I shortened the handle to just under 15″ overall and it’s an amazing compact hatchet that performs well beyond its size and fits in a day pack for discrete carry. I added a hand lanyard to the end of the handle to compensate for the short length. My handle has never broken probably because I never throw it.

So Bloody Awesome - ~ reviewed by Brian R. Brush

I bought two different types of Cold Steel tomahawks, and both are AWESOME! This was my favorite of the two, because it’s makes me feel like a Viking. If I could give it six stars, I would. The blades are made in Taiwan, and the black finish will keep the axes from rusting for years – and stand up to almost all the abuse you can dish out. This is an AWESOME thrower, and right out of the box I was shaving the hair off my arm – it’s SHARP! Pretty easy to sharpen it up even more – if you know what you are doing. The sticker on the blade was easy to remove – just a little lighter fluid to dissolve the adhesive and a green kitchen scrubby with some elbow grease. I should have called Cold Steel to tell them how awesome this thing is – maybe they would have given me another one for FREE!

Check out this Youtube video! It might help you make up your mind!

Fun To Throw ~ reviewed by Lodge2

Cut 4″ off the handle for a light and well balanced thrower. The blade shape is more forgiving than a narrow edge. Lots of fun and surprisingly easy once you figure out the correct distances.

The head will come loose, so put in a vise and beat the snot out of it for a snug fit.

Pretty good ~ reviewed by Gunny

One thing to keep in mind if you are planning on throwing this thing (which you should) The ax head is held in place by a screw and it will loosen and the head will come off. Not to worry a little gorilla glue will hold it in place.

A Tool With Great Potential ~ reviewed by Zach E.

The head is hefty and came usable-sharp. The handle was pretty loose, but a quick sanding job and it now fits perfectly and sturdily. I don’t plan to throw the axe, so I’m not worried about the handle breaking too soon. It’s definitely worth the effort to grind all the paint off of the head and shape the handle to fit properly. Remove and toss the set screw, as the head will tighten on its own with use to a properly shaped handle. For the money and work, I’ve now got myself a great looking and great working tool for camping and yard work. Get yourself a Lansky puck and you’ll be all set to maintain the edge in the field.

LOVE IT ~ reviewed by billy hightower


A great way to get your viking on ~ reviewed by Kyle Baird

A great way to get your viking on… great axe!

As expected the black blade and blonde handle look like cr@p so I had to strip off the paint, sand and stain the handle. The effort is well worth it! Now I just need a shield and it will be time to raid the continent!Buy it at Amazon

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