Chapin 1749 3-Gallon Industrial Stainless Steel Sprayer Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

Some professionals just prefer Stainless. This premium sprayer is built to last with a stainless steel tank that is easy to clean and a wide Tri-Lock opening for easy filling and cleaning, brass wand and shut-off with a lock-on feature for fatigue-free continuous spray action, adjustable brass nozzle for a variety of applications and a 42-inch reinforced hose for increased reach. Compatible with most ferilizers, weed killers and pesticide. We also offer full technical support via our Customer Service Team at 800-950-4458 and Live Chat at

Customer Reviews

Formerly Disappointed ~ reviewed by Rip

After the initial pre-use check, the sprayer was inoperable. It would not turn into the Lock Pump position, so would not seal. Very disappointing, as this pump was not inexpensive. Contacted Chapin and got immediate and very helpful customer support, including follow up. I could not have been more shocked; not that the sprayer could be fixed, but that there are still American based manufacturers providing excellent products and customer service. We’ve all learned to settle for flimsy junk produced by hordes of Chinese toddlers. I admit, when the sprayer wouldn’t close, my first response was to post a negative product review, as this has become the only recourse for dissatisfied consumers in the US. In this case, my bad. This is an excellent product, made in the US, with fantastic customer support. Do not hesitate to purchase any products from Chapin Mfg.

So you want to spray ~ reviewed by Michael K. Brady

I needed a sprayer for weed control. I knew I needed a high quality stainless sprayer. Aster talking to a few people I decided to give the Chapin 3 gallon a try. So far it works great. I have been using it for a few months and it has worked flawlessly. Every time I use it there is never a problem. I dragged it up a hill and almost dropped it, I grabbed it by the sprayer and it did not break. Then it got away from me and fell. Still works. Then I left it outside for a month without clearing the spout. It still works. This is a great sprayer for someone who is rough on equipment. The nozzle is adjustable and can spray quite a few feet away from you. Easy to pump and lock. A good deal. I recommend it.

Good Sprayer ~ reviewed by Scott

I bought this sprayer because I needed a large sprayer to spray my vinyl siding on my house. My siding gets mold on it . This sprayer works great. Its large and it seems to be a good quality sprayer. Looks like to me you could get parts for it real easy if you need a part. Its kind of expensive but you are getting a large sprayer.

Review of Chapin Industrail 3- Gallon Sprayer ~ reviewed by Nord B. Schroeder

The sprayer was received when promised and packaging was very good condition. The sprayer is everything they say it is. Top quality construction so it should last many years. The only difficulty is the learning curve of locking the top down but once you’ve mastered the top, the sprayer is outstanding. Follow the instructions with the sprayer and it only takes a couple of tries to have the sprayer up and spraying. The large neck on the canister makes for easy cleanup. Great product!!

This is the best sprayer I have ever used ~ reviewed by Carroll H.

I bought this because I got tired of buying the cheap plastic ones that don’t hold up. This is the best sprayer I have ever used. I use it to spray my garden and fruit trees, and no need for a ladder if you adjust the spray nozzle it will spray at least 20 feet.

Works Great! ~ reviewed by Joe K

I have used this sprayer only once so far over the course of a long morning of outdoor work. It worked as would be expected from a professional grade sprayer. I have had two other plastic tank sprayers over the years. They were just not durable and had other performance issues associated with being a plastic design. Not the case here. This is a well built and rugged metal spray tank. The only remaining “test” will be the test of time.

All metal construction, including the pump handle ~ reviewed by John D. Harmon

One thing that is hard to tell is what the pump handle is made of. It is all metal construction. I was pleasantly pleased with it. I made a camping shower out of mine. I wanted something more durable than the plastic versions.

a good sprayer for any use. ~ reviewed by SLOWPOKE

A great sprayer and very durable, a nice wide pour in opening!

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Paul F Boundy

As advertised. Well made and works well!

Four Stars ~ reviewed by Robin White

My husband loves this sprayer.Buy it at Amazon

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