Chapin 1002 48-Ounce Multi-Purpose Sprayer Reviews

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Product Description

The Chapin Multi-Purpose Sprayer is designed for both homeowners and professionals. Ideal for a variety of applications such as spraying weeds, feeding plants and flowers, misting bee hives and cleaning windows. It features a poly bottle, ergonomic handle, wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning and an anti-clog filter. We also offer full technical support via our Customer Service Team at 800-950-4458 and Live Chat at

Customer Reviews

hapin 1002 Hand Sprayer – Multi Purpose Sprayer – 48 oz. ~ reviewed by Brion J. Draper

I was not satisfied with this product. After putting solution in it, closed the cap and used, I tried to twist it off to use again and the handle snapped off, the pressure was not strong at all. I believe the handle should be reinforced with thicker or better material.

Nice little sprayer ~ reviewed by J

So far I like this little sprayer. I have been using it to spray a neem oil/soap mix on aphids and other pest that are invading my garden. I read in the reviews some people have had the handle break off if you screw it closed by the handle so I have not done so. But I can see how it can happen. The handle is NOT strong enough to use to close the sprayer, only to hold it when you spray. Other then that I am very happy with this product. Works great and was a good value.

Works for me ~ reviewed by Someone Who Reads

I have quite a bit of houseplants and that’s what I use mine for. Usually for water to spritz on some of my tropical plants throughout the day whenever I pass them buy. I like this one versus a small spray bottle because spraying all my plants multiple times a day can get a little tiring on my hands and with this I can just pump it a couple times and I’m set. I’ll also use it for a foliar spray when I have compost tea on some of my plants outside and sometimes inside.

I don’t remember how much I payed for it but I’m glad I have it handy for my plants. If someone ever happened to the one I currently have I would probably buy another one.

Perfect! ~ reviewed by Archtop

If you have a lawn or garden then this Chapin is the perfect sprayer! It is lightweight and very easy to use!
It cleans up easily and has lasted a long time.
I used to use the “BackPack style” but unless you are fertilizing or Round Up(ing) a field, it was just too much work. This little sprayer
performs great and it’s easy to adjust! Even if you have to pump it up 30 times per charge! LOL!
Good luck!
Always, IMHO!

Awesome ~ reviewed by trainer58

After reading the reviews I decided to buy one, while waiting for it to arrive I bought one at Walmart. Wht a piece of junk !! So I’m thinking this one was going to be just another piece of junk. Boy was I wrong !! This sprayer is awesome, don’t let the bad reviews keep you from buying this. I don’t write alot of reviews unless I buy something as awesome as this product. You will love it !!

No question about it … one handy little sprayer. ~ reviewed by P. Carta

But like any piece of equipment it must be used properly. It is not designed for painting nor, I believe, for spraying granular slurries (think Ficam). Use it only for water soluble products such as liquid fertilizer and RoundUp. And the handle is for carrying and aiming, not for twisting of a tight top (gram the large red cap and simply twist.

I had one of these for about 4 years up until an hour ago when the handle did snap off. But then it is kept outside in all sorts of weather so I’m not surprised. And I did just order a replacement (the whole sprayer).

But to review: I have a bit of acreage and use two small 15 gallon mobile sprayers, one backpack sprayer (for RoundUping fence lines) as well as several 1 and 2 gallon units for general use (not for painting or sealing!). AND, this little job. I dedicate it to RoundUp (can you tell I love that product) and leave it on the back porch. There it is easily accessible (even during cocktail hour) when an errant weed or grass growth is spotted; grab the sprayer, point and shoot. Perfect!

Superb quality where it counts. ~ reviewed by Matthew Saccomanno III

I have had a Chapin 1002 sprayer for 3 years now and it is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST HAND PUMP SRAYER OF ITS SIZE that I have ever used. Just bought another. 1) Inexpensive; 2) Excellent seals. Holds pressure for WEEKS. I use mine primarily with just water. I can’t speak to effect of added chemicals; 3) Efficient hand pump. I’ve tried others and this one is best — all little hand pumps require effort so ignore those complaints; 4) Spray adjusts from very fine mist — great cool mister on hot day — to a long shot stream. I squirt my dog to stop barking — now he’s quieter if I just leave it in sight!
This is a classic, well designed product.

not as nice a unit as I thought it would be ~ reviewed by Hal

not as nice a unit as I thought it would be. But now that I figured it out it works just fine. Fill the container to full of liquid not giving enough airspace to develop good pressure it will leak and when you reach for it it won’t have any pressure. Very annoying! But once the liquid level got down far enough and I was able to build up some good pressure with a moderate volume of air it worked just fine and holds his pressure just fine. I purchased this one because I couldn’t find the one that I’m used to having in my life. I used it for herbicide and now can’t use it for general misting and watering.

I love this little bottle ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Sprayer works as advertised. I had some weed killer in a gallon jug with a sprayer that quit working. I’d been looking at the big gallon size sprayers when I saw this. I had no problem with the seal as others reported. I took more pumping up than I anticipated but after a bit it produced a solid strong stream. Worked great on the ivy covered wall behind my house I don’t want the ivy to grow on.

… used this style for years and they are truly great. I love that you can regrease the pump … ~ reviewed by Mark

I have used this style for years and they are truly great. I love that you can regrease the pump casing when you need to. Has the best adjustable nozzle of any sprayer I have had, so much so that I cut one off and used it on a large gallon tank sprayer I had that had a poor nozzle. For small jobs like spraying house plants or applying foliar feed to planter boxes this is a must have.Buy it at Amazon

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