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Features: -Lawn work wagon.-Handle folds down and doubles as a convenient seat.-Can be stored in upright position for compact storage.-Molded tool clips and drink holders.-Three storage compartments. Construction: -Rugged all-poly construction for superior strength and durability. Color/Finish: -Color: Beige.

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Customer Reviews

This Has Saved My Knees! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I own this and have christened it "the turtle". I have lots of garden space along walkways and paved paths in my yard and this is perfect for just sitting and working in these narrow beds. Before I had this, the only way to work was to kneel on some kind of a kneeling pad. To move to the next spot I would have to either stand up to reposition the pad or scoot it over and crawl to it.
The Lawn Buddy has helped me. Not only is the sitting position more comfortable than constantly kneeling, but when I’m done in one spot I just scoot along on the turtle and the wheels move smoothly and easily to the next. It saves me a lot of time not having to hunt my gardening hand tools or getting them out of the shed-I just keep them inside the Lawn Buddy and they are always within easy access. The cup holder is handy too-it holds a nice sized bottle of water. I get my gardening done quickly and easily and it’s also a great spot once I’m out in the pathways to just sit and enjoy the day.
It’s very sturdy. I weigh over 200 lb and it supports my weight easily. The wheels are well constructed and roll with no problems. I also found out that the lid will keep your tools dry – I had left the turtle out one day when I ran to answer the phone and I forgot all about it. It rained heavily all the next day and when I went out the day after, there was still water everywhere, but my tools stayed nice and dry.
If it gets muddy or dirty it is easily cleaned inside and out-just use your spray nozzle on your garden hose and it cleans up nicely. Dries quick and you’re off gardening again.
I would recommend this to anyone who had knee or back problems. It is quite comfortable, durable, and easy to use. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.

wheels don’t last ~ reviewed by Pattyann

I have 2 of these little buddies. I must say that they are wonderful for weeding jobs. I used them in some heavy duty in-the-field conditions, pulling them through a lot of dirt. However, both of mine ended up with broken axles / wheels! Since all parts are plastic, they cannot be repaired. Nothing wrong with the rest, just wheels broken off! I also found the inside tray to be of no use to me. The handle however is useful for pulling it from place to place. If you try this product, I would recommend keeping it away from the rain as much as possible, and to also not expect it to be as long lasting if it is going to be pulled through dirt and not just on grass or pavement. This time around, I am going to try the Garden Hopper and see if I get more wear out of the wheels.

A gardener’s dream! ~ reviewed by Diane M. Skipski

Love my lawn buddy soooo much. I purchased my first on in 2000. It would have lasted much longer, if only the hinges on the top were of a better quality. I purchased my 2nd lawn buddy, and after nine months, the hinges again, gaveway. I refused to by another, because I could not locate the Ames Lawn Buddy company, to suggest a different way to hinge the seat to the buddy. My freind, Amy, knowing how much I loved my lawn buddy, bought me another one for my 50th birthday. Again, a year later, the hinges again have given way. I am not a heavy woman, 142 lbs on my worst Monday AM weigh in, and use it for weeding my fenceline. It is so convenient, yet after a while the hinges give up. Can someone get me in touch with Ames, so I can express my experiences with them????

Quit kneeling! ~ reviewed by Ellen

We bought this item so that we could work on the lighting system in our garden without back pain. It solved the problem. Although its carrying capacity is very small, the theory and design are very good. It also is a sturdy garden seat that is bug free (most of the time!) I keep it in the garage, but I can see no problem with leaving it outside or in a garden shed.

Ames True Temper Lawn Buddy ~ reviewed by Eileen G. Schwarze

When I am working in my garden my buddy goes everywhere with me.I love it. I can keep all my garden tools with me at all time. Rake and hose hooks right on the side. When weeding my back no longer hurts I sit on it is so easy to move while sitting on it. There is plenty of room for carring your plants inside. I store all my tools inside it when not in use. My only regret is I wish I had it years ago.

Almost a 5 ~ reviewed by catlady4ever

Most of the great qualities have already been listed by the other reviewers, e.g., being able to sit rather than kneel, able to move back or forth without getting up, keeps contents pretty dry, etc. Plus, my personal favorite is that it can tote a heavy load around the yard with remarkable stability; with the top open, you can stack heavy bags of soil, mulch, fertilizers, and other lawn care products or tools and pull it around like a wagon as the top is designed with a cut-out for your hand!

However, that leads to my first compaint — when the top is closed, there should be some similar type of device/handle to pull the cart around. My only other major complaint is that due to limited storage space, I would prefer to stand it on end in the shed. The top usually falls open and the tools get scrambled when I do so, however. Maybe some type of clip or lever can be added to enable storing it on end.

This has been a great help in the yard – I have a bad back but now I am able to move things around outside myself without waiting for help. I use it for so many things – even to carry garbage cans and bags to the curb on garbage day!

I own 8 of them..all now broken. ~ reviewed by Tigersplane

I own 8 of them! I think it is a fabulous cart until the little stubs break that insert into the lid from the body. Every single cart has broken both of these stubs…then you keep sinking into the cart with the lid. If I could see an improvement by using something other than plastic in that area I think it would be better. I have decided to try some other type of cart. Forty dollars a pop is getting too costly to keep it replaced.

I have never had one of the wheels or axles break. Storage is pretty good and I for one use the insert tray for plant tags, markers, identifier ribbons, etc., and plant ties and really small tools for working inside flower pots. I think the little clip things on the sides to hold tools is too flimsy if it gets caught on anything. I have had at least 6 of my carts to have those break as well. Even with all my problems…I still really like it’s design…I just feel in needs to be sturdier.

Ames Lawn Buddy ~ reviewed by 42club

I needed a lightweight, compact, wheeled “container” for doing sprinkler system repairs for my homeowner’s association. This was a big job (45 properties — over 1,000 sprinkler heads). When I happened upon this Lawn Buddy cart, I decided to give it a try since the price was reasonable. Well, there are a few points I think could stand just a bit of improvement (for example, the wheels are cheap, “one sided” things — not really tough like Ames’ original Lawn Buddy carts); however, having said that, I will still rate this cart “well worth the money” because of Amazon.Com’s selling price. If you need a cart like this, I think you will find this one an excellent choice. I use mine a lot, and it does the job well for me.

back and knee saver ~ reviewed by Bev S.

I have had my lawn buddy for 2 gardening seasons and find it indispensable. I have back problems and had knee surgery and no longer can kneel even on foam pads. The lawn buddy has been a lifesaver for me. It is lightweight, sturdy (I’m over 200 lbs), wheels roll easily even on the lawn and it carries all my tools. I can either straddle it or sit sideways and it is low enough for me to reach into the garden to pull weeds, plant etc. I purchased 3 other non mobile garden stools before I found the lawn buddy and havn’t used the others since. When I purchase larger potted plants I can put 2 or 3 of them in the storage compartment and it also holds 2 flats of flowers which makes transporting from my car to the garden so much easier. Moving a bag(s) of garden soil is now possible. I used to load these items into a wheelbarrow which inevetibly would get off balance and tip over.Buy it at Amazon

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