Camco 51082 Camp Axe Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars based on 23 customer reviews

Product Description

A durable camp axe is a must-have tool for every campsite. Use it while camping, hiking, backpacking or in the yard. Camco’s Camp Axe is a durable, heavy-duty axe with a drop-forged steel head. It has a steel shaft and non-slip ergonomically designed handle for superior grip. Use the blade to split firewood or help clear areas for camping. Use the blunt side to help drive tent stakes. The included plastic sheath makes it safe to transport when not in use.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Value ~ reviewed by Bryan (Pennsylvania)

First of all, as far as I can surmise, the difference between a really good axe, and a really crap axe, is only comprised of a few details. The shape of the head, The type of handle, and the sharpness of the edge. So let’s take a look, since mine came in the mail today and I am in the process of sharpening it.

The shape of the head is good. It is what i would call a classic shape and i think it is ideal for things like splitting kindling, cutting roots and branches, hammering tent stakes, or using it as a wedge and pounding it with a bigger axe. One caveat, the head is smaller than i was expecting, however, the weight is what i was expecting, and i am pleased with its size. If it were bigger it would simply be more unwieldy, and this is for small jobs, the weight is more helpful than a long blade would be.

Secondly, the type of handle. Nice rubber grip, nice polished stainless handle, this thing will spoil you, and last forever. Although i am 100% positive the head of the axe will rust over time. That is to be expected, eh? Keep it out of the rain. It does come with a plastic sheath for the head.

Third, the cutting edge. Looks like someone spent maybe… 30 seconds sharpening this. Now, this is actually a very key aspect of a good axe. You’re going to want to sharpen this thing and it is going to take a while because not only does it need to be re-profiled, it needs to have a large amount of metal taken of in order to have a nicely tapered sharp edge. I’m using a belt sander, and i have sharpened axes before. I think this is probably the fastest and easiest method (unless you feel your axe should have a flawless, hair shaving edge, personally i think that is ridiculous). Be careful not to overheat the metal, as this will affect its temper and not in a good way. If i had a watercooled grinding stone this wouldn’t be an issue, but what i do is when it starts burning my fingers (which i apply a good amount of pressure with until i am close to done) i put it in the freezer for a while until i can continue. Once the edge is nice and sharp, it will stay that way, and last a lifetime. My dad wanted to keep his hatchet, so as a young man and husband, this is my duty, to hone my own hatchet, and frankly i am shocked that this hatchet only cost me $9. Awesome.

Exactly what i needed ~ reviewed by PhyllisJ

I am 67 years old and I needed a small axe to chop up roots, stumps, etc…….this is absolutely perfect for the job….fits my hand great, is not too heavy, I can just sling away and I am not half dead by the time I finish the job. Thanks Amazon for a great little axe.

It’s ok ~ reviewed by Jorge

Definitely the best thing of this axe is the price, you can’t bit it. Other than that, it does the job. You need to sharp it and you need to think that is a small axe that is not going to cut a big tree, but it will help with some branches and soft wood.

Nice camp axe ~ reviewed by VacuousGloaming

Perfect size and weight for what I needed; perfect price too. The only thing I’d change would be a sharper edge to the blade to start off with.

Camco 51082 Camp Axe ~ reviewed by Christopher martinez

Just received the axe in the mail. good size and weight. Purchased for when I go camping and my bug out bag. Blade will need to be sharpened when you get it. Too bad it does not come with a leather cover compared to the plastic one. Other them that seems like a good axe and will come in handy if needed.

we love our purchase ~ reviewed by Cathie G. Philpott

Grandson saved up for it and I expected a cheesy cheap toy however we were pleasantly surprised at the quality he has chopped down a couple of small trees used it for camping and scouts still sharp and looks like it will continue to make him happy for quite some time a great deal

It’s great for the price ~ reviewed by kc

It’s great for the price, but needs quite a bit of sharpening. But once it’s sharp, it serves it’s purpose.

Two Stars ~ reviewed by Erwin Barcega

Has a good weight and balance, but not sharp when I got it, I have to get it sharpened.

fine axe for a good price ~ reviewed by Shane Murray

I think this axe was priced just right for me. The quality is very good. Feels very sturdy, and I like the handle.

I would not recommend. ~ reviewed by zack

Do not buy this product. Axe arrived in time but has clearly been used. This was not stated upon purchasing. Axe was not even sharp enough to cut through small pieces of wood. I would not recommend.Buy it at Amazon

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