Camco 42171 Telescopic Collapsible Rake Reviews

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Product Description

Camco’s Collapsible Rake helps keep your campsite neat with this full-size compactable rake. The rake opens to 60″ long with a 22″Wide rake end. It folds down to 30″ by 8.5″ to easily fit in a storage compartment.

Customer Reviews

Collapsible Rake ~ reviewed by EarthArt Creations

This telescopic, collapsible rake broke the very first time we used it for light raking. The site of the break was at the joint where the handle telescopes out, which is flimsy and weak in construction and material. We bought this item to replace a sturdy rake made in a similar design, which lasted 30 years and was still in good working order, but we left it behind on a trip.

camp rake ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Just what I wanted. Metal not plastic tines. Stores small Rakes Big. Perfect for the motorhome or camper. Made quick work of clearing debris around the campfire and from tent site. Very pleased!

Rake for your Doghair! ~ reviewed by Leapin3

I bought the rake because it folds up to very compact size for storage. I use this one down at farm to rake my carpet in trailer house for dog hair. It really pulls up that stuff buried down in carpet a vacuum cleaner just can’t get to.

Also have one at home for same work. My chocalate lab doesn’t shed much but our golden retreiver is a whole different story!!

Jan 2015–
I have been forwarded questions on rake size since purchasing it so adding the additional information.

The Camco Adjustable RV Rake extends to 60″ long and opens to 22″ wide.

While I primarily use it for dog hair it is a fully functioning light duty rake that can be used in your RV, home, yard, etc.

Hope this helps folks decide.

awesome ~ reviewed by M W

this is great I wanted one for camping my ocd is to rack the camp site so this is compact but very sturdy to use

perfect for camping ~ reviewed by LeeA

I love this thing, it collapses small enough to tuck away yet opens up to make campsite cleanup easy. My friends wanted to know where I got it, and where surprised by the price.

Great Rake for Small Spaces ~ reviewed by Miss C

A neighbor had a similiar rake and I loved using it around my patio. She couldn’t remember where she had bought it. I thought my dad would like something small like this rake for around his backdoor area. I looked on Amazon on a whim for the rake as a Christmas present but didn’t think I would actually find it so far out of season. Boom! There it was and I had it shipped straight to my parent’s house. First time I’ve bought something like this on Amazon but it won’t be the last.

We had no problem telescoping the rake into an open position. Would I use it to rake a huge yard? Probably not but it is the best thing I’ve found for for foraging around and getting leaves from behind planters etc. And it is so handy to be able to be able to reduce the size to store. Great purchase.

Very satisfactory ~ reviewed by canondan

Used on recent camping in CO high country. Product is light weight and folds down to compact size for easy transport to dispersed camping area. Did quite well in helping to clear area around our popup camper of leftover small branches/twigs left from previous campers’ firewood cutting. Would this product hold up well for heavy duty yard work? Probably not, but it worked quite well for the use we planned for it. Would I buy another? Unless durability disappoints down the line I would have no reservations about buying another.

Cheap and chintzy construction ~ reviewed by C. L. Henson

I bought this rake because it can be very portable, and it is inexpensive but it’s so cheaply built it began falling apart after not much use. It did last long enough for me to realize that I really like the concept, so I just bought a more expensive one afterwards. If you’re only going to use it once in awhile, it would probably be just fine, but if you’re going to use it once a week or more it won’t last long and the connections in the moving part are too cheaply made.

versatile little rake ~ reviewed by Bama fan

I looked everywhere for a rake like this one when my favorite one finally fell apart. I was thrilled to find this one on Amazon. It is perfect for cleaning out your flower beds after winter without disturbing the tender new growth. Then you can open it up to get the leaves outside the flower bed. Plus it stores so easily when folded. Love it!! Recommed for any gardener!!

I would not recommend this product ~ reviewed by Raremind

Not strong at all and broke on the very first use. The metal handles are thin, I expect this is because they want to keep the weight down, and it buckled the first time we used the rake. Also the plastic connector that is used to lock the handle open split and cracked in the first week. I would not recommend this product.Buy it at Amazon

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