Bully Tools 92350 Weed Bully Weed Extractor with Steel T-Style Handle Reviews

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Product Description

The Bully Tools 92350 Weed Bully Weed Extractor features a steel T-style handle with comfort grips and (6) 3-inch tines to pull weeds quickly. This tool is easy to use, simply push, lift and release to remove weeds. The handle is made of high-quality steel and measures 33-inches long. The total length of this tool is 36-inches. The Weed Bully is a must for lawn care, gardening and landscaping. The Bully Tools 92350 Weed Bully Weed Extractor comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defects in material and workmanship. Founded in 1994, Bully Tools has been proudly producing 100-percent American made products assembled by American workers. Bully Tools manufactures gardening and farm tools, shingle removers, floor scrapers, forestry and other specialty tools. With an unprecedented history of quality, Bully Tools is committed to applying the same reliability to our business practices. Bully Tools continues to grow and adapt to meet the ever changing needs of the economy and their consumers. Visit www.amazon.com/bullytools for more information on Bully Tools and our extensive line of products.

Customer Reviews

Best Weeder You Can Buy ~ reviewed by T. Molander

Buy this weeder! First, the description on Amazon is not complete. The tool has 6 spiked tines at the end of it, not four. It really grips all of the weed and tap root. I live in Central Texas and due to lots of rain our weeds this year have been plentiful and big. Pulling them was miserable work – large tap roots to dig out. I have tried other weeders over the years but this made weeding fun. The first time I tried it I thought I would just try weeding for about 15 minutes. Well 45 minutes later the yard was cleared of all the big, tough weeds. Now it is a month later and I am having no recurrence of the weeds. Pulling out the tap root made a big difference in my lawn. I have virtually no weeds now, and that includes the dreaded crabgrass.

Here is a description of how it works, and I was able to do it with one hand.

1. Jam the tool into the ground around the center of the weed.
2. Twist the handlebar doing a full rotation once, or even twice for a large root-spreading weed.
3. Pull the weeder out of the ground. The weed and tap root will be gripped in the tines at the end of the tool.
4. Push down on the plunger that is in the middle, on the top of the handlbar. This will open the tines and release the weed and tap root.
5. Here’s a tip – carry a bucket with you to drop the weeds into.

So basic operation is jam, twist, pull up, and plunger down. This tool even pulls out crabgrass roots and twisting the handlebars will pull in the spreading roots.

This tool is also tall enough that you won’t have to bend over to use it. It is very sturdy construction. I let two neighbors use it, and they both ended up buying one of their own.

One caveat: if all you have are very small weeds this might make too big a hole for you. However, if you have tap roots to get out this is the tool for you.

Junk. ~ reviewed by Amber Dawn

Was excited to try this but after 3 weeds during its very first use, the piece of junk broke. One of the two little side bars that is attached at the very bottom that goes up through the top piece broke right off at the solder point. Used it as directed and everything.

Works great! ~ reviewed by D. King

I had high hopes for this tool. Put simply, it delivers. Easy to use, very effective. Removes dandelions, etc. from lawn or pasture with simple plunge, twist, and push motions. Best to wear gloves while using it. I did get my finger caught between the plunger and handle and ended up with a blood blister. Great item.

You have to buy this! ~ reviewed by Sadebugo

I bought this item hoping it would deliver what it promised. It cut a two hour job in half and made the lawn look great. I didn’t even have to bend over!

This thing really works well! ~ reviewed by Jeffrey N. Smith

I love my weed puller, it really works well! You should see my yard now.
those crab grasses have no chance against the weeder bully!!!

Weed Wimp ~ reviewed by Joshua Kenney

I had high hopes for the Weed Bully! The product is made in the USA, looks great, seemingly well built, and strong – but when it comes to pulling weeds the Weed Bully is more like a Weed Wimp… Weeds of various sizes and species slide right through it when used as directed. Tally of weeds successfully pulled with the Weed Bully = 0.

Great Tool to Use ~ reviewed by Cynthea L. Snyder

This tool works great, as I had so many extra weeds in the yard, weed killer wasn’t doing the job so I decided to try this tool and I was so happy with the results, its easy to use and glad my weeds are gone.

Great tool! ~ reviewed by Calamity538

Pulls out weeds in no time. I love it. No chemicals has to be better! This is easy to use and doesn’t need a weight-lifter wo operate it! Love it!

Makes pulling weeds easy! ~ reviewed by Kay Pickering

Had many dandelions in my yard – pulling on hands and knees was tough. This is so much easier and quicker!

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Floyd Lisenby

Great for individual weed removal!!!Buy it at Amazon

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