Brook & Hunter 11050DY Premium 40-Inch Edger with Handcrafted Red Oak Handle and Stainless Steel Alloy Polished Blade Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Product Description

Brook & Hunter build unmatched, world class garden tools. They have a unique appearance and capable of standing up to rigorous use. They require very little maintenance, yet are able to last substantially longer than other tools in the market. But most importantly, Brook & Hunter garden tools are treasured by the gardeners who use them. For the handle, they are made of extremely dense wood, a wood that is readily available and recognized by craftsmen as strong and durable. They have material strong enough to be used in flooring and as structural supports in construction. They have also found a way to shape into a D-handle and implement a method of finishing subtle enough to preserve the feel and beauty of the wood. They use great care and patience, always ensuring the natural shape, beauty and strength of the materials. This is an excellent tool for edging. Use it to define the edge of garden beds, your lawn and along your pathways. It helps to control the intrusion of grass and weeds. It features a “handcrafted red oak wooden handle” of the highest quality along with a multi layer polished blade made from the highest quality Stainless Steel. This product has a lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

Stainless steel blade snapped off ~ reviewed by Christina Lacie

I’ve had this tool for less than a year and I LOVED it until just last weekend the blade snapped off leaving me with a hunk of steel and a nice wooden handle that is useful for not much of anything. Disappointed as they are expensive–I have written the company about the lifetime warranty and we will see if they will replace it. I will update this review once I have the issue resolved.

UPDATE: The company is extremely difficult to work with. They ask that you send in a bunch of paper work and photos, which I did. Validating that they did receive the information, they said I didn’t have all the information. AND after several weeks of haggling and frustration, they refuse to replace the edger. Worst company I have ever dealt with. Needless to say, I do not have a replacement edger from this company. I had to buy one from another manufacturer. Completely fraudulent warranty.

Visually a beatiful tool, but… ~ reviewed by GreenGetterGuy

Country of origin: China
Price Paid: $44.92

After reading all four glowing five star review, I was really excited to use this tool.

Material is of very good quality.
The product was very comfortable to use even for a 6’3″ height.
The company rep was very polite and friendly. She called back within five minute of me leaving a voice message.

The blade arrived dull or not sharpened.
This blade was aproximately 1/16″ thick…I doubt this will trim anything.
According to the rep, due to safety concerns(?!?) this is norm …If that’s the case how do people sell “knives??”

There were some wood glue and wood filler slop on the handle.

Also, there was minute play between the wood handle and metal part, thus giving it a tinniest wiggle when you’re handling the tool.

I checked the company web site and the lifetime warrenty had few “conditions.”

After the visual and tactile inspection, I gave it a real world test, actually trimming the lawn edge.
I didn’t buy the tool to look cool.
I don’t go around pretending to be a macho man, but I’m no wimp either. I stepped on and jumped on the step to no avail. As I suspected, the tool won’t cut through the sod with the dull edge.
Not able to cut off means no trimming. The tool would simply pushed the grass into the ground to form a nice neat line, but would not cut off at the line or in another word “trim”…
The rep said I can sharpen it myself to my liking. Really?…True, I can do that… However, I rather have the product work right off the bat without me messing with it. Otherwise, I need to be on YOUR PAYROLL if you’re going to put me to work on YOUR PRODUCT :P

If the blade came sharpened and made here in US, I would gladly pay $60, maybe even $100(?…)
Product returned, unsharpened.

Maybe I was unlucky and got a lemon? However, The rep tell me the dull blade IS the norm. If that’s true, then I don’t understand how other people are trimming like “hot knife going through a butter”. I’m a grown man and I say there’er NO WAY anyone can trim anything with “the copy I got”….please PLEASE don’t tell me I’m “holding” it wrong… ;-)


The B&H Premium Edger is superior quality product.

The hardwood handle feels extremely solid, and the stainless blade cuts cleanly and almost effortlessly. The lifetime warranty is an added positive (not many products today provide a lifetime warranty).

The only negative comment which I have is that the handle is shorter than I would like (and I am short at 5’7″).

I would definitely purchase this item again, and would highly recommend to family, friends, and Amazon customers.

Tall guys beware ~ reviewed by Bryan

Looks nice but not tough. Stepping on the edger after a days work it did not hold up. Bent a little. Also way too small for a tall guy. If your a 4ft tall this would be the tool for you. I’m 6’2″ and my back was screaming from bending at the waist all day using this.
Not happy

My favorite garden tool! ~ reviewed by T. Jones

This is the best garden edger that is out there hands down! It is made of super quality material and heavy duty. In other words, it gets the job done. I am not very strong and this garden tool has cut my time in half. I could hardly believe how easy it cut through grass with hardly any pressure. I just put my foot on the special edge made for your foot to rest on and pushed down with a small bit of pressure and down it went into the ground with ease. You will find a ton of uses for this edger. I am in love with this tool! Do not waste your money on the cheaper ones. You will get what you pay for. This Brook & Hunter edger is well worth the money. I am so glad I bought it.

Finally, An Edger That Works! ~ reviewed by Brad

I have a tough fescue lawn that is very hard to cut (edge) through. I previously bought a narrow rectangular shovel and a rounded edger and sharpened an edge on each of them in order to cut through the lawn. Neither one would cut through even if I jumped on the blade. Based on the design and reviews, I bought this Brook and Hunter edger. It comes pre sharpened and I found that it would cut my fescue lawn pretty good by stepping on the blade and even better if jumping on the blade. This is definitely the one to get if you have a tough lawn to edge.

Brook & Hunter Edger ~ reviewed by Ruth M. Thom

excellent, high quality product! a little more expensive than what you will find in the Home Depots and Lowes stores, but well worth it due to the high quality of the item!

I can’t believe I am so excited about an edging tool ~ reviewed by SuperJ

This tool is awesome. The handle is made from a solid hard wood and it has a nice weight to it. I’m sure the business end of the edger doesn’t need to be mirror polished stainless steel but it makes for one cool looking edger. It reminds me of the shiny ax in Breaking Bad. Which is probably not good. Anyways, it makes for some really sharp bed borders. It has a sturdy build and has not bent, even when edging trees where there are lots of roots. I wanted my beds to look “commercial” quality and this definitely helped do that. I traditionally used a flat spade and this tool provides a much more consistently flat edge with a consistent depth. Worth every penny!

Great tool! ~ reviewed by Grace

Using this tool for edging is so much easier than using a shovel! It goes down to the right depth and is not curved horizontally. It is not razor sharp but is sharp enough to do the job. I like using a D handle as opposed to a long straight handle as is found on other brands. It is strong enough to pry the sod up, but I wouldn’t use it to pry a rock. The wood handle and stainless steel blade make for an attractive tool and should last a long time.

Great to use ~ reviewed by Simon Allan

From ordering to delivery to front door took less than 7 days, that in itself was impressive. The half moon spade itself was a pleasure to use, we found it to be well weighted, sturdy, strong enough to penetrate harder grass areas. It will definatly be used again when it’s time to smarten up my garden bed adges. I can confidently recommend this spade to others who need to create good looking garden edges.
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