Brinly PCT-10BH 10 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Poly Utility Cart, 650-Pound Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 19 customer reviews

Product Description

When you need to haul mulch, plants, firewood, soil and any other heavy loads through the yard, a tow-behind cart can handle the load with ease. Let your lawn tractor and a cart help save time and your back completing your lawn projects. The Brinly 10 cu. Ft. poly cart can help haul medium to large size loads and the steep dump angles with hands-free foot pedal make emptying loads a snap.

Customer Reviews

Good value for the price ~ reviewed by Harry

I purchase this cart to pull behind my vintage 1962 International Harvestor Cub Cadet garden tractor. The previous cart was four wheels and impossible to backup but it lasted for more than 10 years. This cart has everything we needed, loads of room, sturdy material, easy dump system, great wide tires and now adds weight to the rear end of the tractor for better traction. The assembly was very straight forward with good english instructions. The only issue I had with the instructions is there were some extra, plastic axle washers included with no explanation. The dump could have had some different geometry as the tilt is only about 60 degrees but we love it.

The cart’s good but the packaging… ~ reviewed by James W Ewing

Okay, I’ll come clean and say I almost bought this cart at the local orange big box for five bucks less but it would have taken ten bucks in gas and an hour to drive my truck up there. So I got it from Amazon. Big mistake. The “packaging” of the cart is designed for freight shipment in bulk and not for UPS home delivery. The “package” is the bed of the cart with all the parts loose inside with a cardboard cover strapped to the bed. After UPS got done with it I got a scratched up bed, a torn cover and no axle. What a pain.

Brinly came right through with a new axle in 5 days. The cart went together easily in about 1/2 hour (although it helps to have a metric deep socket as the SAE equivalents in the instructions are only an approximation of the real fastener sizes). And it seems robust and adequate for moderate household chores. The dump action worked smoothly (once I whacked it a couple of times with a rubber mallet) and the wide turf tires are perfect for not damaging the lawn while carrying a full load.

One note is that “10 Cubic Feet” is wishful thinking. The cart bed measures out at 8.25 cu. ft. (+/-) so I’m assuming that 10 is arrived at with a heaping load. This seems a common thing with these smallish carts.

Otherwise a good looking cart. I only gave it two stars because of the lousy packaging and wasted time waiting for a new axle.

Good cart for the price ~ reviewed by Brad Meyer

I picked this cart because of the wider tires and the plastic body. The cart is everything that I expected from it and I am satisfied with my decision, My yard has a lot of changes in terrain and the wider wheel base and the wider tires help prevent tip overs.

Once assembled and I used it a few times the nuts and lock washers rattled loose on the front support, I replaced all of the nuts and lock washers with lock-nuts. Also the spring design on the tip latch could use some further thought however at the end of the day, it does everything I expected it to do!

good when all the parts are included. ~ reviewed by Ronald Sauerbier

Ordered this cart to help me with the yard work on my acre of land. It looks perfect for what I need to do. The Cart came via Fedex in a very quick, and timely manner. I give it 5 stars for the speed in which it came. upon arrival from Fedex, the box was all shredded up. I went through everything, and found NO directions on how to assemble the thing. I ended up going on the internet to learn how to assemble it.Most all the parts were there except the most important one. (the axle) so here I sit with a almost completed cart with no way to put the wheels on. I am waiting for a reply from the company, to find out when they can send me out an axle. I would still recommend this item, because when you have all the parts. it is very sturdy, and lightweight. I would rate it at 4 stars.

Great value and gets the job done. ~ reviewed by M. Slate

After looking for a decent utility cart to haul things from around my yard with my ATV I settled on this and I couldn’t be happier.I purchased this from Home Depot for $179. John Deere makes a similar one for $250. The cart gets the job done and is easy to install. I agree with what others that said the packing is very poor, the bottom is not protected at all and mine was all scratched up but it’s meant for heavy duty hauling so I’m ok with it but it is a bit dissatisfying to receive a new item that’s scratched up.

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ~ reviewed by Jonathan Hudson

When it was delivered the box was ruined. The UPS drive made note of it for me. Put it all together and it was missing the axel. Called Brinly the next day and with no questions asked, they shipped me a new axel. Arrived 4 days later and it works great.

Three Stars ~ reviewed by new world

doesn’t tilt back 45 degrees to empty load, you have to pull it out

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Jane

The best for a gardener. Easy to handle by hand or mower.

Great purchase ~ reviewed by John W. Stevens

I use it all the time. Great purchase.

Cart ~ reviewed by Toddey

Packaging Was Poor, Easy To Assembly.Buy it at Amazon

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