Bonsai Potting Kit, 6.25″ Bonsai Pot Included Reviews

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Product Description

Make it very simple, buy all the items together. Includes all you see here. Soil Pot, drain screens, and top cover rock. No need to look all over for the right items to repot your Bonsai, or House plants.

Customer Reviews

awesome for something this cheap ~ reviewed by Anon

Since I’m a student and don’t own a car, I couldn’t go to a nursery to find a proper pot and soil and all the stuff for my bonsai from IKEA. I ordered this, and my bonsai is doing great! It has everything you need (except for wire) to repot bonsai. I looked online for over 5 hours, and this was the best deal.

Jsut what I needed ~ reviewed by Pwbum1

Saw the bonchi on the internet and figured I would give it a try. Went to three local nurseries and none had teh bonsai soil or poots. This kit includes everything and I put a two year old Habanero in it, the plant has about a 1″ dimaeter. Roots fit,perfect amount of soil and rocks. The clay pot is nice, expected far less quality for th price I paid. I will gvie an update if the plant lives or dies.

Plastic.. Soil more like saw dust. ~ reviewed by leonardo

Item not listed as plastic, but that is not so bad because it looks good enough. My only advice is DO NOT use the soil that comes with the kit! It is more like saw dust then soil. it repels water like nothing I’ve ever seen before . Then the water that runs off it is yellow!

best deal bonsai potting ~ reviewed by Amy

I ended up getting a lower height, dark blue glaze pot; soil; 2 screen squares; 2 lengths of bendy wire (for training the branches?); and a little clay figurine. So they subbed the top rocks and the pot type, but I would say it was an even trade. Shipping was timely, price was excellent (when you include shipping, its pretty equivalent to the competition, but you get a few items). Very happy with my purchase, and I would say my juniper bonsai is too!

Great for repotting ~ reviewed by Maalaoui

The shipping was fast, and the product description was accurate. First i was scared that there was not enough soil, but it seems that they put exactly the right quantity, no way of sparing some :p I highly recommend this product for beginners who want to repot a mame bonsai.

Very cute ~ reviewed by Rozissima

Everything was perfect….excellent quality. It is a very good beginning, makes your job much easy because everything was in the right amount for my little plant.

Bonsai ~ reviewed by Kindle Customer

It was fairly simple to plant. I haven’t been able to put it outside yet and will have to bring it in in the summer because it gets too hot where I live.

Not worth it ~ reviewed by Shadowcat

The soil is bad..and my two bonsai trees died. Won’t recommend it unless you are just in for the pot.

I was going to say manure but I didn’t want to make it sound like you were getting something useful ~ reviewed by jkm

Both my girlfriend and sister have “green thumbs”, I ordered one for each of them but they didn’t stand a chance against this pile of ****. I was going to say manure but I didn’t want to make it sound like you were getting something useful.
Stay away from this!

WASTE OF MONEY ~ reviewed by bj

Very disappointed!! Cheap plastic bowl I could have found in the Dollar Store, small bag of dirt & bag of 20 little pebbles I could have found outside in the yard. Total waste of money!! I’d send it back but it’s not worth paying the postage.Buy it at Amazon

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