BONIDE PRODUCTS 939 Systemic Insect Control, 32-Ounce (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

Soft contoured grip for comfort. Lightweight aluminum construction. Length: 2.25. Width: 12.25. Height: 5.5

From the Manufacturer

The Corona Comfort Transplanter is the result of lessons learned from many seasons of field experience. Its lightweight, one piece, aluminum alloy structure won’t bend, break, or rust. And its larger-diameter, contoured and cushioned grips are comfortable to handle. It has a narrow profile blade that’s ideal for flower pots, and it’s marked and graduated for depth. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can be confident you’re getting a rugged, dependable, easy-to-use tool.

Customer Reviews

Easy on the Wrist ~ reviewed by D. Wheatley

I am on my third Corona trowel, and each time I need a new one, I seek out the exact same one. I am an avid gardener who transplants hundreds of plants each year. I can work with this transplanter for hours at a time without wrist strain or wear and tear on my hands. It’s something about the curve of the handle that makes all the difference. With each of the previous two I owned, eventually the metal handle wore itself all the way through the rubber and at that point, it began to rub blisters on my palm. But this process takes years to happen, even for me. I rather think it would take much much longer for the average gardener. It’s an excellent tool.

Ergonomic, Strong, and Light ~ reviewed by Buyer of Stuff

This trowel fits all sizes of hands nicely. Rigidly built, cuts into the soil nicely. I would buy it again.

Nice one piece aluminum trowel that stinks!! Literally ~ reviewed by Hunter

Nicely made one piece aluminum trowel with a handle that stinks, literally. Wasn’t planning on buying a trowel for our organic garden that is known by the state of California to cause cancer. Upon opening, the warning label is there front and center. However nowhere is it disclosed in the listing. One whiff of the handle confirms it’s toxicity. It is a nicely made trowel and the handle grip is nicely shaped however in this day and age I don’t understand why companies keep producing these toxic products when better alternative materials are available. I guess it is because people by them? Not me!

Anyway, In my quest to find a suitable alternative at my local gardening store I found the same trowel for almost $2 less. So if you are looking for a smelly cancer causing trowel you might want to check locally before you buy.

Very Useful Garden Tool ~ reviewed by Thom Mitchell

Great garden tool – I really like this transplanter. This is the 2nd Corona Transplanter I’ve purchased. I used my previous one for 10 years before it finally broke after hitting one too many rocks in my New England soil. The handle is very comfortable and the narrow blade makes transplanting bulbs or plants significantly easier than wider blade shovels. I also find it works well when potting plants. It really is a durable tool and is able to handle significant amounts of use, and some tool abuse. I tried using several other hand shovels but the blades were too wide or they felt flimsy. Really glad they still make this.

Corona Transplanter/Trowel ~ reviewed by Tall Trees

Just like the Corona Cultivator, I LOVE this tool! It is well made and doesn’t bend or break. Upon ordering one for my husband recently, I did learn that the company was purchased by a company in Spain and now has factories in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, China and India. This transplanter/trowel looks and feels the same as the original one that was made in the United States. Hopefully, even though there is a possibility it was not made in the USA, it will hold up as well.

It’s great because the handle is comfortable and it is EXTREMELY … ~ reviewed by Irene McLaughlin

I’ve had one of these for several years. It’s great because the handle is comfortable and it is EXTREMELY sturdy – I have really put the pressure on trying to uproot things – nary a bend. Recently I bought one for my sister who is an avid gardener. A plus is the red handle ……. makes it easier to locate when left behind!

Strong and durable. We blew through a few cheap … ~ reviewed by Scott

Strong and durable. We blew through a few cheap Home Depot made in China models that bend at the base after a lot of use before we purchased this. Probably will use these forever, or at least until we loose it in the backyard…and when we do, we will buy another one from Corona.

I love it. ~ reviewed by Patti Wall

Feels good in the hand. Fits well and is very comfortable to use. The sharp narrow blade cuts easily even in fairly hard soil. I like everything about it.

works great ~ reviewed by bethD

Dug holes for plants. It didnt bend or break. It is sturdy and fits well in the hand. It looks like it will last a long time. A good purchase.

Just what you need for spring ~ reviewed by LA Mom

Nice handle design that is easy to grip.
Just what I needed for spring planting.
Holding up well to use in hard soil.Buy it at Amazon

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