Bond LH022 Fiberglass Garden Wiggle Weeder Reviews

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Product Description

This Bond wiggle weeder will help cut roots below the surface. It is made of tempered, heat treated steel for greater strength and longer life. The handle is made of fiberglass. It has a sharpened edge which helps penetrate tough ground with reduced effort. It is designed for efficient moving and lifting. It has a comfortable soft non-slip grip.

Customer Reviews

Garden Wiggle Weeder ~ reviewed by Lorily

This hoe is the best garden tool I ever used. I can weed my garden in 10 minutes flat. It is a little pricy but it was hard to find. I really have enjoyed using it. It cuts a weed down like it is nothing. Also I am very pleased with Amazons service. They shipped it right out to me.

when utilizing it in the push action it folded the stirrup portion right next tot he bracket connection and is almost useless no ~ reviewed by Martin P.

I purchased this “hoe” as I had utilized one in the past and the concept works very well. However, this Bond LH022 Weeded gave it up before finishing the first pass through my garden! If utilizing it in the pull action it performed okay…but, when utilizing it in the push action it folded the stirrup portion right next tot he bracket connection and is almost useless now. I believe it is a design issue as the stirrup is not strong enough to take care of weeds by the pull/push action…
I would not recommend this item to anyone…I still believe in the concept, just not this brand/model.

Makes weeding a breeze! ~ reviewed by ensrn12

I borrowed one of these from my neighbor who raved about it. I was skeptical, but she was right! This tool requires minimal effort but produces great results. It is not very effective on tall, deeply rooted weeds, but works very well for smaller weeds, especially ones that “creep”. I have only had mine for one season but so far it seems very sturdy. I purchased one for my mom and she loves it too. This has really cut down on the time and effort I have to spend on weeding. Highly recommend!

Wish I had bought this years ago! ~ reviewed by Raemur2000

I am a Senior Citizen who loves to garden, but the weeding has literally been a pain these past few years. Between the kneeling and/or bending to get the weeds out, the joy of gardening had been replaced with the aches and pains of trying to keep it weed free. I had seen this type of weeder advertised for several years, but always wondered if it would be as good as promised, and found out that it is better than promised! I have one flower garden that is about 4′ wide by 50′ long, and it would take me an average of 4 hours to weed it by hand. When I bought the Wiggle Weeder, I thought I would try it out in this garden first. In less than one hour, I had the entire garden weeded and looking great! Not only was it easy to use to get the weeds, it also aerated the soil in the process, making my flowers able to get more water and nutrients. Next, I moved on to the vegetable garden. I leave at least 6″ between my plants, so the head of the Wiggle Weeder was just the right size to get between the plants and do it’s job. As with the flower gardens, I found that after I got done weeding (again in record time!), the soil in the garden was aerated, making the veggie plants happy.
The Wiggle weeder won’t get those long rooted weeds completely out of the garden, but it is such a joy to use that it is not an issue to have to weed once a week or less often depending on the type of weeds you have. I found that by doing all my gardens on a weekly basis has kept them looking great and healthy, not to mention how happy my knees and back are!

Fabulous! ~ reviewed by gbettygurl

I wanted the Hula Hoe, but they were $10 more and I’m a tad cheap. Does the job though, and for anyone who gets a ton of little weeds and want to catch them early, just rake this over them and they are gone. Makes everything clean and pretty.

Great puller poor pusher ~ reviewed by Privateidho

This Hoe works great when pulling towards you but really does not do well pushing forward. May just need a slight angle adjustment. Otherwise this tool seems well built and should last for years of use.

Essential tool for a gardener ~ reviewed by C. G. King

So many weeds, so little time. This tool helps with most weeds but is useful for other garden tasks, too. Most spring weeds like chickweed and henbit have fairly shallow roots so this hoe gets those out of my garden soil by the root pretty easily. It also roughs up the soil nicely so it’s far easier for me to till in my compost after weeding is done. During the growing season, it not only keeps new weeds out of the gardens with minimum work, I can also aerate the soil where I want while not disturbing the parts I want left alone. It gives me precise control so I don’t bother my crop plants while weeding around them.

I’ve been a fan of the ‘hula hoe’ for many years because there are certain things it just does better. Not only do I use it in my gardens in the spring when readying the soil and later keeping them weed free, but the hoe works really well in the drive where the dirt is hard packed. It does a great job of sheering off surface weeds and keeping the area tidy looking all summer. I’ve had an actual hula hoe forever, but it has a wood handle and must be kept in the garage when not in use. Now I’ve started a new garden area out in the back and wanted a version of the the hoe that I could leave out there so it was handy. I needed one that would be okay left out in the weather and this fits the bill with its fiberglass handle.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s more important to me that my tools are handy so I don’t use up what energy I have trooping around fetching them. They also have to be effective and this sort of hoe really works well, both when I’m prepping the gardens and weeding throughout the season. I have a different tool to attack garden weeds with deep roots, but for most things this is great and does the job efficiently and quickly. I can’t finish all the areas at once though, hence my need to have the tool waiting out there for me.

This brand is study and well made and I would definitely buy it again.

Met expectations ~ reviewed by L A Heyward

Used tool to cut weeds and to remove small growths on tree trucks. Was sharp enough to work wit on swipe most times for removal.

Love my little Wiggle Weeder! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This is actually a fun tool to work with in the garden. It’s edges cut weeds quickly, and the wiggle action makes the weeding as a whole a breeze to finish. You really have to try one of these to appreciate it!

Really like this garden tool. ~ reviewed by Khali

Used this years ago and was glad to find it online. Very easy to use; all in all, a great little product. Of course, the weeds will grow back because you don’t get the roots, but since it’s easy to use, it’s worthwhile.Buy it at Amazon

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