Bond 5945 Ultimate Pruning 3 Piece Combo Set With Lopper, Hedge Shears And Pruner Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 25 customer reviews

Product Description

Bond 5945 Ultimate Pruning Combo SetBond 5945 Ultimate Pruning Combo Set Features: set includes: 24″ bypass lopper 8 1/2″ wave edge hedge shear 8″ bypass prunerBond 5945 Ultimate Pruning Combo Set Specifications: Pruning set Set includes 24″ bypass lopper, 8-1/2″ wave edge hedge shear and 8″ bypass pruner

From the Manufacturer

Set includes: 24″ Bypass lopper, 8 1/2″ Wave edge hedge shear, 8″ bypass pruner, 10 year guarantee

Customer Reviews

Not cool ~ reviewed by Patrick Morrissey

I would advise against this / these products. Day one, I take it out of the package, and go to use the branch pruner. Closing in on the 2nd branch, close the handle, and SNAP, one of the cutting edges breaks. I dont mean bends, I means just breaks clean off.

Cheap Construction to Go With Price ~ reviewed by D. Lester

As you can tell by the price, these are cheaply made.

The first day of use the loppers handle broke because the handles are thin walled. There is a reason that this set costs so much less than the others.

If you are okay with a set of loppers that can only cut through 1/4 inch branches, and you are okay with likely needing to replace them within a year then this set will work for you.

I haven’t had any problems with the shears after a full day of use, but I learned my lesson with the loppers and I haven’t tried to cut anything big.

I have only used the pruner twice and have had no problem with them.

These are definitely not a set for heavy or extended use, but they are great, for the price, if you have a few small bushes that need a little trim.

Typical Chinese Crap ~ reviewed by W. Harris

Seemed sharp enough, but the handle broke on the lopper within the first few uses. I guess you get what you pay for. The handle is paper thin tubing, attached to a plastic receiver that is pressed onto the steel cutting portion. The plastic broke and the tubing split. Not sure these are warrantied in any way, but I’ll probably try to adapt some wood handles to these loppers. If you hope to use these more than 3 times, I’d suggest looking for something with wooden handles.

big job done ~ reviewed by Mike Scordino

This set was very inexpensive, but works great. I think it is obvious when they are near their capacity, but back off a little and keep take a couple cuts on the 1.5″ branches and it works fine. I spray them down with WD40 when I’m done, I keep them in an outdoor shed – no rust yet. I am impressed

Lopper handle broke off 30 minutes into use. ~ reviewed by Ryan

Title tells it all really. The Hedge Shears did ok. Haven’t used the hand clippers yet. 30 mintues into using the Loppers the handle broke off the tool. We’re talking torn metal. I can take a picture if anyone wants to see. I’m sure mine isn’t typical of this product, but that doesn’t help me.

You get what you pay for. ~ reviewed by Becky

You have to expect not the greatest quality for something that is this price. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a set of pruners, this is the product for you.

Awesome and powerful! ~ reviewed by Courtney Asbury

I had bought a pair of shears, but they bent up kind of easily on the smallest of branches. I decided I needed something that wouldn’t bend/break as easily. These fit the bill! I love them!

Hedge Shears ~ reviewed by Gina

The large one on the first set broke. Amazon is wonderful but the quality of this item is not as high.

not very pleased ~ reviewed by Lee

The loppers is very short and light weight for my needs. I wish that I had spent twice as much for a better grade tool.

Ultimate Pruning Set ~ reviewed by New Mexico Roadrunner

The handles fell apart on the pruner after only one (1) use in the garden. Will need to get a higher quality next time.Buy it at Amazon

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