Bond 5171 1-Inch Deluxe Ratchet Pruner Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Product Description

5171 Features: -Pruner. -Material: Patented aluminum alloy. -Pruning shrubs, flowers and trees up to 1 inch thick. -Knuckle guard for safety. Product Type: -Pruning Shears. Dimensions: Overall Depth – Front to Back: -16.93 Inches. Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -12.4 Inches. Overall Width – Side to Side: -11.61 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -5.28 Pounds.

From the Manufacturer

Patented aluminum alloy construction, knuckle guard for safety, consumer friendly “Touch & Try” Packaging, 10 year guarantee,

Customer Reviews

Warning don’t be fooled ~ reviewed by Nancy Holman

Don’t be fooled, I looked at these pruners and thought they look like a well made sturdy pair of pruners. I found the ratchet action only works occasionally. The grove the blade is suppose to go into while cutting is to wide making a loose meeting between blade and grove. The blade goes off sideways and doesn’t cut all the way through the branch. They may be sturdy but they don’t work properly. The only thing I did like is the blade itself which was sharp enough to do a good job if the rest of the mechanism worked properly.

Poor Design ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Don’t buy this pruner if you have much heavy pruning to do. The spring broke in less than five months and it is now useless. Customer support and guarantee from Bond is worthless. They do not respond to messages sent from their web site.
The coil spring is poor design and cannot last. Just a worthless piece of junk that looks good and sturdy on the outside.

Broke on the first use ~ reviewed by anon

I received these as a gift from my brother. They looked great, felt OK in my hand. Like many others have mentioned they required a lot more effort due to the awkwardly wide opening angle, but I got used to it. I was trimming the ends of a mesquite tree in my yard, and the tool broke on the 4th or 5th branch. The groove that the blade slides into completely snapped off of the tool, rendering it useless. I have contacted customer support through Bond’s website, and will update my review if they get back to me, but as of now I would recommend buying anything besides this.

Sturdy, works well for light use ~ reviewed by Steven Hartwell

I like the feel of this pruner in my hand, and I wanted something lightweight since I have a lot of pruning to do over my head (vines and stuff). It’s small and light enough to carry around in my pocket all day if I want to.

The ratchet seems to work for me. If you have a lot of pruning to do, and a wide variety of thicknesses to prune, this model might not be the best general-purpose choice.

Decent but not great. ~ reviewed by Scott

These pruners are all right, however, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I agree with the other author who mentioned that the grove does not line up with the blade consistently. This is clearly a manufacturing defect as the blade is somewhat loose. Also, I have had some difficulty with the ratchet mechanism. I understand that ratchet mechanisms are generally touchy, however, these pruners seem to be of particularly poor design. I have just ordered some Bond brand bypass and anvil pruners after looking at them in person at my local garden center. They seem to have an advantage with regard to design and quality.

Great Product ~ reviewed by romanias

First off I called and cancelled this order, but they shipped it anyway and I’m glad they did. It outshines the ones I bought at Lowes. They are well built and easy to use. However there is one problem, when u release the handles to prune another limb they will stay in the lock position until u pull the lock back to the open position. I was going to return them, but I like them to much. So, I comprimised and just put a rubberband around the Locking latch. Other than that, great product.

better have large hands ~ reviewed by et

the handles on the pruner open so wide to cut a larger branch that you either (1) can’t keep a good grip on it or (2) your hand/fingers are unable to apply enough pressure to squeeze the pruner closed or cut a larger branch – for smaller branches it works fine

Great pruner ~ reviewed by Edward P. White

Bought this item because I couldn’t find a Ratcheting pruner in the local stores. This is a great tool for people who don’t have much hand strength and everyone else. The ratcheting feature makes trimming much easier and less labor intense.

This pruner gives a nice clean cut even on larger diameter jobs. ~ reviewed by Another Smith

It does not take a lot of effort to get a nice clean cut. The design makes pruning a lot easier. The ratchet pruner enables me to do a more professional job with less energy.

Ratchet Pruner ~ reviewed by raynman56

works as advertised. sometimes the jaws do not open back up by themself. good for someone with an average grip. not for the weak of hand.Buy it at Amazon

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