Bond 3485 3-Position Grass Shears Reviews

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Product Description

Bond Grass Shears With Rotating Blades Great For Lawn Edging And Other Trimming Work – 6″ rotating blades with 6″ cast aluminum spring loaded handles and 3 1/2″ red cushion grips. – 3 position rotating teflon blades for a more comfortable grip. – Precision ground blades for scissor like cutting. – High carbon steel heat treated blades to stay sharp longer. – Red plastic flip clip to hold blades closed in storage.

From the Manufacturer

3 position non-stick coated blades, 3 year guarantee

Customer Reviews

Solid and Strong ~ reviewed by dream factory

I have gone through too many cheap grass shears to worry about price. So when I came across this pair of solid shears at this reasonable price I jumped on it. Indeed a worthy product. Strong metal, integral comfortable ergonomoic design. The three position feature makes it easy on the wrist.

I bought these last summer and they have withstood alot of garden chores. Smooth mechanism . Maintaining a tight blade to blade fit after all that work. Highly recommended.

Update may 5th 2011: ok here we go, springtime. And this pair of scissors has already been worked around the yard without a hitch. Smooth strong – I’m sure I’ll have this pair for seasons to come.

versatile ~ reviewed by migrant777

I wasn’t even aware when I purchased the shears that they adjusted to clipping directions. Happy surprise- work well! Only issue I’ve discovered has to do with the nut that keeps the tension correct. Came off & was lost early on. Replaced it with another, but now that one requires watching. Don’t like that in tools, but for the price & versatility, I can handle it.

Absolutely wonderful! ~ reviewed by Rob

For a small yard, it is wonderful. The company, hired by my complex, misses a lot of spots which I have to cut and trim myself. I’m elderly and unable to bend well so this clippers does the job for me very well with a minimum of work. Many thanks!

Well made ~ reviewed by willic

I’ve had many shears over the years and these are one of the best that I’ve used. I really like having the adjusting position handle. It makes trimming in odd areas a breeze. The handles are comfortable as well.

Not bad for the price ~ reviewed by Frank

Well made, and mostly metal. Only had for about a month,but so far, it does the job. The safety latch/ lock is not a good design. They should’ve spent just a little more time and design a better latch that provides more leverage. The small plastic lever can be difficult to lock the blades shut, and I can tell it will break within a year. Otherwise, a pretty decent pair of shears for the money.

OK for the price paid ~ reviewed by Good Reviews

I bought this because a similar model at the local big stores cost more. This cuts grass OK and also some very small twigs. The handle isn’t cushioned, but it has a vinyl-like layer over the metal. I do recommend 3-position shears for convenience and saving the wrists of users from as much stress as 1-position.

Not any good! ~ reviewed by Joel Morton

I bought these to trim around my daughters pool. This is the 1st time I have used them, and they were disgusting. Maybe I got a bad pair. The two blades did not mesh and I had to bend them to get them to cut. They constantly had to be repositioned. I was just cutting grass.

Poster child for bad product design ~ reviewed by Duane Barton

These were about the most poorly designed product I’ve ever worked with. There was not a smooth motion to be had here. I didn’t have much where I needed to manually trim, so I figured I could get away with using the cheapest pair I found. I was wrong. I found the best use for these was as a grass puller – it would grab the grass and I’d pull it out of the ground. After hammering and filing rivets that were in the way of the blade motion, I got it to do about half a blade’s worth of cutting. I finally tossed them and spent an extra $5 for a Fiskars – which work.

Too stiff ~ reviewed by Janet Campbell

Maybe I’m not using them right? Why on earth would they make them so stiff that only a few cuts exhausts your hands? They’re like a hand exerciser device. But I’ve seen/felt this in other grass sheers as well, so maybe there’s a reason. However, I’ve gone back to using my regular office scissors.

OK Cutting But Difficult to Adjust ~ reviewed by Rocketman

The blades are sharp and it has a good cutting action for light clipping. But they seem cheaply made and it’s hard to change from one position to another and lock it in place. If you’re like me, that adjustability feature isn’t important anyway, so these are decent shears…..nothing special.Buy it at Amazon

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