Bond 1905 Stainless Steel Series Weeder With Leverage Bar And Gel Grip Handle Reviews

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Bond 1905 Weeder With Leverage Bar Bond 1905 Weeder With Leverage Bar Features: stainless steel series ergonomic comfort grips private label on 4800+ Pcs.Bond 1905 Weeder With Leverage Bar Specifications: Ergonomic comfort grips Private Bond label Stainless Steel Carded.

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Ergonomic comfort grips, New gel grip handles

Customer Reviews

Good, but not perfect ~ reviewed by S. Tollefson

This weeder works quite well, especially in soft soil where a more basic weeding knife can’t get enough leverage. It does not get in as deeply as one would like, however, and leaves too much root in the ground. Dandelions and other tap-rooted weeds can re-sprout pretty readily. The main problem is that the metal is not hard enough and the fork part bends out of shape too easily when working around stones or pavers. You can bend or hammer it back into shape but it becomes even more bend-prone thereafter. A longer blade and tougher steel would make it a much better tool.

Pretty well made ~ reviewed by Harry

I’ve used the tool a few times now, and it seems to be sturdy enough. Should last a number of years without having to be too fussy. The tool is sometimes difficult to push into the ground.

I bought it to pull dandelions, and this tool probably won’t do the job very well. I’ve read that if even a small portion of the root of the dandelion is left in the ground, it will grow back. About the only way you can get the whole root of the dandelion with this tool is if the dandelion is fairly young with a short root. Roots more than 5 inches are hard to get, though sometimes I get a root 8 inches. But that isn’t often. Best to do after a rain when the ground is soft.

Maybe with practice I will learn how to get more of the root, but I don’t really think this is the tool to do a good job on dandelions.

I’ve been told the only way to handle dandelions is with weed killer.

Excellent Construction, But It Does Not Go Very Deep Into The Ground. ~ reviewed by Daniel M. Hart

Bond 1905 Stainless Steel Series Weeder With Leverage Bar And Gel Grip Handle, by Bond.
This weeding tool is good for small dandelions, but it does not go deep enough for the larger dandelions with long roots (2 1/2″ maximum). If the root breaks, you will need to keep a long transplanting trowel, a Radius Garden 102 hand weeder, or even a small shovel handy to dig out a square clod of grass, split it apart to locate the root, and then replace the clod and press it back down. I used this Bond tool on different types of ground, and did not have the common weeder problem of the tool bending, especially where it meets the handle. The tool has a rubber handle that is sloped down in back, so that it doesn’t dig into the palm of your hand. It is solid and made of stainless steel, so it won’t rust. Four stars for this weeder, as it is well made, but it doesn’t go very deep into the ground. The correct Bond 1905 Weeder dimensions are: 15 ½” long, and 2″ wide, and goes 2 1/2″ deep. I see that Fiskars and Black And Decker both make a similar tool that I will take a look at, the next time I go to Home Depot. I am still looking for the perfect dandelion weeder. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I am also open to suggestions on weed killers. A few years ago, I tried spraying the dandelions with Roundup, but they came back a month later all curled up and gnarly looking.

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Bond Manufacturing Company,Inc., 1700 W. 4th Street, Antioch, CA 94509; phone: 1.800.359.8665; web: (Note: For warranty issues, save your sales receipts and any tags on your Bond products. The BBB says that the Bond company is not BBB accredited, and the listed complaints say that the company can be hard to deal with.)

Does the best of any device that I’ve tried. ~ reviewed by Terry L Martin

The simple addition of the curved metal piece on the weed puller makes buying those that do not have this modification wasteful and foolish. I have both, but I only use the ones without the attachment in emergencies. That would be when it would take too long to go and get the device with the modification. In hard or soft dirt this modification provides a lever action ability that just isn’t there with those that don’t have it. With the others you find yourself using your hand to provide the extra surface lever action area that the weed puller needs instead of this extra curved metal surface. So you end up squashing your fingers into the dirt when you really don’t need to do that. I have two of these devices. I keep one near the front yard and one in the back yard. Any Morning Glory, (a very inappropriately named noxious weed) dandelion, or other weed found in either part of the yard doesn’t stand a chance.
To be completely fair, in soft dirt you might find that you will still need some extra help from your other hand to give it more surface area to pull out the weed. It’s still a lot easier than trying to do it with only a 1/4 inch diameter sliver of steel.
I read complaints that the device doesn’t go deep enough into the ground. It goes in about as far as it can and still do the job. Think about it for a moment. You are probably never going to get all of the big dandelion roots without a shovel any way. The weeds are going to win in the end. All we can do is to continually keep them at bay. You might quit, but they never do. With that said, realize that if you had a much longer tool that is shaped like this, what good would that do? Two or three inches is about as far into the ground that a device designed like this can efficiently work. Adding 3 inches to the length of the tip on this device wouldn’t accomplish anything. Unless you perhaps doubled the diameter of the metal bar, and then had a friendly neighborhood elephant around to stomp on it in order to force it out of the ground. Of course, in that case you could probably incorporate the use of a slightly modified crowbar. Even then, the best you should expect is to break off the root an inch or so farther down. The point is, this device does as good a job as you should expect from it. I’m very pleased with it.

Weeder with levearge bar ~ reviewed by Ruth

Very happy with this gardening tool. It is very easy to work with. And it does a great job. I had to have this tool because my girlfriend had one and raved about it. It really gets the roots out.

Maybe not so great for dandelions but I’ve used it for tansy and … ~ reviewed by carol m

Maybe not so great for dandelions but I’ve used it for tansy and have not found one big root that I can’t get out. Had to take off the metal hanging ring as it irritated my palm, but no blisters or soreness at all, and I am not young. Our soil in hard dry clay and this tool is TOUGH. I have bought Xtras in case of loss or ? Hope they never stop making them.( Save some dandelions as the milk painlessly kills warts and new leaves are delicious greens)

Amazing weeder ~ reviewed by Tried & True?

I purchased a Bond weeder tool last week and used it the first time today. I was amazed at how a 9 dollar tool could do such a wonderful job. It takes 5 minutes to master the technique and it will save you a lot of time. It will pull weeds from the root up. Every home owner should get one of these.

Buy Two ~ reviewed by Baking is my hobby

This is the best weeder. I love the curved bar on the back which helps add strength when getting the weeds out without wearing your hands out. I also turn it on it sides to spread out the soil and even it. Great tool. My husband steals it from me. Think I’ll get him one for Christmas.

Great little tool ~ reviewed by reiki girl

I am totally amazed at this leverage tool. No more tearing out crab grass and leaving the root behind. It pops the weeds out and brings the root with it. I don’t know who invented this amazing tool, but I will be eternally grateful.

I love this tool! Excellent!! ~ reviewed by Tim C.

This little weed digger is GREAT! If you do a lot of gardening and go after the weeds by the roots, then this is the tool you want!
It is sturdy & rugged – Built to Last! Excellent quality for the price. Highly recommended.Buy it at Amazon

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