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Product Description

NEW! Professional all metal design. This sturdy pruner is perfect the professional, built to last for years, this tool makes short work out of large branches. The diameter you can cut is an amazing 1″. Imagine cutting effortlessly, without hand cramps, and less fatigue on branches you would usually have to cut with a lopper.
The Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner is perfect for pruning jobs large and small. If you are cutting back small stems, or deadheading flowers, the sharp thin blade always makes a clean cut. Our new ergonomic design allows you to prune for longer periods of time without fatigue.

It’s when you get a big branch in the jaws that you will be amazed at how easy this cuts. Instead of one hard squeeze like a traditional pruner, the Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner works with an easy scissor like action. Just pump the handle four times, and you can cut through branches as large a 1″. The four powerful ratchets make you feel bionic!

The Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner, features cast aluminum handles, stainless steel hardware, and a non-stick coated, resharpenable, high carbon steel blade. This is one tough tool.

We know you will love our pruner, so in addition to our solid three year guarantee, we also stand behind all our products with a thirty day satisfaction guarantee. Your happiness is our main goal!

Customer Reviews

Ratchet pruners for LARGE HANDS ~ reviewed by garden designer

I recently purchased a set of these pruners for working in my garden. I have rheumatoid arthritis and very little hand strength and thought these would be perfect – unfortunately I did not notice the “for large hands piece” of text. My hands need to be MUCH larger in order to use the pruners effectively. I’m almost 5’9″ tall and my hands are too small to get around both handles in the open position – I generally need to resort to my ratchet loppers for the small stuff too. The product looks well made, just made for large hands

Not the best choice ~ reviewed by Ace Dog

Does its job great. It cuts well. However, there is a notch on the handle designed to separate your index finger from your three (your thumb goes over the top). If you use the pruners very long this notch ceases to be a separator for your fingers and becomes a torture device. If you don’t need to make more than 4 or 5 cuts a day, this product would be a good choice. If you are going to use it longer, look for something a little less crippling.

The ratchet is great–when it works ~ reviewed by Lynne

A few years ago, I bought these pruners, my first pruners with a ratchet mechanism. The ratchet means pruning is a lot easier and I can prune longer. But from the beginning, I’ve had problems with the ratchet not actually engaging. I may have squeezed once or twice, with the ratchet clicking to its next position, only to find on my next squeeze that I can only squeeze the handles partway closed. It feels the same as it would if I clamped down on a steel pipe–a hard stop. I then have to extract the blade from the partly cut branch and jiggle the pruner until the ratchet will engage again. This is frustrating when it happens the first time, irritating when it happens several times within a ten-minute interval, and maddening when I’ve got lots of pruning to do!

I’m not putting it off any longer: this year I’m buying a different brand of ratchet pruner!

Great product ~ reviewed by F. Milks

I purchased my set of ratcheting pruners at one of those demonstration buildings at a county fair in western New York several years ago. I thought they might come in handy in the work I did before retirement. I was a licensed land surveyor. What a buy! And I will say, without hesitation, I NEVER went into the field on a job without these pruners in my work pouch. Next to my survey instrument they were probably the most valuable tool I owned. They do everything the ads say and sure beat chopping through the brush with a machete. Since retirement, I’ve used them numerous times helping my son to clear brush from his property. They have a permanent home in the glove box of my side by side ATV. I recommend this product to anyone who’s even thinking about purchasing any type of pruning devise.

Very comfortable to use and very efficient ~ reviewed by Sheila

Many, many years ago I bought my first pair of ratcheting clippers and couldn’t believe how much easier it made clipping Rose bushes, Jasmine bushes, our Willow tree, our Honey Suckle vines etc. When that pair broke not too long ago, I immediately went online and bought this pair and I am equally happy with it. In fact, I feel like this one is a little more comfortable in my hand than the old one was. I’d recommend this product to everyone.

Just what I was looking for ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I was looking to replace an older rachet type pruner from years ago that finally gave up the ghost after many years of service. I did notice that a few of the other criticism’s were present but none of them would change my rating(wear gloves and you won’t be pinched.) They do exactly what they are designed to do and that is cut through a 1 inch branch without having to be King Kong!

This pruner can take heavy use. ~ reviewed by SusieQ811

Have had same model pruner for at least 10 years and it is working fine. Thought I had lost it somewhere in yard and panicked……ordered second one, found first, but so glad to have two. First one has had a punishing life, but must be superior quality as it continues to be reliable. I expect the same reliability from my new purchase which is the exact same model.

Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner ~ reviewed by TW

I work in the Horticulture industry and took a class recently on urban farming, and the instructor brought out this tool. I purchased it from Amazon that day. I now cant live without it. It is brilliant for all home gardeners as well as for professionals. It takes all stress off your hand. Highly recommended.

Rachet pruner ~ reviewed by J. Thomas

The item was as advertised. They are very heavy duty, and I expect them to last a long time. They make pruning so much easier in that they do most of the work for you. I would highly recommend this product.

Ratchet pruner is perfect ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I have always favored a ratchet pruner. This product is easy to handle and easy to grip. A woman’s hand does not have the strength to cut many large branches at a time. The ratchet mechanism is perfect.Buy it at Amazon

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