Barnel USA B585 Ratchet Garden Pruner (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

Barnel tools incorporate innovative features and advantages unmatched in the industry. Our steel blades begin with highest quality, hard to find metals, enhanced by state-of-the-art hardening processes. In addition to superior materials, workmanship and insightful innovations, the convenience of Barnel shears is apparent in features like deep sap grooves, ergonomic handles, self oiling center bolts and wire cutting notches in some models. In the Global Marketplace, Barnel quality cutting tools rival those of any competitor.

Customer Reviews

Gave away one pair as a gift and wanted one for my own ~ reviewed by TJS

I was sold on this ratcheting pruner at the MN State Fair – when I brought it home my parents (in their 70s) liked it so much I let them keep it. I ordered my own pair from Amazon when I found the exact same brand and model. These pruners will cut through branches over an inch thick with very little effort – the ratcheting mechanism gives great cutting power. The little sharpener/oiler is a nice touch – but it comes loose relatively easily so you need to be careful not to lose it.

Does a good job ~ reviewed by Angelika Hall

I have been looking for a ratchet pruner for several years to handle some of the tougher pruning jobs in my garden. This one is light weight and makes clean cuts of branches I could not have cut with regular pruners. I would have given it 5 stars were it not for the fact that it is made for large hands. Maybe some day soon companies will realize that women’s’ hands are often smaller and need smaller tools.

great cutters ~ reviewed by EARLE BEVIS

i cut a lot of trail in the woods , for when i go hunting , these cutters are easy to use
and my hand does not hurt after hours of use.

Not overly priced, better quality than many others. Quite satisfied. ~ reviewed by Virginia Reader

I’ve bought shears at my local hardware store that disappointed after minimal use. Now, with some arthritis in each hand, I wanted to try a ratchet model. I looked over all the pruning shears available on Amazon, read the reviews and went to manufacturer websites. Cheaper shears abound, but I was looking for quality build and ease of use. Some things about these Barnel shears were different and helped me decide.

I’ve had bypass cutters that deform easily and then won’t cut. I hate them. My cheap anvil shears work, but the straight cutting edge and anvil slip on branches larger than a small finger. Plus, they are hard to press for my hands for a complete cut. So, I narrowed my search to curved blade anvil pruners with a ratchet action. Even so, many are available from around $10 to over $50. Not to gamble on more expensive shears that appear about the same, I chose these Barnel shears. The packaging indicated they are made in Taiwan, if that matters to you.

Probably like some of the others, their design and cutting action is about the same. The ratchet action was new to me. To cut a 3/4″ branch I had to pump the handle four times to cut clean through. I did not have to squeeze really hard, as with old style shears, but it did take some pressure. The cut was very smooth with no tearing. The size is right for my man’s hands, with or without gloves. Several features of these Barnel shears make them stand apart. First, there is a knife blade that can be folded out of the tip. Also, they are red. Who cares, you might ask? Well, drop them in a pile of brush or leave them behind some day and then go looking for them, and you will appreciate red. Then, what I thought by looking at the pictures online was a rubber bumper under the handle turns out to be a removable oiler and blade sharpener. It snaps out and has a felt pad that I presume you add more oil to–it has some–and then wipe down the blade. It also had what is marked as a sharpener. It appears to be some hard metal that you then swipe across the cutting edge. I can’t imaging that to work too well–I’d rather remove the blade and sharpen it on a whetstone if ever need be. Furthermore, this little thingy, though by no means essential, does not snap in securely enough. I lost it on my first trip out cutting shrubs, but I was able to find it later. Oh well. I rate the product 4-1/2 stars. I’d normally take away a whole star for that one design “flaw”, but it is minor and the rest of the design makes up for it. Plus these shears are less expensive than some other look-a-likes (about half that of another pair that looks the same, except its silver and has no knife). So, I’m happy all around with this choice.

Better Than Advertised ~ reviewed by A. Marra

This little gadget easily substitutes for small hand saws. The ratcheting feature will cleanly cut plants & shrub branches whose diameter does not exceed the size of the space between the ratcheting blade and the fixed base of the device. Note:The hand effort needed is proportional to the angle of the blade.

Effective ratchet pruner ~ reviewed by Murph Ray

Been looking for a ratchet pruner for a while without any luck in the local big box and hardware stores. Was a little concerned before ordering because I’m a small female so my hands aren’t very large but I’m very pleased with this pruner. Have no difficulty using it, and it certainly does make an easy job of cutting somewhat larger branches. Have been using this pruner regularly for a couple of months now (I live in central Florida so have lots of continual garden maintenance) and definitely recommend it.

Looks nice and feels good in my hand ~ reviewed by Kindle Customer

I bought this pruner to replace my old, cheap one. Unfortunately, it’s not much of an improvement. Looks nice and feels good in my hand, but doesn’t have a lot of cutting power. It cuts fine at the very tips of the blades but farther down on the blades I have to make three or four cuts. And this is on rosebushes and raspberry canes, nothing too thick. For the price I was expecting something better.


I so love the ratcheting feature of these pruners. There are sometimes when a regular pruner won’t do the job and the ratchet feature of these makes pruning easy. Have only had them a few weeks now but they seem to be well-made. Comfortable span and grip. So far so good!

Powerful tool. ~ reviewed by Hardwarezone SG

Cuts thumb-sized woody branches easily.
The blade bites deep on the first 2 clamps , I need to reposition my hand further out the handle to actuate the final cut.
Be prepared to repeat this purchase as gifts !

but can get through some pretty large branches that another pruner wouldn’t touch ~ reviewed by Foo Chi

Doesn’t always catch on the ratchet, so end up chewing a midsized branch, but can get through some pretty large branches that another pruner wouldn’t touch.Buy it at Amazon

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