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Barnel 21′ Telescoping Pole Saw

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awesome ~ reviewed by htp

Normally I don’t take the time to write reviews, but this one should be written. It’s very hard to choose one of these, even the manufacturer websites give very poor descriptions. I have only held two in my hands, this one and a Bahco. There is no comparison. The Bahco pole was round and almost as flexible as a local home improvement store fiberglass cheapie. This one is a flattened oval. Consequently, it is much less prone to flexing in the direction of force (like a steak knife, which will bend sideways but not really in the direction that you use it). OK, there is still SOME flex when fully extended, but you’re talking 20 feet. The second big difference is that while the Bahco used a twist-lock mechanism, this one has two much more secure locking mechanisms. First, spring loaded retaining pins (double-sided) and holes for pre-set lengths, and second, a knurled knob locking collar. You are not going to pull the inner pole out of the outer ones (and leave it hanging in the tree) with this.

Overall, top quality and very useful. You get what you pay for. I have the local home improvement store version as well, unlikely I will ever use it again.

Definitely worth the price if you need the 21ft reach ~ reviewed by TF

When the 8ft high box arrived, I knew this product would be interesting. I purchased this after looking at much cheaper options and I picked Barnel over similarly priced competitors because Barnel’s reputation (i.e., they are going to be around and I’ll be able to order replacement blades). It comes in 2 pieces – the saw w/ cover & the pole. Overall, the telescoping pole is very solid and worth the cost. I was working in the yard all morning and then when to use this saw extended the full 21′ length (very easy to do) and I found it easy to use. The pole is light but very strong (no bending). The saw extremely sharp and cuts when you pull it down. The saw’s weight is reduced because it is leaning on the branch and pulling down for the cutting motion really makes it very easy to use. Highly recommended if you need the 21ft length. I have a few more trees to work on and this will more than pay for itself vs. hiring someone.

One bad ass saw ~ reviewed by David Birmingham

This is the best pole saw I have ever owned. You can’t compare it to any of the other saws on the market because they are all junk. This pole locks down tight at any adjustment and is super strong. A great saw at twice the price.

Ninja tree trimmer! ~ reviewed by Ted Shaffer

Any saw that will allow me to trim out mistletoe and dead limbs without climbing the tree is a winner in my book. The fact that this saw offers such a long extension and cuts so well is an added bonus. I think the price is very reasonable and advantageous compared to other choices.

Update 10/2/13: After extensive use on 15 acres of oak trees over this past Spring and Summer, I remain a big fan of this saw. There is one small annoyance however. I get pretty aggressive on the down-stroke when I’m cutting and this sometimes causes an outer extension tightening collar to slide slightly which then binds the “button” release on the inner extension making extension adjustments on that particular extension non-operational. The solution is to loosen the Philips head screws on the split-collar, return it to its correct position and re-tighten. Not a big deal if you carry a Philips head screwdriver (the head of the screw also has a hex to allow use of a wrench as well) with you but like I said, it’s an annoyance. I can’t fault the saw in any other way and it cuts like a hot knife through butter.

Having the right tool makes a big difference ~ reviewed by CJINCA

This is specifically designed for arborists to prune without climbing up. It is very sturdy and well-designed; a joy to use. We have approx 17 palm trees and frequent palm fronds (and flower stalks) to cut down. This tool makes it possible for my husband to do it quickly and easily, saving us more than $1000 in ariborist fees each year. Works much better for bigger cuts than the Fiskar’s tree pruning stick.

Locking pin often will not lock. ~ reviewed by potluckman

Saw is of good quality and works well BUT as is discussed in questions section the locking pin is a problem. The plastic section that contains the
locking pin tends to shift on tube with use and when it does the round latch pin will not drop into the tube and lock. After having this happen three times,
I finally removed the plastic piece and applied JB weld between tube and plastic. So far it seemed to fix it but of course now I cannot remove it. Otherwise
a saw.

You get what you pay for! ~ reviewed by Mike Faulkner

This saw isn’t cheap….but it’s another example of the difference between cheap imports and professional-grade stuff! It performs beautifully (cuts like crazy!) and is very well built! I can now stay on the ground and trim limbs I used to have to climb a ladder to reach. I highly recommend this saw if you either do your own (or for do it professionally for work) tree trimming! I expect it will outlast any of the cheap saws by far!

The best pole saw I ever owned ~ reviewed by wkwngr

Was often frustrated with consumer pole saws that aren’t that long, and have poor locking mechanisms. Spent a little more, and got the Barnel 21′ professional pole saw that is quick and easy to extend, and has excellent reach. Couldn’t be more pleased. The saw cuts limbs like butter.

This pole saw is very light weight but easily cuts limbs that would be difficult to reach by … ~ reviewed by Edward H. Goodan

This pole saw is very light weight but easily cuts limbs that would be difficult to reach by ladder and much more difficult to cut that way. I was very pleased with how quickly I could cut limbs hanging over my house that were way over my head.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by William S.

This is a really good quality product. Very easy to adjust length and very sturdy.Buy it at Amazon

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