Bahco PG-M2 Ergonomic Secateur Hand Pruners Reviews

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3.3 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Product Description

The PG-M2 is an ergonomically designed secateur offering excellent cutting performance. These robust pruners are comfortable to use in the garden or in the home for people with medium to large-sized hands.

Customer Reviews

Wonderful pruners without replaceable parts – beats Felcos for sure ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I’m a huge fan of the Bahco pruners and prefer them to Felcos in just about every way. I own the PX-M2 pruners for myself, but buy these for my employees to use in my landscaping business. The difference between this and the PX-M2 is that this one does NOT have replaceable parts, and DOES have a wire cutting groove at the back of the pruner blade – that’s it. Pretty much the same pruner otherwise.

This is an ergonomically-built pruner, with curved handles, an angled blade, and a lot of small tweaks to allow cutting thicker branches with less effort and a better hand and wrist position.

I have a pair of the “ergonomic” Felcos, and every time I get a new employee, I offer them the Felco and the Bahco to try out. Nobody’s ever chosen the Felcos after a minute with the Bahcos – the difference is that great. Plus the blade stays sharper longer than Felcos.

They’re ugly pruners, but they work GREAT. I am a lady who wears small gloves and I use the medium handle size. They also make a replaceable-parts roll-handle pruner which is good for pruning for extended lengths of time or for professional propagation.

Great pruners! ~ reviewed by E. J. Brown

Bought these for my MOM. She’s very petite. They fit her hands well… low fatigue factor.

Great for me. ~ reviewed by Jms

These are truly amazing clippers. They fit my hands perfectly, which are a ‘medium’ sized depending on the glove type. They snip beautifully and are angled nicely too.

Cuts Like a Butter Knife ~ reviewed by Michael Sterns

I read all the reviews, and have used many hand pruners over the years, so I was skeptical. My first few cuts with the Bahco were awkward due to the angle and the fact that the spread of the handles seemed uncomfortably wide. After five minutes, I was amazed at how these pruners feel like an extension of your hand and cut effortlessly with absolutely no wrist strain. The only reason I gave them four stars instead of five is the cheesy locking mechanism. It works OK, but it does not have the clean feel of the pruners. That being said, I am ditching my old hand pruners, because they lock after every cut! However, from a “shear” pruning perspective, these babies are two thumbs up! I can’t wait to try their other pruning products.

Need to squeeze the handle super hard to unlock ~ reviewed by viodonna

They’re inexpensive, very sharp, well made. I couldn’t get them unlocked, considered returning them, and then took them partially apart before realizing that the handles need to be compressed together to get the sliding pin to unlock. Much easier to use after that.

Bacho PG-M2 Hand Pruners ~ reviewed by JB

These hand pruners were exactly what we were looking for, but were unable to find locally. I was unfamiliar with the brand, but online reviews raved about them, so we took a chance. The build quality is so much better then the crap you find at HD or Lo’s. These do not have replaceable parts like the higher end ones in the $55-$65 range, but since I’m just using them around the house I didn’t need the top of the line. And if they ever get lost, I’m out less then if I bought top of the line. These are a high quality mid price range pruners and feel like a good value for under $30. The blade does lock and it cuts thru even thick branches with ease!

typical Bahco quality ~ reviewed by Latewood

I have used my pair for years, sometimes all day long in the woods. I have used and abused them and they have held up remarkably well. Less expensive pruners have fallen apart on me from heavy use; not these. I realize now that these are the less expensive version so I plan to upgrade to the PM X2 model because these now have a chip in the cutting blade, probably just from countless hours of heavy wear. They are comfortable and efficient, and I like the orange handle because I often toss them aside on the forest floor while I’m removing pruned branches, and it’s easier to find them again. I also own a P 160 Bahco loppers and a 7-inch folding saw, both for which I give five stars.

Well made tool ~ reviewed by Maria Doolittle

Easy to use, sharp and well balanced. Have a little trouble getting pruners to stay closed when needed.

Alignment off so they don’t lock ~ reviewed by Gaye

While I haven’t had a chance to use the pruners yet, upon unpacking them I attempted to lock them shut. I was not able to activate the “one hand locking mechanism”‘ even with both hands. Not a big enough deal to return to vendor, but a disappointment just the same.

Pruner ~ reviewed by Douglas H. Carlson

It’s ok. A little small, but should do most of what I want. Leverage seems good. I’m hoping I don’t need to replace with a bigger one.Buy it at Amazon

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