Bahco P74 Lawn Shears with Horizontal Blades and Steel Handles, 44-Inch Reviews

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4.9 out of 5 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Product Description

The Bahco Lawn Shear with horizontal blades is designed for cutting in difficult-to-reach areas missed by lawn mowers. Suitable for cutting in shrubs, borders, around tress, etc.

Customer Reviews

Nice Heavy Duty Shears ~ reviewed by L. M. Williams

This is perfect for trimming large stalked weeds. I no longer have to bend down to cut the weeds. The tool is a little heavy for me and I tire out easily while cutting the weeds, but a man would not notice. I’m a 64 year old woman and not used to doing a lot of physical work. This tool is well made and with care, should last my lifetime. This could also trim small saplings from trees. A must have around my home.

Good shears ~ reviewed by Susan Stacy

Can’t get these made in US, so they are kind of expensive, but useful. Need to DW40 them to keep them moving easily. Chop easily through grass. Does thick stems pretty well, too. I am a hundred pound weakling so they are not easy for me, but I can do a little at a time. My husband likes them.

Nice trimmer ~ reviewed by Jake

Perfect for that nice trimmed look, great if you find it hard to bend over & use the hand shears for the places the mower can’t get to

Perfect, cuts beautifully ~ reviewed by Dorothy Mahalko-Penzenik

Perfect, cuts beautifully. Sturdy and well made but not heavy to operate. Can rest on ground/grass while cutting if you need to. Cuts in hard to reach places. A great alternative to gas & battery powered grass trimmers– no more hassle, noise and smell– just what I wanted. Very happy with this purchase.

High Qiality Tool ~ reviewed by Fred Levitan

very effective in the garden where the string trimmer may inflict damage to plants.

Very nice tool. They came to the U ~ reviewed by Winnie

Very nice tool. They came to the U.S. quickly, all the way from Ireland.

Good Stuff ~ reviewed by Leonard

These are well made with blades similar to hedge trimmers. They work good for trimming weeds but will give you a workout because they’re a little heavy and it takes a fair swing to operate them. I had to keep loosening the pivot bolt (which is easy enough) because it kept tightening up making them difficult to operate.

Expensive but great ~ reviewed by PaulaA

These are great. They get the job done and are very well-made. I just hope the blades stay sharp for a long time (I’ve only used them once so far). And, I used muscles I’ve never used before, or rarely use – good workout.

Where have these been my whole “yard working” life? ~ reviewed by mrl

I love these shears. No more bending over for hours and having sore back muscles for several days afterwards. It makes doing the various trimming tasks around the yard so much easier. Thanks for a great product

It is easy to use and very effective ~ reviewed by k

Was given as a gift for my mom. She loves it. It is easy to use and very effective. Recommend it for all ages.Buy it at Amazon

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