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Product Description

Grape snips are supplied with a lightweight plastic holster and are sold in bulk packs of 30. Lock swings away for storage and keeps high carbon blades sharp in between uses. Spare springs and bumpers are available.

The Bahco harvesting snips are a professional grade tool ideal for many harvesting applications and especially useful when clearing out fruit to ensure better growth. With a small, lightweight design, these easily handled snips feature fiberglass-reinforced plastic handles measuring 7-1/2 inches long. These snips cut using two long, straight blades with a 1-9/25-inch opening.

Customer Reviews

Super Snips! ~ reviewed by Doc Twain of Calaveras

These snips are incredibly versatile. They’re recommended by the manufacturer for thinning fruit trees. That’s just the beginning. I use them for just about everything in the garden–cutting back & thinning shrubs, dead-heading roses and all flowering plants, even pruning smaller-diameter branches. They’re easy to get into real tight spots because they’re not as bulky as pruning shears and they’re much lighter. They’re better than scissors because you can use ‘em wearing gloves and they have spring-tension so they open by themselves. I’ve replaced my pruning shears with these except for anything that needs cutting that’s larger in diameter than a pencil. These snips rarely need sharpening but when they do, they’re easy to sharpen. They’re also less expensive than pruning shears so I’ve purchased a few pairs and placed them around the garden so they’re always handy. Give ‘em a try–you’ll love ‘em!

Great tool to have ~ reviewed by Comdet

I had my doubts about this after trying out the Fiskars version, but am happy to report that this is a simply outstanding tool to have at hand. It’s light, well made and sharp – basically, everything you want to have in a pruner/snips.

It will slice through live, non-woody stalks up to about the diameter of a pencil without any problem at all. Perfect for cutting flowers or touch-up pruning. It can also handle woody stalks, but only to about 1/4 inch. Much more robust than the Fiskars. Really easy to maneuver into tight spots – it’s replaced my regular pruner for a lot of work. It has a clip on the base to keep it shut, so you can easily slip it into your pocket without any worries about damage (to you, that is, not the pruner).

It’s a breeze to sharpen. I recommend the Istor sharpener, but any good sharpener (or stone) will do the trick.

I thought Bahco made everything in Sweden, but according to the placard that came with the clipper, this model is made in France.

Excellent! Highly recommend.

Good Quality Snips ~ reviewed by MrDillon

I own a few of Bahco’s products and I have been very satisfied with the consistent quality. At first glance these snips don’t look like much, but the quality of materials is great for the price. They are very comfortable to use with the spring having the perfect amount of tension. The safety latch is user friendly with a hole located just below to attach a lanyard. The only complaint is after a few months of use rust was present on the sharpened edges, but that, I guess, is to be expected and easily taken care of.

Excellent snippers ~ reviewed by Dave

This is the most comfortable, efficient and practical harvesting tool that I’ve owned. The design is simple and operation is smooth. Cuts are clean and the blades durable. The spring-loaded handle is well-shaped for small hands and easy to use over hours of work.

Bahco harvest snips A #1 ~ reviewed by C. Ambers

Excellent product for cutting and cleaning grapes in the field. Fine tips make it easy to get in clusters and cut out cracking, berry moth damage, and bird damage. Also good for chasing stink bugs out of the clusters. The spring on these is not overloaded like the Corona version, so squeezing it all day won’t burn out your hand muscles. These stay sharp a long time. Just avoid the temptation to cut anything larger than a small cane as you may break a tip off. I cut quite a few 3/4″ vines off with these and finally busted a pair doing it. This was clearly far beyond their design specifications, though. All-in-all an excellent tool. Don’t even think about harvesting with your pruning shears any more. Just get a pair of these.

000 vine seven acre commercial vineyard last fall and have loved the Bahco pruners ~ reviewed by bob gentry

We just took over managing our sons 4,000 vine seven acre commercial vineyard last fall and have loved the Bahco pruners. In anticipation of a large harvest we bought 20 of these harvesting snips. The Pinot is a very tight cluster on a woody stem hidden against the shoot it grows from. In other words, VERY difficult to harvest. I can certify that all of our harvesting crew LOVED these snips. We harvested 38,000 pounds over a two day period. The snips performed SUPERBLY and are STILL SHARP. Whoever claimed these were toys….. well, enough said!

Excellent harvesting snips! ~ reviewed by Wanderer

In a word, excellent. These are superb quality (made in France), cut like a hot knife through butter and have quality, high density plastic handles that have the perfect amount of grip to them. They are well balanced in the hand and have just the right amount of reach to get in and dead head flowers and roses, snip off clusters or fruits or trim other delicate pieces away from your plants. The main draw is that these will get into places where the bulk of regular pruners will not, and where you require finesse and accuracy over leverage and brute strength. Used for that purpose, they definitely outshine the heavier duty pruners/clippers, as well as similar looking import junk. I have long been an advocate for high quality tools, with little patience for poor quality and poor design. These harvesting snips do not disappoint at all and will likely last a lifetime if properly cared for.

At this price point, I cannot recommend them enough. Superb quality and wonderful to use. Highly recommended.

I want to like them ~ reviewed by E. Teague

I think I may have received a return. Not sure. Issue is when mine arrived they were not sharp at the end of the blades. You could not cut a piece of paper with the end at all. Could be that is due to the design of the blades which do not completely meet or close at the very end (you can forcefully squeeze them closed but that’s not how they were intended to be used). The design is a little like their large hedge shears. But I have to say the Bahco large hedge trimming shears are excellent. These seem to prune differently than my other snips. Again not sure if it’s the design or lack of an edge. I have Felcos and Florians and even Heritage/ Klein cutlery’s version of secateurs and snips. All are excellent. I can sharpen blades and am sharpening the Bahcos. Will see if that fixes the issue. Jury is still out.

Handy for the right job ~ reviewed by Kdog

These were smaller then I expected, but will do the job for light pruning and deadheading. They won’t be good for heaver branches, but that’s not what I bought them for. I am a big fan of Bahco tools. They are durable and really hold their edge. Invest in a Corona AC 8300 sharpening tool and you will be golden…great tool.

good quality blades ~ reviewed by david l. munoz

i’ve used these for removing grapes that were too tighlty packed together in vines. only used less than a month but rarely need sharpening. good quality blades. took out the metal clip used for closing them because they sometimes get in the way when cutting. but i put them back when stored for a while.Buy it at Amazon

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