Backyard Garden Pros 100CR Prohoe Rogue No Break Cultivator Rake Garden and Fire Tool Made in USA Reviews

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4.9 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

Having a tool that you can depend on to perform reliably is essential.
Prohoe’s 100CR NO BREAK RAKE is just such a tool. Individually hand crafted right here in the USA, the tool “head” is custom created from recycled agricultural disc blades–a high grade tempered steel that is both strong and has a great ability to hold an edge, so you don’t have to waste time sharpening your tools. And sharp they are. These rakes have proven that they can handle the toughest dirt and rocks with minimal effort, these rakes can handle anything that you can dish out. From Fighting Fires, to Building New Trails, to Gardening in the backyard, this No Break Rake can handle the job!
Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out what some of our customers have to say. – If there is any one tool to own for trail work this is it. This tool puts all others to shame. – Bob

- The design and quality of this tool is more than I expected. Larry

- I am very grateful to the inventor of the Rogue Hoe line of garden tools. My only regret about buying them is that I did not find them years ago. – C.B.

Rogue tools will make your job easier and We Guarantee that you will not need a new head for your lifetime or we will replace it at no cost to you.
So ORDER YOURS TODAY and experience the quality of a custom American Made Rake that lasts a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Worth Every Cent- Awesome Tool! ~ reviewed by Kramer

I thought I would spend a bit more to buy American. This tool exceeded all my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone considering buying one. Very well built with long handle. Tines on rake sharp and work great for breaking up hard packed gravel. The fact that it’s made from recycled farming equipment is a bonus. Will be buying more tools from this company for sure.

My highest recommendation… ~ reviewed by K. Morris

Fabulous, excellent tool. Even the grain was oriented properly on the handle. Excellent attention to detail. Bullet proof design made from cultivator disk. This will be an hierloom tool. Highly recommend this product.

itz a guy thing ~ reviewed by theblackpill

Wow….if your yard is HELL….This is for you. This is a weapon. Must have pythons to swing this thing. Not for your average gardener….certainly not for the ladies. Keep it for the fireline.

Awesome tool. Will last a lifetime ~ reviewed by Doug Pillow

Awesome tool. Will last a lifetime.

Great quality ~ reviewed by Jane in Atlanta

Great quality- we are very happy with this rake. I like the 9 inch rake size as it is easier to get into smaller places.

This thing is a BEAST of a rake. No joke. ~ reviewed by Lorenzo Gonzalez

One of my favorite garden tools – this Super-Rake makes all others appear spindly and fragile. Of course it’s heavy as heck and massive overkill for spreading mulch or raking leaves. But it’ll tear out big weeds and especially vines (english ivy! YES!) like no other tool I’ve seen or used. The blades are incredibly sharp, thick, and clearly will last forever. The handle is very heavy, long, and strong, perhaps a little rough and unpolished but I bet it will be work-polished before too long. I use gloves anyway. This tool, in combination with the Prohoe 7″ rake, helped be clear a massive swath of english ivy on a hillside that was inaccessible and/or unsafe with power tools. Highly, highly recommended.

Awesome tool. ~ reviewed by Forest7

I bought this Backyard Garden Pros 100CR Prohoe Rogue No Break Cultivator Rake Garden and Fire Tool Made in USA. It is strong, heavy, sharp. It rakes sticks, twigs, etc. without them tangling up in the tines like an ordinary rake. I appreciated the other reviews that encouraged me to buy this tool.

Note: I had first bought a Nupla FHR-48 Heavy Gauge McLeod Fire Tool, based on those reviews, but the reality was different, with fiberglass slivers, and paint chipping off the tines with light work. So I returned that and got the Prohoe 100CR and am very happy with the improvement.

What can I say, this rake was exactly what … ~ reviewed by michael w kernan

What can I say, this rake was exactly what I was looking for. I used this rake to move rock in an excavated section of my yard to get ready for topsoil. Designed to move rock effectively. Quality made and it worked as advertised. Of course a little muscle power helped. I will be honest I usually don’t take the time to write reviews, but the folks who designed this product at Backyard Garden Pros deserve some Kudos….

Very heavy duty garden rake for small area’s. This … ~ reviewed by Gregory A. Glasl

Very heavy duty garden rake for small area’s. This will be last rake you ever need. The only small complaint I have is wood handle is very smooth and slick, slips out of your hand. I will probably put a textured grip on the end. I think this is USA made, I always look for American made items first.

very good at clearing brush and making fire lines ~ reviewed by Sully

very good at clearing brush and making fire lines. has not broken yet unlike garden rakes that I have used in the pastBuy it at Amazon

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