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Product Description

A lifetime tool. Top-quality hand-forged carbon steel for long wear, rough use. Just right for asparagus and deep weeding. The longer length shaft gets under the plant and into the ground to reach tender stalks. 1 5/16″ x 3 3/8″ blade. 15″ overall with wood handle. Weight 0.7 pounds.

Customer Reviews

Best Garden Tool ~ reviewed by K. Johnson

40 years ago I used to have a garden tool that I used to dig dandelions from my yard. I never knew what its proper name was, but it worked really well. Recently I have been trying to find a tool like the one I used to have. I looked in stores and on garden websites but to now avail. My husband finally told me that the name of the tool I described was an asparagus knife. To my surprise I found one on Amazon and I am so pleased with it. It is very strong and just perfect for digging out all of the weeds in my garden. It is the single best tool that I have. I use it every day. It only took me 40 years and a search on Amazon to find it.

Asparagus knife ~ reviewed by Vicky L. Pierce

This was an excellent quality product. Difficult to find an asparagus knife of this quality. It will last a lifetime.

Great Asparagus Cutter ~ reviewed by K. Bee

If you grow asparagus, this is a must. SO much better than hacking it off with a knife.

They DO make them like they used to! ~ reviewed by Maplest

This is a very solid, well made, hefty, sharp, functional and beautiful tool. I frankly was a bit surprised at just how good this is as it is very difficult to find anything made this well anymore. Made in America, worth every penny. A great addition to my arsenal of tools to battle dandelions and other weeds.

Great weeding tool ~ reviewed by Harrikins

I have used straight shafted weeding tools for deep tap-rooted weeds like dandelions, but found that it was difficult to get enough leverage to pop those puppies out whole. Years ago I found a weeder with a little “kink” in the shaft and a good sized blade. I wasn’t able to find another one exactly like it, but this asparagus knife looked similar enough to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of construction. The shaft is sturdy enough not to worry about bending it when working in denser soil, and the connection with the handle looks strong. I have only been using it a short time, but no concerns yet. My only slight complaint is that the blade is so wide that it is a little difficult to push into dry, compacted soil. (I don’t like weeded in soil like that, but in a 100 year drought, you have to sometimes.) I don’t grow asparagus, so I can’t comment on it’s intended use, but I suspect that it would do a fine job there, too.

Solid, strong, sharp ~ reviewed by Diego70

My previous asparagus knife had a blade attached with rivets to a shaft. The shaft bent, the rivets came out and the blade needed repeated sharpening. This knife had a handle and a machined shaft and blade in one piece. This was not clear to me in the information on the Amazon site, but it is the best thing about the tool. I can’t see how it could ever wear out or break. It is my favorite tool for cutting asparagus and for weeding. A great design at a fair price.

USA Made ~ reviewed by William L. Williams

It is a sturdy functional tool that I use for asparagus and weed removal. Handle seems well attached and the shaft and blade is stout. I have had other brands and usually end up bending the shaft and I don’t think that will happen with this one. Doubt I will need another one unless I lose it.

Just what I wanted. ~ reviewed by PCooper

I needed to replace my weeding knife. This was essentially the same as the one that I had broken after several years of hard use. This asparagus knife works well to use for weeding in the garden. It is much heavier than the usual weeding sticks you buy at the hardware stores, etc.

AM Leonard Asparagus Knife ~ reviewed by Ken

This knife is very sturdy, and has a sufficiently long handle to reach into the bottom of the asparagus fronds. The blade is sharp enough to cut the dried fronds at the end of summer. This tool looks like it will last forever.

Great knife ~ reviewed by S. Diebold

This knife is well built and well designed. I only wish it was a little sharper – even though it is already quite sharp, I tend to break my thick asparagus before I get it cut through.Buy it at Amazon

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