ARS LA-180ZR203 4-to-7-Feet Long Reach Pruner Reviews

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Product Description

ARS Telescoping Long Reach Pruner with Razor Edge. The Blades are Drop Forged slim design for greater durability and cutting leverage. The blade is hard chrome plated for sap and rust resistance. The Telescoping pole adjusts from 4-to-7-Feet in 3 stops with a single lever operation enabled by a single pin. The Ergonomically Designed Grip is made of light and strong aluminum die-cast which has a non-slip plastic coating for comfort and ease of handling. There is also a swing neck that allows for the head to +/- 30 Degree

Customer Reviews

Expensive and worth every penny ~ reviewed by Gopher Man

I was reluctant to spend so much money on a pruner, but having used it for over a month (I’m a professional landscape contractor)and I don’t know how I did without it. The high price is obviously due to the rather complex engineering needed to make the pruner work at different lengths and angles. It is MUCH easier to use than a tree pole pruner, and much lighter as well. The only unknown is how it will hold up over time. Because it is a complex mechanical tool only time will tell if it hold up, but for now I can’t do without it.

Great Long Reach Pruner ~ reviewed by Michael Saunders

This long reach pruner is great for pruning plants, especially those that are not within reach or that have thorns. This product is well constructed and the blades cut smoothly through 1/2 inch plant material. Now I can keep my rose borders dead headed and have much more flowers on my bushes and do not have to suffer the thorns. Usually I would have scratches from the thorns even if I wore gloves and protective clothing. Now I no longer put off my landscape maintenance as it is now a breeze to do. I love my ARS long teach pruner and you will too.

Super Value ~ reviewed by critic O

Like all tool purchases you get what you pay for and this is a spectacular value. I agonized long and hard on spending the extra for the ARS, but I figured out that my city lot has 13 trees in need of yearly pruning so a good tool contributes to quality time in the garden. Without ratcheting most hand pruners are good for 3/4″ or less, the difference is these are incredibly sharp and stay that way. The result is much faster, easier pruning of the small stuff and occasionally successfully pushing the limit for the larger branches. I’d had a greater leverage rope-pull type pole pruner but the branches often didn’t cut through, got stuck in the pruner, or the pruner and rope got hung up in the tree. The ARS gets in and out smoothly.

The head rotation makes for angle adjustments and allows better access to branches at odd angles. I thought I might add a hook to pull cut branches out of the tree – then I looked more closely and discovered it already had a built in hook on the shear – good thoughtful design. Good ergonomics. Handle and rotations are comfortable – weight is appropriate for length and tasks.

As I grow older I value this pruner more and more – the ladders are dangerous and this is so much safer (and cheaper than hospital stays). I did buy one of the “chainsaws on a stick” to get the heavy stuff up high, the problem was the awkward weight and leverage tore up my shoulder and after 7 months of therapy I’m getting ready to again attack my urban orchard-forest: this time with more reliance on the ARS. Its a good one to add to your enjoyment of safe and physically kind gardening.

Excellent Product ~ reviewed by Joe Ferrar

The ARS LA 180ZR203 4 to 7 feet long reach pruner is an excellent tool to have as it allows us to trim tree branches and hedges with out any problems. The qualty and workmanship is excellent and I would recommend one to anybody thst does yard work involving trimming. was the only place I could find quality and reasonably proces long reach pruners.

Comparison of ARS and Fiskars ~ reviewed by Rick

I purchased this ARS and the Fiskars 62 inch pruner because I could not figure out which might best suit my needs. After using both devices pruning some high brances in oak trees of about 1/2 inches in diameter I found that I could not use the ARS because the handle was too wide for my hands and when it cut the limb, the shock transfer to my hands from the snapping cut was just too much to do repeatedly.
I had grave doubts of the cutting mechanics of the Fiskars because I was not sure that a normal person would have the strength to pull the handle straight down to effect the cut. I was wrong. It performed almost effortlessly and I used it extensively. Just so you know, I use chain saws, pole saws, clippers,loppers and every device known to me to trim on a 160 acre farm. The ARS is the only device I would give away.

Solid Professional Grade Tool – Gadgeteer’s Must Have ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Picked this up after pestering an arborist about his toolset. This pruner comes in handy in many aspects of the garden and home ownership, from pruning new growth on trees to keeping the roses tidy to plucking fruit.

The build quality is what you pay for.
- The unit is solid and does not flex even at full extension.
- A simple lever lets you extend the pole in specific increments, and locks solidly in place. No fumbling with tightening a plastic collar on extend-poles.
- Another simple lever lest you pivot and lock the head by several degrees, great for achieving a proper slanted pruning cut even from afar.
- The head, if needed, can be replaced (like for like) or with a head that cuts and holds … three simple screws.
- You can get replacement parts if you need them — these aren’t disposable tools.
- The U.S. distributor and support team provide fantastic customer service if you need it.

Of course this is sharp, though it definitely works much better on fresh wood up to 1/2″ … dead wood presents more of a challenge and is more likely the jam the blades. It is fantastic on rose hedges and large bushes, keeping you away from the thorns (and bees!), though they have a shorter dedicated rose model that is cheaper and better suited if you only have roses.

Oh, and this Japanese steel is HARD. When its time to sharpen, go with a diamond-based file or sharpener. Consider the EZE-LAP diamond hones as an example.

Worth the purchase ~ reviewed by The Don

The cut is not particularly easy and the blade gets “stuck” when cutting some branches, however, overall it does what I expect. I will say I usually prune my pear tree over a few days. Climbing a ladder, disposing of the branches, etc. But this year it took only a few hours because I was able to prune 100% from the ground. That was particularly nice. I would really give this a 3.5 star. It’s not amazing but it is not bad either.

Great Tool ~ reviewed by Eileen M. Rowley

Well designed. Handles up to 1/2 inch branches, but it really shines with smaller saplings/barberry/roses. I feel safe using it while standing on a 10′ orchard ladder because it is light weight and nicely balanced. Once the articulated blade is set, love the way the lower handle swivels effortlessly to get just the right angle. The cutting blade does get stuck occasionally (frustrating!!), but overall an amazing tool. So happy I purchased this tool.

How did I ever live without this? ~ reviewed by John S. Reid

The slender design of the handle and cutting head allows for almost surgical removal of sucker limbs from the crown of my very tangled (and tall) forsythia shrub. This tool gets into places no pole pruner could ever hope to reach (much less even operate in). The lightweight construction makes it very easy to handle this pruner when on a ladder. The rotating handle facilitates easy positioning of the cutting head, and there is also very good feedback from the handle to the cutting head, allowing me to use the cutters like a very long tweezers to pluck cuttings from the shrub (which I could not otherwise reach). The bypass cutters are very sharp, but the opening of the jaws does limit use of this model to limbs that are probably no more than half-inch diameter. (However, ARS does make some other long-reach pruners that are capable of cutting bigger stock, and I will be looking into buying one of these. Stay tuned by searching “ARS long reach pruner” on This pruner is made in Japan, and the construction is first rate (don’t let the light weight fool you into thinking otherwise when you first remove it from the box). I only wish I had bought one of these years ago.

This is the best pruner. ~ reviewed by Y. Kurokawa

Love this item, don’t want to use anything else. Have used other pruners but they can’t compete with the quality of this one. Although, the item was wrapped with bubble wrap and sealed with tape, the pruner was not packaged within a box. The product itself is great but the packaging was questionable.Buy it at Amazon

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