ARS LA-180L18 6-Feet Heavy Duty Long Reach Pruner Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 stars based on 23 customer reviews

Product Description

Need maximum cutting capacity? The L series is the answer. The blade and unit have been specially designed to provide the best possible cutting leverage and durability. The blades are drop forged for extra strength and Marquench hardened for superior long lasting sharpness. Available in 3 lengths: 4′, 6′, and 7′.

From the Manufacturer

ARS Heavy Duty Long Reach one piece 6-Feet pruner. The pruning head is drop forged and has a 3/4-Inch capacity. The blades are also hard chrome plated for better rust and corrosion resistance. This is the best choice in larger capacity pruners.

Customer Reviews

ARS LA 180L18 6-Feet Heavy Duty Long Reach Pruner ~ reviewed by Josselyn

I have had a long handled pruner made by this company for many years and loved it. When needing a new one I decided to go with the heavy duty pruner. It has been great, especially for pruning thicker branches on shrubs and trees. A garden tool I couldn’t do without!

Pruners BEST FRIEND! ~ reviewed by mrskbg

This is exactly what I have needed for ever! Excellent Product! Long reach has made a huge difference and safely done!

Excellent pruner that eliminates the need for a step ladder. ~ reviewed by Kris Freywald

Nice and light weight with sharp blades. I bought these to keep my Japanese maples below 10′ tall. This pruner makes precision cuts and I appreciate being able to rotate the blades 360 degress. Maple branches are quite hard and any branch between 1/2 and 5/8 inch required substantial amount of force. I have big strong hands. Users with small or limited strength might be challenged with larger diameter limbs. Branches below 1/2 inch clipped off easily.
One thing I really appreciate about this pruner is being 6 feet away from the cut. It’s so much easier to control shape from a few feet back visually. In the past I’ve made horrible pruning mistakes using a hand pruner on a wobbly step ladder. This pruner keeps me safe and is better for my trees.

Perfect for out of reach vines! ~ reviewed by Steven H. Brink

We have a lot of creeping fig on our home, beautiful but grows like crazy. It frequently needs a ‘hair cut’ and this helps make the project enjoyable. The mechanism takes little effort to work and I’m not the strongest girl around. I like managing the yard maintenance with this tool. My dad actually recommended this to me. He has an even longer version for his yard maintenance. He has more projects than I including about 70 evergreens ranging from 6′ to 25′ that he trims EVERY YEAR. He said he couldn’t do it without this brand of pruners.

A must for trimming pigmy date palms and bougainvilla. ~ reviewed by eric jones

cuts like butter , my dad has had his for abou 4 years now and still working like a champ even after the years of abuse and cutting branches thicker thaan recomended by manufacturer.this rig is tough and well worth the money. you wont be disapointed.

Heavy Duty Long Reach Pruner ~ reviewed by A. Robinson

This pruner more than met my expectations. It was very well made (sturdy) and easy to handle. Definitely helped me get my yard ready for Winter.

Indispensible pruning instrument for the orchard ~ reviewed by FW

Cuts through large diameter limbs ans suckers. Good length for working from the ground or a ladder. Note that actual length is 1.8.meters.

Best for trimming a lot of smaller-diameter branches ~ reviewed by Mrs. Darcy

I use this pruner about once a week to deadhead my climbing roses. I would not call it the strongest, sturdiest pruner in the world, but it has held up fairly well under regular use–though I am careful not to try to cut rose canes more than about .25″ thick. I don’t use it for spring pruning because it can’t handle the thicker canes.

However, for deadheading it is good because it is light, so I can make quite a few cuts before my arms get tired, and it cuts cleanly. Because it seems a little less sturdy than it should be, I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. If you are rough with your tools or need to cut thick woody branches, in my opinion this is not your best choice.

Long reach Pruner ~ reviewed by Nestor I. Morgado

I bought this item because I have a farm with many trees I was thinking about something
to cut the fruits of the trees.I have lemons,avocados,mangoes.
I think it’s better a long reach that cut and retain the fruits, than only cut.

good pruner ~ reviewed by dar

Met my expectations. Easy to use. Used to prune thin tree limbs and vines from wild area behind our deck FROM the safety of the deck.Buy it at Amazon

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