ARS LA-160ZR203 Telescoping Long Reach Pruner Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Product Description

Perfectly balanced for ease of use and accuracy, these poles are light and maneuverable and provide sharp and accurate precision pruning at heights that would otherwise require a ladder. 3 blade options are available: the 180 (razor edge) head for general pruning, the 160 (cut and hold) head for dead-heading, manicuring, and harvesting, and the 190 (super trimmer) head is for shearing and shaping (e.g. shaping Christmas Trees). The die-cast aluminum tilt neck allows the head to tilt +/- 30 degrees. A dial nut securely locks the desired angle into place. The die-cast aluminum handle is ergonomically designed for continued use and has a non-slip coating. A single operation lever enables simple telescoping operation.

Customer Reviews

Handy tool ~ reviewed by Jeanne

Works as advertised. A bit heavy but that is the price paid for the reach. Carbon fiber would help with the weight but would cost $500. Very good tool.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Penny Nash

A must have tool for gardeners of all skill levels.

Great pruner, may need to be modified. ~ reviewed by Forest7

This ARS LA-160ZR203 Telescoping Long Reach Pruner works well for its designed purpose. I had previously bought the ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw and found it tremendously useful. So I decided to try the long reach pruner. It doesn’t seem as effective to me as the saw, but the saw is more than 5 stars in my opinion.

The pruner doesn’t open very far, and it does not cut really resistant plants, even small hard ones very well. I found that when I took off the plastic gripping plates on the blades, it cut much better. But those gripping blades are designed to cut and hold fruits… so they block cutting through thicker material. With this pruner you can reach into bushes and trim individual longer branches, cut out vines, cut out weeds growing in a berry patch, etc. I found it worthwhile to have, but it is not super strong.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Richard Jones

Just perfect

The Best ~ reviewed by The Jaf

While far more costly than others, this extendable pruner is light years better than any other that I’ve previously used. the blades are sharper, and it holds the cut stem better. Also, the head can be rotated for a cleaner cut. Simply the best for climbing roses

Great tool ~ reviewed by Michael Bayer

Great tool. I bought one because a co worker had one and I really like all the features. The handle turns for access, but I especially like the grabbers attached to the blades that hold the cut so it doesn’t just drop into the abyss of whatever you’re working on.

The item was bent when received ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Unfortunately, I received the item bent and I’m unable to straighten it. Very disappointing. My partner has used it once, only to try it out. Am I able to return it? How much would it cost? Not happy.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Laurie Dovala

These are so easy to use. I love them and haven’t found any like them except for yours

Four Stars ~ reviewed by telena bethell

I use this every day. This is my second one in 10 years. Works very well.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by karen lee

great pruner would have liked direction in english I dont sperk japeniseBuy it at Amazon

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